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The Science Of Happiness

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The Science Of Happiness
The Science Of Happiness
What makes you happy? Hanging out with friends, Delicious Foods, Making Money

Research has shown that expressing gratitude significantly increases your level of Happiness. In this study people were asked to write about the most influential people in their life; then they were asked to call them and read what they had written about them, the level of happiness of those who were successful in contacting that person had increased from 4% to 19%! This goes to show how much expressing gratitude, not only is appreciated on the receiving end but is very beneficial for the person who’s expressing it as well.
So why not try this out today, think of the person in your life who has most influenced it and give them a call and see how happy you feel after contacting them. I can honestly say you’ll feel so happy afterwards and expressing your gratitude will become a part of your daily routine herein after! Just think a world of Happiness and Gratitude, that’s a world that I would love to live in.

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