How To Help Live A Longer Life

How To Help Live A Longer Life

We’d all like to live as long as a life as possible, but there are certain life choices that might decrease the age at which we live. To avoid this as best as possible, here are some tips to help live a longer life. Image Source  Get Physical Being physically active is important when you […]

Why Do Women Live Longer Than Men?

Why Do Women Live Longer Than Men?

Statistics suggest that, everywhere around the world, women live longer than men. This is a very interesting trend since women also have higher rates of physical illness and pay more visits to the doctor. So why do women live longer? Are they just more resilient to disease, or is there something else?  The answer lies in […]

Follow Healthy Lifestyle to Live Longer

Follow Healthy Lifestyle to Live Longer

Having good health is something that all people want to achieve. However, following a healthy lifestyle is very challenging in today`s fast-paced world and we always need to be focused on achieving the most precious thing in life – good health. Good thing to know is that a few simple changes in your daily habits […]

Get in Shape with a Daily Mountain Bike Rides

Get in Shape with a Daily Mountain Bike Rides

Serious bike enthusiasts often spend hours on their bike to rack up the miles and stay fit. Most of these guys are incredibly ripped and in impeccable shape. If you don’t have time to ride as much as they do, don’t fret. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend all day on a […]

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Cycling

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Cycling

Ah, exercise. That old friend of ours who everybody asks about but is afraid to meet. Most people have a love/hate relationship when they think about keeping themselves in shape. But the truth is that staying healthy doesn’t have to involve long and painful routines at the Gym, or trying out wacky fitness fads that […]

These People Live Longer Than Everyone Else (Research)

These People Live Longer Than Everyone Else (Research)

New research shows that twins come with significant health benefits. Today, being a twin means much more than merely having a lifelong best friend, it could also mean a significantly longer life. According to a study recently conducted by the University of Washington, both identical and fraternal twins have a lower rate of mortality compared […]

How to Activate FGF-21 Hormone That Makes You Live Longer

How to Activate FGF-21 Hormone That Makes You Live Longer [nextpage title=”…”]FGF-21 is a hormone produced in the liver and the pancreas that can help you live longer, lose weight, and improve your overall health. Its official name is Fibroblast Growth Factor-21.   Longevity Unfortunately, as we age, we produce lower levels of the T […]

Want to Quit Smoking? This Easy Cure Might Surprise You!

quit smoking

It is well-known that smoking is a dangerous habit. Cigarette smoke contains poisonous chemicals that are harmful to both the smoker and to everyone around them. Studies have shown that a smoker’s lifespan is up to ten years shorter than that of a nonsmoker. For smokers, two-thirds of all deaths are due to smoking. A […]

Here is Where The Fat Actually Goes When You Burn It Off!

Here is Where The Fat Actually Goes When You Burn It Off! Fat is something almost everyone wants to lose. Exercise and diet are two of the most successful ways to lose it. The thing most people don’t know is where the fat goes when they burn it. Does fat simply evaporate into the air […]

Top Reasons Why Shorter Men Should Go After Taller Women

Top Reasons Why Shorter Men Should Go After Taller Women   It’s amazing how ancient class systems and instinctive gender roles have evolved over time. Long-standing gender theories have always suggested that splitting up traditional roles would cause instability within family units. Recent studies, however, indicate that as women have started joining the workforce and […]

Longevity Grocery List

Longevity Grocery List By PositiveMed-Team Edited By: Stephanie dawson 1. Vegetables Vegetables contain important nutrients and have lots of fiber. If you eat 5-9 servings each day your body will build immunity to fight disease. The following vegetables should help boost your disease-fighting potential: • Jicama • Kale • Sweet Potatoes Jicama is a root […]

8 Tips to Add One More Year to Your Life

By PositiveMed Team- Costa Rica Office Reviewed by Nima Shei, MD 1. Choose Green and Fresh: According to nutritionists, vegetables are the best food for your health. Vegetables are loaded with all the nutrients your body needs for its proper functioning. Fresh vegetables are one of the best sources of antioxidants, proteins, fiber and everything […]

Live Simply So Others Can Simply Live

Are you happy with your life? As you become older, is it matching up to your expectations? If the answer is no, perhaps you have lost sight of basic pleasure of existence, remember not to have expectations, they will make you want more and not feel satisfied, things are perfect the way they are, and […]

Unusual Ideas That Will Help You to Live a Long Life

Unusual ideas that will help you to live a long life. There are many methods to promote your longevity, besides having a good diet, exercising, and of course keeping away from bad habits such as smoking and over-drinking. We have a few effective, albeit unusual, strategies that can help you promote a long life, here […]

The Future of Medicine

Wouldn’t it be something, if we had the tools all along to make ourselves feel better and perform our best? If your great-great aunt’s recipe for tansy tea was the medicine you needed this whole time? Some people think so now, and some doctors treat this way already.

How Emotions Harm You

We all know bad feelings can cause negative effects in our bodies, but do you know how much harm? And where? Worry is harmful to your stomach, fear weakens your kidneys. More good reasons to meditate, pray, and indulge in stress relieving activities. Massage anyone?

Amazing Benefits of Honey

[Last Updated: June 30th 2013] The benefits of raw honey are huge. It soothes a cough/sore throat, increases physical performance, eases stress, and even makes your hair and skin shinier and healthier. Raw honey has a long shelf life and can be added to many foods as a natural sweetener. You can even add it […]

Mitochondrial Disease, A Few Facts

Mitochondrial Disease is rare, and therefore not as well known, as many other diseases. Mitochondria are the tiny inner parts of almost every cell in your body, they are kind of the cell muscle, which turns sugar and oxygen into energy for proper functioning. With mitochondrial disease, or disorder, the cells, for some reason, do […]