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Top 5 Benefits of Black Turmeric That You Should Know


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Feeling off today? The cure might just be in your kitchen! Today, we will be listing down the Top 5 Benefits of Black Turmeric to your health.

The advent of medical science and technology did not just only create more medicines. It also paved the way for more discoveries such as the use of medicinal herbs. Now, we have more options aside from going to the doctor and taking prescription medicines. This is crucial because as we all know; medicinal drugs sometimes give off harmful side effects.

Herbal medicine, on the other hand, lives up to being one of nature’s finest.

Herbal cures for illnesses are proven effective and organic especially when utilized correctly. Medicinal herbs are one of the best options you have out there when you want a natural cure for your illness. Sometimes way cheaper and mostly (if not always) free from adverse bodily side effects.

Funnily, the same herbs we sometimes use in cooking can also be used to cure an illness. Today, we will be listing down the top 5 benefits of Black Turmeric.

What is Black Turmeric?

Black Turmeric is not as popular as its two other kinds: the white and yellow Turmeric. The latter are the ones most commonly used for food and cooking. However, Black Turmeric is mainly used for medicinal purposes. Some take Black Turmeric as it is and there are also some who sell supplements or tablets made from Black Turmeric.

Whichever you would prefer, it is important that you know what is it for you and how can it help improve your health situation.

Top 5 Benefits of Black Turmeric That You Should Know

Black Turmeric (Cucurma Cassia), also known as Kali Haldi in India, is a perennial rhizome. This particular rhizome thrives in a tropical climate. This is why it is mostly found in either India or Southeast Asia. As for its appearance, the Black Turmeric’s flowers are usually pink or maroon. Their leaves, on the other hand, are also streaked with maroon in the midrib.

Do note however that the Black Turmeric is not always pink or maroon. Since it’s a rhizome, it starts out with a light pink color then turns blue as it matures. But pretty as they are, these flowers turned medicine are bitter.

This is also probably why Black Turmeric is mostly used for medicinal purposes instead of cooking. The root, most especially, is immensely bitter.

Top 5 Benefits of Black Turmeric (And Its Other Uses)

Black Turmeric has lots of uses and benefits. The curcumin present in all three kinds of Turmeric (black, white and yellow Turmeric) is what makes them very effective medicinally. However, like any other medicinal plants/herbs, it has specific uses and purposes. Illnesses, such as a toothache, are just one of the back Turmeric’s most common uses. Here are the top 5 benefits of Black Turmeric:


It is already scientifically proven that the Black Turmeric’s curcumin can help prevent if not kill cancer cells from growing. It has also been proven that they alter pre-cancerous changes in the body organs. More studies also show that conventional chemotherapy paired with Turmeric can be a powerful combo in negating cancer cells. (as well as the adverse effects of chemo)

So if you are looking for an anti-cancer remedy that doesn’t have side effects, you might want to look into the Black Turmeric.

Lung Illnesses (such as bronchitis, pneumonia, etc.)

Black Turmeric can also be used to improve or treat lung illnesses such as asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc. Again, the curcumin in Black Turmeric is the miracle worker here. This is because the compounds found in a Turmeric does not interfere with the lung treatment of conventional drugs as well as our immune system’s good cells (unlike chemotherapy or some other medical treatments).

Natural Anti-Oxidant

This is the most common attribute of the Black Turmeric and the other two types of Turmeric. They are natural antioxidants. The curcumin in a Turmeric is very effective in neutralizing free radicals. This is why if taken in moderation; the Black Turmeric can neutralize the free radicals that our body cannot. Thus, negating the effects of aging and cancer cells.

Pair your Turmeric based dishes with some antioxidant fruits for dessert and voila! A very effective anti-cancer and aging meal for the day.

Active Anti-Inflammatory

Black Turmeric is also a very effective anti-inflammatory. Contrary to what it sounds like, inflammatory is a critical process in our body. This process is what helps fight foreign bodies/pathogens like bacteria and repairs damages. That is short term or acute inflammatory. However, too much inflammation or chronic inflammations (long term) is what’s bad.

A compound, such as the curcumin, found in the Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory compound. It blocks molecules that activate inflammation genes.

Pain Reliever

Finally, Black Turmeric is an excellent pain reliever. From rashes, toothaches, osteoarthritis to stomach problems, Black Turmeric can help relieve situations like these. Do note, however, that despite all these good effects, it must be taken in moderation or its proper dosage. Depending on what particular illness you are trying to cure or how much pain you are feeling.

With all these said, please note that these aren’t all the benefits you can get from the Black Turmeric. Should you feel the need to, you can still research and find more health benefits from taking Black Turmeric.


Black Turmeric or any Turmeric, in general, is very versatile in its uses and the illnesses it can remedy. It can also be paired with other house or kitchen herbs/condiments such as the black pepper. So much so that when you try looking it up on the net, you’ll see lots of websites recommending Turmeric with black pepper.

However, even though medicinal herbs or plants like the Turmeric might be organic, it is important to observe moderation. You might not get as many adverse effects as you would with conventional medical treatment. But then, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Remember, prevention is always better than cure.

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