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Amazing Benefits of Honey

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Amazing Benefits of Honey

[Last Updated: June 30th 2013]

The benefits of raw honey are huge. It soothes a cough/sore throat, increases physical performance, eases stress, and even makes your hair and skin shinier and healthier. Raw honey has a long shelf life and can be added to many foods as a natural sweetener. You can even add it to your maple syrup to help stretch out your syrup and thicken it a bit. Enjoy!

benefits of raw honey

Professor Peter Molan, PhD. Professor of Biochemistry and Director of the Honey Research Unit University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand discusses the use of Manuka Honey in wound care. Mānuka honey is a honey produced in New Zealand and Australia from the nectar of the mānuka tree:

This poster summarizes 6 amazing health benefits of honey:

6 benefits of honey

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