HELP! How do I Lose Extra Tummy Weight?

HELP! How do I Lose Extra Tummy Weight

The birth of a child is a joyous and emotional time, full of surprises as you get to know your new bundle of joy. However, there is one very unhappy surprise that mothers aren’t always prepared for. Though they may have been a healthy weight before they became pregnant, they won’t be afterward. Pregnancy weight […]

Lower Your Blood Pressure With a Daily Cup of this Fruit

Lower Your Blood Pressure With a Daily Cup of this Fruit

Did you know you that can lower your blood pressure by just taking a cup of blueberries on a daily basis? Blueberries are not only sweet and delicious, but they can significantly help to improve the health of your heart. In reality, blueberries are renowned credit to their high antioxidant properties when it comes to […]

Foods That Can Actually Lower Estrogen Levels

Foods That Can Actually Lower Estrogen Levels

Whether you are living with estrogen levels that are too high, or estrogen levels that are too low, knowing which foods impact it is vital. Those living with raised estrogen levels could be dealing with conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome, polyps, fibroids, endometriosis, and more. While estrogen is a vital part of many functions of […]

Top 5 Benefits of Black Turmeric That You Should Know


Feeling off today? The cure might just be in your kitchen! Today, we will be listing down the Top 5 Benefits of Black Turmeric to your health. The advent of medical science and technology did not just only create more medicines. It also paved the way for more discoveries such as the use of medicinal […]

This Vitamin Deficiency Increases The Risk of Alzheimer’s or Dementia

Many of us have experienced in our lives knowing someone, perhaps a close relative or a loved one, who has undergone the ravages of some mentally debilitating disease such as dementia or its more advanced form Alzheimer’s. Recent Research Studies on Dementia and Alzheimer’s Now affecting more than 5.2 million Americans, Alzheimer’s ranks as being […]

5 Healthful Fast Food Options for Discerning Drive-Through Diners

5 Healthful Fast Food Options for Discerning Drive-Through Diners While fast food is definitely not the healthiest food choice sometimes it can be the only option. At times when we have to get a snack at a drive-through it is hard to quickly judge what types of food on the menu are healthy or not. […]

Which Types of Eggs Are Best to Buy?

Which Types of Eggs Are Best to Buy? In light of a recent egg-related salmonella outbreak that has affected over 1,000 individuals, more and more people are starting to question the safety of their eggs. Which is the safest way to go? Organic, free-range or pasteurized? Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question. […]

9 Amazing New Condoms You Won’t Believe Exist

9 Amazing New Condoms You Won’t Believe Exist No matter what we buy, we can select the brand or style we like best, condoms are no different. Drugstores are stocked with varieties that range from ridged for pleasure to tempting flavored condoms. Let’s take safe love making a step deeper and find some condoms you […]

How To Grow Your Own Ginger at Home

How To Grow Your Own Ginger There are many health benefits to ginger. In our world of processed and GMO foods, it’s hard to find foods in their purest form. The best way to obtain herbs and foods in their purest form is to grow them yourself. Ginger is easy to grow and does not […]

Fruit Astrology

Do you know fruits can tell more about you than you could ever imagine? Astrology has been used throughout history, and do not misjudge me, it is very good, but what if I tell fruit Astrology takes the many numbers of fruits and attaches a studied trait to each one, for example; Banana eaters are […]

Herbal first aid for minor burns and scalds

A burn is an injury to bodily tissue caused by heat, chemicals, electricity, or radiation. Serious burns must always be seen by physician, as an emergency, but minor burns or scalds can be safely treated at home. Always begin by cooling the burn by letting cool water run over it until the pain has cooled […]

Natural Conditioners For Different Hair Types

Nurturing conditioners and fortifiers add vitality, suppleness, and a silky luster to your crowning glory. Fortunately, nature can provide the right ingredients for every hair type. Rinses, poultices, hair tonics, and other conditioners can make dull hair shine. Pick treatments appropriate to your hair type. Oily hair Make a lemon rinse by mixing ¼ liter […]

How to Treat Age Spots Without Using Any Chemicals

Age spots usually appear on the back of your hands but can also show up on your arms and face. You can lighten and even treat age spots using natural care products, but these remedies require patience.It’s possible to conceal spots with makeup, there are also costly medical procedures like laser removal, that give more […]

5 Natural Remedies For Acne

5 Natural Remedies For Acne This skin condition is common during puberty, and may continue later in life for some. Increasing levels of hormones during adolescence lead to greater activity of skin’s sebaceous glands, if it becomes too great excessive amounts of sebum, the skin´s natural oily lubricant, are produced. This in turn can cause […]

5 Natural Anti-Dandruff Remedies

Do you suffer from a flaky, itchy scalp? Don´t worry, you are not alone, and fortunately there are many natural anti-dandruff remedies that will help you get rid of it once and for all. A sensitive flaky scalp is one of the main causes of dandruff. Check out these 5 interesting, natural anti-dandruff remedies: 1. […]

How to Deal With the Dark Side of a Bright Day

While the sun has many beneficial qualities, its damaging effects are well-documented. The ozone layer, which protects us from excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation, isn’t as thick as it used to be. Today’s reality is that more of the sun’s UV radiation reaches the earth’s surface, and these rays cause a variety of health problems, […]

Colored lip gloss

The thinnest skin on your entire body is on your lips, in fact, they have just three layers of cells compared to the 16 layers on most your face. Since your lips have neither sweat nor oil glands, they dry out easily and need lots of TLC to keep them soft, especially since they are […]