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How to Deal With the Dark Side of a Bright Day

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How to Deal With the Dark Side of a Bright Day

While the sun has many beneficial qualities, its damaging effects are well-documented. The ozone layer, which protects us from excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation, isn’t as thick as it used to be. Today’s reality is that more of the sun’s UV radiation reaches the earth’s surface, and these rays cause a variety of health problems, including skin cancer, so we should take steps to protect ourselves.

How to Deal With the Dark Side of a Bright Day
Here are some great ideas to for homemade DIY solutions:

  • Wrap yourself with milk, yogurt, or buttermilk to soothe pain and cool skin. Apply at least twice a day for 30 minutes. Thin slices of cucumber, potato, or apple also cool hot skin. 
  • Rub your burn with the cut surface of a lemon or a tomato, the vitamin C encourages healing.
  • Place a wrap soaked in cooled black tea or witch hazel on reddened skin several times a day. 
  • Mix together a few drops of evening primrose oil and lemon oil in equal amounts and apply the mixture daily. 
  • Gels or creams containing aloe vera or arnica can bring relief from pain. 
  • A lukewarm bath with 8 Tablespoons of healing earth as an additive cools and encourages healing. 
  • Drink plenty of fluids, preferably cool herbal teas, mineral water, or diluted fruit juices. 
  • Reduce the wrath with a cool bath, it’s particularly soothing for sunburn, especially if your skin is sensitive. 


Remember, prevention is key, especially if the UV index is high; wear a hat, sunglasses, and apply sunscreen, avoid going outside between 11:00am and 3:00pm when possible, but if you must stay in the shade whenever possible and cover up.


Edited 8/19/14 SCD


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