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9 Amazing New Condoms You Won’t Believe Exist

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9 Amazing New Condoms You Won't Believe Exist

9 Amazing New Condoms You Won’t Believe Exist

No matter what we buy, we can select the brand or style we like best, condoms are no different. Drugstores are stocked with varieties that range from ridged for pleasure to tempting flavored condoms. Let’s take safe love making a step deeper and find some condoms you won’t believe exist!

9 Amazing New Condoms You Won't Believe Exist

• Vegan
Most condoms today are created with casein, which is an animal product commonly found in the milk of mammals. Glyde vegan condoms exclude this ingredient, instead using a specially blended formula of plant-based materials like thistle extract and natural rubber latex.

• Fair Trade
Now you can lead a more ethical life by purchasing Sustain fair trade condoms. This is a way of giving to others, they boast that sales of this condoms come with the promise that 10% of all profits go to those who need female reproductive healthcare and family planning in this country.

• Organically Flavored
Flavored condoms are a common product, but the flavors are limited and made from processed materials. Now you can allow your taste buds to experience a new kind of condom that is made from natural organic fruits and plant extracts. Glyde condoms can be found in blueberry, strawberry, vanilla, and even licorice flavors.

• Pinterest-Worthy
If you are looking to be subtle try out Lovability condoms, with these you could take a picture of and pin it to Pinterest without anyone knowing what it was. These condoms come in cute discreet boxes that each contain an inspirational note to help get you in the mood.

• On-Demand
People are very busy these days and maybe there is not time for stopping by the drug store. L condoms offers a great solution by delivering all of your safe love needs in major cities like New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Lucky New Yorkers can have access 24/7, but those in California must fulfill their condom needs before 7pm.

9 Amazing New Condoms You Won't Believe Exist 1

• Eco-Friendly
Many people today buy organic vegetables and other foods, so why not help save the environment by buying French Letter’s Eco-friendly condoms? These condoms claim to be carbon neutral, so now you can help stop global warming while having a good time.

• Charitable
Giving to charity is a good thing, with Red condoms you can protect more than yourself against the threats of STD and 5% of all profits go towards the fight against HIV and AIDS.

• Chemical-Free
Chemicals can do a number on your skin, so why would a woman want them near her honey pot? Sir Richard’s now offers a chemical free, PETA approved condom that allows you to enjoy your evening without worry.

• Futuristic
Origami condoms is the first to produce a non-rolled condom. It is designed to provide a more pleasurable experience using both the outside and the inside of the condom to assure both parties experience intense sensations.

As you can see there are a myriad of types of condoms available on the market, feel free to experiment with these safe love measures.


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