Ganja Yoga Classes In San Francisco

Ganja Yoga Classes In San Francisco

Ganja yoga is a new concept that takes advantage of the recent legalization of medical marijuana in California. This is a class that offers what instructor Dee Dussault calls cannabis enhanced yoga. The upcoming San Francisco Ganja Yoga class will begin with 15 minutes of students inhaling cannabis. Following this will be a 90 minute Hatha yoga session. One restriction for the class is that students must have a medical marijuana card to be able to smoke in class. Otherwise they have the option of consuming the substance prior to attending the class.

ganja yoga

One of the main benefits of yoga is that it helps practitioners to relax and let go of stress. It does this by cultivating deep breathing along with therapeutic poses. Marijuana is a plant that provides the brain with a rush of dopamine, which can enhance pleasure and relaxation. This may make it easier for students to relax during the class and perhaps even gain a greater sense of spiritual connection.

There is quite a bit of research to back up the claims that medical marijuana can be beneficial for relieving chronic pain. This is one of the main justifications for the recent decriminalization of marijuana in many locations, such as Colorado. Ganja yoga is a concept that combines the natural relaxing properties of marijuana with the traditional health benefits of yoga.

As the recent trend seems to be in the direction of relaxing laws on cannabis consumption, it is likely that Ganja yoga will become popular. If nothing else, it will provide many potential students with an additional incentive to attend yoga classes.