How Effective Is Medical Marijuana And What Can It Be Used For?

How Effective Is Medical Marijuana And What Can It Be Used For

It doesn’t matter if you are a lobbyist for medical marijuana or you completely want it off the shelves, you cannot deny the fact that it has had a huge impact on modern culture. With that being said, there have been tons of claims and studies that state that medical marijuana is actually beneficial and […]

Looking for a Natural Way to Ease Anxiety and Stress? Try These Techniques!

Looking for a Natural Way to Ease Anxiety and Stress? Try These Techniques!

Anxiety and stress are two things that most people deal with at least at some point in their lives. Unfortunately for some people, anxiety and stress can happen on a fairly regular basis and start to affect them physically and emotionally. If you are finding that it’s been a bit much as of late and […]

Easing the Opioid Epidemic: Science Says Medical Marijuana Could Be the Key

Americans are intimately familiar with the names of prescription painkillers like Phrenilin, Vicodin, OxyContin and Percocet. Familiarity comes from an unfortunate and enduring trend among physicians in this country to head out prescriptions for the most insignificant of pain complaints. This is a problem because these drugs are opioids — compounds that are chemically similar […]

Terpene Technology: Exciting Innovations in Medical Marijuana

Terpene Technology: Exciting Innovations in Medical Marijuana

As laws become lax, growers and advocates get more excited about the potential boom in the medical marijuana industry. Along with close attention to laws and regulations, advancements in technology continue to pique the interest of advocates and businesspeople. In the near future, growers will be able to save money on lighting while providing plenty […]

Special Trick Women Use to Stimulate Love

Special Trick Women Use to Stimulate Love

You might have heard people bragging that pot provides an incredible feeling in bed and helps to stimulate Love. You probably wrote them off as stoners lacking any clue about what they were saying. However, data collected from numerous studies suggest those individuals were actually on to something. Pot has been applied as an aphrodisiac […]

What Medical Marijuana Can Do for Your State of Mind

What Medical Marijuana Can Do for Your State of Mind A recent study conducted by the University of Buffalo’s Research Institute on Addictions (RIA) has provided evidence that chronic stress-related depression could be eased by certain elements found in medical marijuana. The primary focus of the preliminary rat study was endocannabinoids, which are chemicals found […]

Oregon Latest State to Offer Legalized Marijuana

Almost half, 23 to be exact, US states have legalized some form of legal marijuana usage, Oregon became the latest on July 1, 2015, following a vote last November. Oregon has some of the least restrictive laws in the nation so far, and joins Alaska, Colorado, the District of Columbia, and Washington by allowing recreational […]

Ganja Yoga Classes In San Francisco

Ganja Yoga Classes In San Francisco Ganja yoga is a new concept that takes advantage of the recent legalization of medical marijuana in California. This is a class that offers what instructor Dee Dussault calls cannabis enhanced yoga. The upcoming San Francisco Ganja Yoga class will begin with 15 minutes of students inhaling cannabis. Following […]

5 Miraculous Medical Marijuana Survival Stories

5 Miraculous Medical Marijuana Survival Stories The discovery that Medical Marijuana may have the potential to cure people from serious illnesses is shown in the following inspirational stories: These real-life stories reveal the heart-felt triumphs, and the success and improvement they experienced from using Medical Marijuana. 1. Charlotte Two years ago Charlotte was losing a […]

6 Interesting Facts About Medical Marijuana

6 Interesting Facts About Medical Marijuana Medical studies have proved that marijuana can cure cancer. Marijuana advocates have been making a lot of noise lately, multiple states across the United States and  countries around the world have successfully legalized medical marijuana. The Uruguay parliament recently voted to create the world’s first legal Marijuana market. The […]

Medical Marijuana Facts

Medical Marijuana Facts Medical science has learned much about marijuana, but both opponents and proponents claim scientific support for their respective positions. Academicians writing for the Berkman Center at Harvard University acknowledge both social and scientific controversy over whether use of marijuana, Cannabis sativa, is beneficial or hazardous. All investigators agree that the active ingredient […]

How to Reverse the Negative Effects of Marijuana Consumption

Every substance we put into our bodies has an impact on our mind and body functions. Marijuana is the most used illegal substance in the world. Millions of Americans smoke marijuana occasionally (occasional users) while others use it on a regular basis (chronic users). As mentioned before, marijuana has a series of short and long […]

Scientific Benefits and Risks of Marijuana

The Marijuana Debate: To Legalize or Not to Legalize By Andres Carvajal- Positivemed Writer- Costa Rica Office Edited By: Stephanie Dawson From a scientific point of view, is it a good thing to legalize or ban marijuana? Its not necessary that you take a side, but you should realize the benefits and risks of this […]

Cannabis Contradictions

Support for legalization of marijuana has been growing over the past 40 years- 2011 saw the greatest percentage of Americans in favor of decriminalization ever. But state and federal law-makers are among the minority that favors criminal penalties.

15 Things You Should Know About Marijuana

For thousands of years, marijuana or cannabis has been used for different purposes, including medicinal purposes. Although in the 20th century, many countries banned the use of marijuana and criminalized it, in the last 2 decades, its popularity has been surged; and there has been a growing movement toward legalization of medical marijuana. Whether medical […]

Dad Gives Two Year Old Son Medical Marijuana

This is a super-controversial topic, specially among politicians. Yesterday we asked our Facebook fans about legalization of marijuana. From almost 110 participants, only 5 were against legalization of medical marijuana and the rest were supporting that. This video is another example of the risks parents take to save their children lives: Hyde family has been […]