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Live Simply So Others Can Simply Live

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Live Simply So Others Can Simply Live

Are you happy with your life? As you become older, is it matching up to your expectations? If the answer is no, perhaps you have lost sight of basic pleasure of existence, remember not to have expectations, they will make you want more and not feel satisfied, things are perfect the way they are, and is time for all of us to realize that. There is no mistake in life.
You might benefit from simplifying your life and getting back in touch with nature, the real gold, the one that keeps you alive.


These days we all live such hectic, fast-paced lives. This is wearing and prematurely aging. But does it have to be this way? No, it does not. Sometimes just being, in the moment of your existence, being here now, can be a real eye opener and can rejuvenate and make you feel more positive about your experience of day-to-day living. Try the following tips to make your life simpler:
• Next time you are outside, stop and smell the flowers. Do just that.
• Appreciate the sound of nature, close your eyes and listen.
• Watch nature at work, observe a bird twittering or a squirrel in a tree.
• Reach out and touch, do not be afraid, caress the bud of a tree or an ear of corn.
• Breathe deeply and feel the rhythm of the natural world.
Once you do this you will understand, life is much more about what you are wearing, what car you drive or how people see you. In fact, as soon as you realize you are the master of your life, you don’t need much to live happily ever after. This is the path to the real happy ending.

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