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What Is Love Hormone and How It increases Sexual Arousal

Love hormone is a type of hormone secreted by a pea-sized gland in the brain. The gland secreting the love hormone is known as the pituitary gland. Love hormone is sometimes referred to as mental Viagra, cuddle hormone or oxytocin. The hormone is usually released when people socially bond or snuggle up.

What Is Love Hormone and How It increases Sexual Arousal

Love Hormones Strengthens Relationship

The name love hormone originates from its effect of facilitating attachment and trust between couples. Love hormone also increases empathy and trust which helps us create bonds. The hormone is released when we make love, hug, or cuddle. Some people believe that the world would be a happier and a more loving haven if we produced more of the hormone.

Brain Action

Taking a realistic perspective on how the hormone works, a greater part of brain action and chemistry is involved. Produced and stored in the brain, the love hormone also dubbed as love molecule stimulates and brings up the urge for intercourse between individuals. Serving as a neurotransmitter, the hormone which is basically a chemical in the brain cells works to enhance communication. The communication is particularly evident between individuals during intercourse.

As an emotional amplifier, the hormone is released by women and men when they are experiencing orgasm. The exhilarating hormone is also responsible for fostering a feeling of attachment between couples. According to a research by medical experts, oxytocin is responsible for deepening feelings of attachment. The deepened feelings of attachment then result to a feeling of closeness between couples and the more they enjoy their conjugal rights, the stronger the bond.

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Sense of attraction

Oxytocin works in a range of ways. For instance, it boosts men’s sense of attraction to a mate. On the other hand, the cuddle hormone also plays a great role in women by giving a spark of their interest to make love with their mates. By having same feelings toward each other and a surge in their hormonal levels, intercourse arousal rates go up.

Maternal bonding

Cuddle hormone is not only limited to humans as playing with pets can also bring about a surge of the hormone. Hormones have different dynamics on how they are produced and work in both women and men. In women apart from intercourse arousal, the hormone serves a great role in reproduction and maternal bonding. The hormone is particularly important in women for the whole birth processes and breastfeeding. The love hormone stimulates milk to be let down for the baby when breastfeeding.

Love hormone has the same functions on men as on women which are all about bonding. In a study, the hormone was considered to work as fidelity booster for men who already established a bond with a woman.

Mood Improvement

In a recent study, men who were injected with the hormone, which is naturally occurring, had enhanced arousals. The hormone enhanced activity in the brain regions which are responsible for sexual arousal. The mental Viagra is also responsible for bringing about romantic love and serves to reject any negative moods.
Love hormone is essential for the reproductive system and has been closely linked to romantic feelings. Some studies have shown how the cuddle hormone has been used as a treatment for a number of psycho-sexual disorders. The disorders are usually common in patients who suffer infertility.


To increase sexual arousal, the love hormone works by stimulating some responses and emotions in the brain. All the emotions and the responses after stimulation lead to the need to make love which may also translate to reproduction. The hormone boosts romantic activities in the brain. The effect then translates to a lowered sense of negative mood thus giving ample time for sexual arousal.

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Ladies! If You Have PAINFUL SEX You Need to Read This!

Women of All Ages Say this is the Most Distressing Thing about Sex

Are you experiencing pain during intercourse? Then you are not alone, many women experience the same for various reasons. You don’t have to get worked up on your situation as there are different causes and associatedremedies. Painful sex can be debilitating causing emotional distress and even translating to sabotage of a relationship. Pain during intercourse is condition which should always be addressed once it arises.

Ladies! If You Have Painful Sex You Need to Read This!

What does it mean?

Pain during sex is a communication by your body that something is not right. Anyone with such a condition should try to find out the cause and address the same. Usually detecting the causative agent on your own is a bit difficult thus one should see a sex counselor for help.


Poor Lubrication

Insufficient lubrication can be a cause for pain during intercourse. The condition can be addressed if the female gets more relaxed. The case can also be resolved by increasing the amount of foreplay or if a sexual lubricant is used.

Vaginal Infections

Other causes are brought about by fear of getting hurt, when vaginal muscles experience involuntary spasm or virginal infections. Vaginal infections among ladies are common and take the form of conditions like yeast infections. In some cases, there is a problem with the cervix and with maximum penetration, pain may be experienced.


Fibroids are one of the conditions related to the uterus and in such a case a lot of pain is involved during intercourse. The uterus can also bring about pain if the tissue which lines it grows outside.


Pain during intercourse might also be brought about if problems exist within the ovaries. This may include cysts.


Ladies might suffer inflammatory disease of the pelvic where the tissues become inflamed during intercourse. The associated pressure can cause pain. The pain becomes intense as the inflammation goes deep into the tissues.

Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy is another cause of pain during intercourse. This is a condition where the fetus grows outside the uterus.

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Note: You should never have intercourse immediately after giving birth or after a surgery as a whole lot of pain is involved. On the other hand injury to your vagina or vulva translates to pain during intercourse.
Other causes of pain include sexually transmitted diseases and onset of menopause.

What to do

Addressing pain during intercourse majorly depends on what’s causing the problem. Treating painful sex for some cases does not require any medical intervention. Citing an example, experiencing pain during intercourse after a pregnancy requires abstinence for a minimum period of six weeks after giving birth. Apart from abstaining for the period, there has to be a lot of patience involved and a practice of gentleness.

Improve Lubrication

In other cases, vaginal dryness and absence of lubrication are the causes for the pain. Using water-based lubricants acts as a remedy, other forms of treatment will usually require the doctor for care. Vaginal dryness might be a result of menopause. In such a case get estrogen creams or any other prescription medications from a medical practitioner.

Prescribed Medication

Some cases of pain during intercourse require prescription medication. On the other hand there are sexual pain cases where there is no underlying medical reason. Such incidences can be remedied through sexual therapies.
There might be other causes for pain during intercourse such as past sexual abuse, inner conflicts in relation to intercourse and guilt. For such cases, one can only have a solution by resolving them.

When to act

Urgently see or call a doctor when you experience symptoms such as vaginal discharge, irregular periods, bleeding, genital lesions, or the involuntary contractions of the vaginal muscle.

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What to Do If You’re Not Attracted to Your Partner

What to Do If You’re in a Long-term Relationship and You Think You’re Not Attracted to Your Partner

You used to stare across the dinner table and wink at each other; lately though, you barely even look each other in the eyes. You used to call each other multiple times a day; but now you barely talk. And don’t even get started about the difference in your intimacy from the start of your relationship to now; it’s like night and day.

What’s happened? Clearly, you’re in a long-term relationship and you fear you’re no longer attracted to your partner. You still like each other, but the spark seems to be gone. It’s a pretty normal spot to be in if you’re in a long-term relationship—but it doesn’t mean you want to stay in this spot. And how did you get here? It definitely wasn’t intentional, and it didn’t happen overnight. But somehow it happened. Now what?

What to Do If You’re Not Attracted to Your Partner

Here are seven tips to help you get back on track.

• Realize All Relationships Have Ups and Downs

The beginning of a relationship is exciting. You’re with someone new and you know very little about each other. Your brain craves the newness of this whole new experience. You feel butterflies and are anxious to spend time together. But after a while, those feelings change a little. You get to know each other’s faults, and while you are still attracted, life starts to get in the way.

The longer you are together, you will likely go through big things together, like losing a job, enduring health issues, death of a loved one, etc. Then there are daily stresses of being a couple, such as living together, merging finances, and more. You tend to spend more time focused on these other things than each other; so it’s only natural that you aren’t feeling that loving feeling at the moment. But just know that this is normal.

If you were to start a relationship with someone new, of course it would be exciting—at first, anyway. The relationship would end up having similar ups and downs. So take heart. You’ve made it this far with your mate, and you can go further.

• Address Any Emotional Issues

Sometimes a loss of attraction comes because there are deep emotional issues, such as abuse, or other bad experiences in the past, or even something going on right now. If that is true, then it can be hard to open up and let your current partner in.

If you want to help your relationship, then it’s time to address any emotional issues you may have. Seek the help of a reputable, experienced counselor. At some point, it may be helpful to have your partner join you at a counseling session.

These emotional issues may be new, or they may be old. Sometimes emotional issues resurface for some unknown reason. If they are new, you may be protecting yourself by pulling away. Either way, the quicker you address these issues, the quicker you can get back on track with your partner.

• Focus on What You Love About Each Other

Life is so full of negativity, it has a way of creeping into our relationships. After two people have been together for a long time, they see every part of each other, warts and all. It’s only human nature to forget why we fell in love in the first place. We get blinded by the annoying parts of life and each other. Maybe your partner leaves his socks everywhere or can’t ever find his keys. Maybe she is demanding or takes too long in the shower. After a while it’s all we think about. If that’s true in your relationship, it’s no wonder you aren’t feeling attracted to your partner anymore. How can you feel attracted if you only focus on the negative.

Instead, let go of that. Focus on what you love about each other. Maybe he is forgiving and playful. Maybe she is a great cook and does thoughtful things. Focus on those things instead. Feel grateful you are so lucky to have a partner like that. Remember why you fell in love in the first place and soon you’ll feel those attractive thoughts come back.

• Schedule Regular Date Nights

If you’ve gotten too busy lately, you’re probably not spending quality alone time with your partner. Sure, you’re together in the car or at home. But when was the last time you went out, just the two of you?

Schedule regular date nights to show that your relationship is important. A night out every week will speak volumes and be an opportunity for you both to act like a couple out in public. It may be just the spark your relationship needs.

Don’t let lack of time or money be an excuse! You can do free or almost free activities, and they don’t have to take long—1-2 hours a week is definitely worth the effort you can put into your relationship. You’ll get plenty back in return.

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• Watch Your Words

Your words have a huge impact on how you act and feel towards each other. Resolve to only say good things to your spouse. Even if your spouse does something you don’t like, you don’t have to respond by saying something rude or off-putting. The more negativity you bring into the relationship, the worse you will feel about each other. Turn things around by being positive with your words.

• Do Nice Things for Each Other

When we stop feeling attracted, we tend to stop doing nice things for each other. What’s the point, right? You convince yourself that they don’t appreciate you, anyway. But this is exactly the time to be doing nice things for your partner. You can’t serve someone and not love them. Love is action, and service is a perfect way to insight action.

Think about other people you serve, either friends or in the community. Don’t you feel good when you life your friend’s spirits or volunteer? You can have those same feelings of happiness when you serve your partner, and they could be a jump start to feeling attracted again. What better person to give of yourself to?

• Choose to Act in Loving Ways

In the end, love is a choice. Sure, it would be nice to feel loving all the time without any effort. And certainly it feels that way in the beginning of a relationship. It just seems so easy when you are first in love and you are both acting in loving ways toward each other. But eventually hard times come. You will both get stressed, tired, and frustrated. When one or both of you act unloving, it can be a vicious cycle that eventually leads to a loss of attractiveness.

Remember that you are both mature adults who can be willing and able to change. Love is a choice that you can make daily. If you choose to act in loving ways, you will feel love towards your partner. It may be more difficult than it sounds, especially if your relationship is in a tough place. So start small. How could you show your partner you love him? Iron his shirts even if he could easily do it himself; wash the dishes even though it’s usually her job; pick up your partner’s favorite dinner just because. Choose love, and receive love in return.

About the author: Sylvia Smith is a relationship expert with years of experience in training and helping couples in therapy. Her mission is to provide inspiration, support and empowerment to everyone on their journey to a great marriage. She is currently associated with, a reliable resource assisting millions of couples to resolve their marital issues. She holds a Master’s Degree in Arts (Clinical Psychology with an Emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy)

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10 Ways to Help Your Wife Feel Better About Her Body

According to the National Eating Disorder Association, 80% of women are unhappy with their body weight. Nearly three-quarters of women who have been featured on the web are underweight. This twist in our culture is making the majority of women feel unattractive. Is this the case with your wife? You should counteract our culture as a caring and loving husband. Here are 10 ways that can help your wife feel confident about her body image.

10 Ways to Help Your Wife Feel Better About Her Body

Don’t Compare Her

Comparing your wife to other women can make her feel miserable and unappreciated. Tell her she looks amazing right away even if you feel she needs to improve. The last thing you should try is to tell her that she should lose some pounds to look like a certain person.

Tell Her Directly

There are plenty of ways you can tell your wife how beautiful she is. You don’t have to wait until when she needs to hear the nice words. You should let her know when she is least expecting it. Try it in the first thing in the morning or just before bedtime.

Let Her Catch Your Stare

Your wife’s perception about you is made on minute details. Look at her eyes, say a word, raise your eyebrows, and smile at her. This will make her sense adored and feel much better about her body.

Compliment Her Frequently

Do you remember how it felt when your parents or caretaker complimented you for achieving something when young? This should be the same feeling you ignite when you commend your wife in front of your kids. Let your children know how their mother is special and lovely. They will repackage your sentiments and the truth will eventually reveal.

Surprise Her With Presents/Treats

Shower her with presents and offer special treats to communicate how important and valuable she is in your life and family. Issuing tokens at the least expected moments does magic like generous, spontaneous, and unconditional love.

Keep Her Picture Beside You

Prominently place her picture on your desk and carry a snap in your wallet. You can use her image as the screensaver on your phone or computer. Make a point of introducing her to your friends as, “My lovely, awesome wife.” Put differently, create and nurture a culture of positive regard for your wife in all circumstances. And there is no harm in flirting with her when in the company of your friends.

Avoid “Girlie” Magazines and Porn

You better drop the habit of watching pornography or perusing “girlie” magazines because you will be sending the wrong message. You will appear to be interested in other women and make your wife feel devastated by your self-esteem.

Stay Consciously Romantic

You are the person who worked so hard to win the heart of your wife before you were married. Remember how funny, passionate, romantic, and vigilant you were and try to relive the memories. That’s a secret that will make your wife feel better about her body image.

Treat Your Own Body With Respect

By demonstrating how you respect your body and health, you are sending a message of relevance to your entire family. Personal respect is a virtue that replicates in the family. “I will be at my best because my wife deserves the best.”

Listen to Her

In most cases, men are always after fixing problems that arise in their families. Sometimes, all your wife wants you to do is to lend an ear. Don’t interrupt her when she’s talking. Listening keenly will make her feel like she’s the most treasured woman in the world.


It’s heart-wrecking to discover the percentage of women who are unhappy with their physiques. Despite endless efforts in trying to stay attractive all the time, women are faced with immense day-to-day challenges. It’s your role as a man to always let your wife feel appreciated. If you don’t make your wife feel better about her body, who else do you expect?


Never Get Married On THIS Day

Of all the decisions that getting married entails, the actual date of a wedding might not seem like such a big deal. However, it turns out that some days are worse than others when it comes to weddings. A recent study conducted on the worst days to get married on came up with some surprising findings. According to the research, people who get hitched on gimmick days end up divorced more often than those who do not. You probably know that many people went out of their way just to get hitched on November 12, 2013, also known as 11-12-13. As it turns out, getting married on this particular day might not have been a great idea after all.

Never Get Married On THIS Day

University of Melbourne researchers studied information on the marriage and divorce of couples in Netherlands from 1999 to 2013. The time span covered more than a million marriages. The study showed that the number of weddings occurring on a particular day surge when the day is numerically special, or it’s Valentine’s Day. Special or “gimmick” days are those with the same numbers, sequential numbers, or mirror numbers. Examples include 10-11-12, 12-12-12, and 20-12-2012.

During the study’s test period, about 201 couples got married on a typical day and 635 on a special day. Individuals choose such dates for various reasons including ease of remembrance and the perception that they are lucky. However, divorce statistics show that special wedding dates are not as lucky as previously perceived. The findings showed that couples who wed on Valentine’s Day were 45% more likely to divorce than those who did on ordinary days. This result generally applied after three years of marriage. Additionally, individuals who married on same number dates such as 08-08-08 were 30% more likely to divorce.

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By their fifth anniversary, Valentine’s Day and same number date marriages had failure rates 41% and 28% higher than those begun on regular dates. Those who married on sequential number dates such as 06-07-08 also showed higher chances of divorce over longer periods of time. However, those who married on mirror dates such as 20.01.2001 had the same divorce rates as those with normal wedding dates. The dates themselves are merely numbers and cannot be responsible for the collapse of marriages. As such, the question remains why do gimmicky wedding dates correlate with divorce?

According to Professor David Ribar and Jan Kabátek, both authors of the study, it is about the type of individuals. It all depends on those who decide to get married on numerically special dates and Valentine’s Day. Ribar states that people who choose special dates are more likely to have married once before and have children already. In terms of education and age, special date couples were found to be less alike than those who wed on ordinary dates.

External factors like wanting a specific date may influence the relationships and decisions surrounding the marriage of special date couples. The authors say that this is most likely why they have higher divorce rates. Such marriages are not necessarily influenced by the internal workings of that particular relationship. It is probable that their compatibility and the characteristics of their relationships affect ordinary date spouses more strongly than special date couples.

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When it comes to marriage, the decision involves choices about when and whether or not you should marry. When to marry might influence some people’s decision on whether to get married. This usually applies if they are considering a numerically or romantically special date for the ceremony. The normative implication here is that considering and deciding about whether ought to precede that of when.

As such, you should take a step back and take a hard, long look at your relationship. This applies in particular to those who intend to delay until 02-20-20 or plan to get hitched on Valentine’s Day. Evaluate your decisions and assess whether or not the date itself has any influence on your desire to marry. If the date has some influence, you should rethink your entire life’s plan.

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Husband Comes Up with an Extraordinary Revenge for His Cheating Wife

An interesting story of how a husband organized a surprise for his cheating wife has recently been circulating on the internet. Although the story might not actually be true since its origin remains unknown, it sure is entertaining.

While a man was sure his significant other was cheating on him, how to approach the situation was still a problem. He finally figured out the perfect way to confront his wife. His solution took a lot of thought and some shrewd planning. His intention was to let everyone in on the fact that it was his wife who was messing up their marriage.

Husband Comes Up with an Extraordinary Revenge for His Cheating Wife

He had a feeling his wife was cheating, especially since she set off several red flags. She constantly smiled and laughed when texting, and always told him it was her mother when asked. She also had to stay at work late every night, yet her co-workers always said she had left hours ago. Whenever he confronted his wife and asked what was going on, she would just laugh it off. She said it was something they all frequently did to one another at the office.

However, he knew with certainty that something was up when his wife went out for milk at 11:30 pm. She did not return until about two in the morning. For him, it was the last straw. He’d waited months before confronting his wife because he wanted to collect as much evidence as possible. He also needed time to make the necessary arrangements, which included finding a new place to live.

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He wanted to get back at her and decided her birthday, only months away, would be a perfect time. His wife had insisted that he goes out of town with friends after he had asked her what she wanted for her birthday. Her reason was that apart from not wanting to be reminded that she was aging, she also had to work. However, he found two glasses and a bottle of champagne hidden in his closet. It was a clear sign that something was up and something in him snapped.

He, therefore, did what any sensible man would do under the same circumstances. He left and went to his friend’s house, making it seem like he was actually going out of town. However, he called up his wife’s entire family and several of her friends while at his friend’s house. He told all of them that he wanted to give his significant other a big birthday surprise. The surprise involved sneaking into their room with kazoos, party streamers, and a large cake with candles. To everyone else, the plan sounded like a lot of fun, and so it was.

He had everyone meet him outside their apartment at 8:30 am, and all of them piled into the elevator. They were about eight in total, and his wife’s mother was the one holding the cake. While reminding them to be as quiet as possible, he unlocked the door to their house using his key. They all sneaked in and slowly made their way down the hall and towards the bedroom. He threw open the bedroom while his wife’s mom held the cake grinning, and they all yelled surprise!

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However, the surprise was on them all as his stark naked wife and her lover stared back at them wide eyed. Here is how the scenario unfolded. His mother-in-law dropped the cake while his sister-in-law started screaming and father-in-law began shouting. His wife’s lover was desperately trying to pull his pants back on while running out of there. He pretended to be horrified even as his soon to be ex-wife sobbed and screamed. Her friends tried to push everyone else out, yelling at her all the while.

Needless to say, it was among the best birthday presents he has ever given.


Hiring a private investigator is the best course of action if you think your wife might be cheating. Private investigators are excellent at what they do. They will get you some evidence, which would come in handy in case of a divorce. Human beings can go to extremes just to get back, especially when they feel betrayed. To avoid such a scenario and for other obvious reasons, trying to uphold your marriage vows is of uttermost importance.

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5 Ways You’re Hurting Your Husband and Killing Your Marriage

Marriage is a much larger responsibility than many people realize. Once you are past the attention from the engagement, wedding, and honeymoon, there is a real life to be lived! In this life, you’re responsible for the feelings of another person, and that can be a huge weight. You may take your role as a wife very seriously, but you may be harming your partner in the process. Here are five ways you are actually hurting your husband and damaging your marriage.

5 Ways You're Hurting Your Husband and Killing Your Marriage

Spending Recklessly

Every family has a budget and spending on things that aren’t necessary can be really hurtful to your husband. Be wise about your finances and find a way to live within the boundaries of what your husband can realistically afford. This shows sincere respect and appreciation. This does not mean you can’t occasionally splurge on something you really want, it just means you need to have a meaningful conversation beforehand to make sure the two of you are on the same page.

Withholding Affection

Men need physical affection from their wives. Physical affection is one way to show appreciation for your husband. It is natural to want to withhold affection when angry or upset, but try instead to have a discussion with your husband about any issues instead of avoiding the physical piece of your relationship. It is a beautiful thing to be wanted and loved by your husband, so take advantage of the moments you can show your love through physical touch.

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Keeping Record of Past Wrongs

It is human to stockpile past mistakes. It can be difficult to sweep past the ways your husband has hurt or betrayed you in the past, but forgiveness is a major part of a healthy marriage. You can’t continually taunt your husband about the past if you expect to be able to move forward. Next time you find yourself in an argument with your husband, don’t reach for a jab about the last time he didn’t come home on time. Instead, focus on the issue and work to resolve it without bringing up the past.

Being Negative Constantly

Negativity can be very draining. Men like to fix things, so if you launch into a conversation about everything that went wrong during the day then talking with you might begin to feel like a burden. He won’t be able to fix everything, so try to focus on the good things that happened during the day. This doesn’t mean you can’t even share some of your stresses, but avoid a one-sided conversation about these negative topics. A simple trick for avoiding constant negativity is to try and sandwich a negative story between two happy thoughts. This way the ratio is always tipping in favor of the positive. If you find yourself continuing to think in a negative way.

Never Saying Thank You

Verbal affirmation is extremely important in any relationship. Many people underestimate the value of a sincere “thank you”. Your man needs to hear “thank you” as much as anyone else. Gratitude is a form of affection and men like to hear when they are meeting your needs. According to psychology today expressing gratitude brings people closer together and practicing this in your marriage can have a really positive impact. Try expressing gratitude towards your partner at least three times a day for 21 days. You will find it becomes a habit and will transform how you feel about your partner.

These are just a few of the ways you may unknowingly be harming your partner and your marriage. If you find yourself guilty of any of these hurtful scenarios take a step in the opposite direction. Self-awareness is the first step towards altering current behavior. If you recognize these patterns and consciously try to adjust your behavior, you are on your way to establishing a healthy and happy environment for you, your husband, and your family.


5 Ways Men Fail to Keep Their Marriages

5 Ways Men Fail to Keep Their Marriages

5 Ways Men Fail to Keep Their Marriages

Marriage requires a lot of effort and work to ensure that it can succeed and that the relationship thrives long-term. Many men fail to spend enough time and energy on their marriage due to other distractions or commitments. For men who are unknowingly letting go of their marriage, there are often a number of different causes that can allow the relationship to fall apart.


1. Avoiding Physical Touch

Physical touch is crucial to the bond that you share with your significant other to ensure that you can stay emotionally and physically connected. This often includes not giving hugs, kisses, or touches of affection when you’re spending time with each other. You may also not be spending enough time together in the bedroom, which can cause your marriage to unravel and for your spouse to begin to feel neglected.

2. Mishandling Finances

According to, one of the most common ways that a spouse can allow their marriage to fail is due to bad spending habits. This can affect your wife and will often lead to many different arguments that become more consistent. You may also act too restrictive with your money and limit your wife on what she spends, even with necessities that are often needed for the home or for your children. Your wife may ask you to stop spending so much money or she may feel extremely restricted with the grocery shopping or with purchasing clothes.

You may need to consider having separate bank accounts or budgeting for fun expenses that allow your wife to splurge when she wants to treat herself. Each person needs to be on the same page when it comes to how the money is spent to ensure that the boundaries and rules that are established are respected when it comes to the household finances.

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Although you may feel like you’re entitled to make the majority of the financial decisions if you earn the most money, this can cause your wife to feel devalued if she doesn’t have a voice and if you act more like a dictator rather than a partner.

3. Not Providing

Men have a responsibility to provide for their family and work hard to ensure that the bills are paid and that everyone’s needs are met. Your marriage will begin to face serious problems if you can’t stay employed long-term or are not willing to earn a good salary. You need to be willing to work overtime or even get a second job to ensure that your family is taken care of and isn’t in  a lack. If you sit at home during the day and aren’t motivated, it can cause your marriage to fail if your wife is trying to provide for the family on her own.

4. Differences in Priorities

According to, marriages are prone to failing due to differences in priorities between you and your wife. You may want to spend time with your friends or watch the game during your free time whereas your wife may need your attention or to have quality time. This can quickly cause her to feel neglected and can be the demise of your relationship if you don’t have your priorities in order.

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5. Speaking a Different Language

You can begin destroying your marriage if you fail to speak your wife’s language. She may be needing your physical touch or communication each day to feel close to you. Although it may not come naturally to you, you’ll need to do your best to show her how much you value her to ensure that the relationship thrives.

Many men are prone to making several mistakes in their marriage, which can quickly cause the relationship to suffer. There are several red flags to look for if you feel like you may be neglecting or mistreating your spouse. By discovering ways that you need to improve, you can help your marriage to thrive and succeed to ensure that it lasts a lifetime.

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12 Ways to Reset Your Wife When She’s Falling Apart

Many women are prone to suffering from anxiety or stress due to a number of concerns or responsibilities in their life. For their husbands, it can be difficult to understand how to help alleviate the issue. When you want to reset your wife when she’s falling about, there are a few ways to help her.

12 Ways to Reset Your Wife When She's Falling Apart

1. Hold Her in Your Arms

Your wife may just need to feel safe in your arms when she’s feeling like her world is falling apart. Do your best by comforting her with physical touch, which will allow her to feel safe and at peace.

2. Allow Her to Talk

Women often express themselves with their words, making it important to allow your wife to talk as much as she needs to if you want her to feel better. This will allow her to analyze the situation and work towards an outcome.

3. Give Her Alone Time

Allow your wife to work through her thoughts by giving her some time alone. Encourage her to spend a day at the spa or to go to the movies with her friends, which will help her to unwind and relax.

4. Pray for Your Wife

Make it a point to pray with your wife when she’s having a meltdown to ensure that she is comforted by your concerns. Pray with her, if you are religious, to encourage her to let go of her stress and understand that the external circumstances are out of her control.

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5. Relax Together

According to, do your best to relax together when your wife is falling apart to ensure that she can become composed and allow her feelings to calm down. You can give each other a massage, watch television, or spend time in the backyard to reduce her stress levels.

6. Listen

Most men approach a problem by trying to fix it, which can make it difficult for a woman to feel safe when she’s struggling with an issue. Instead of offering a solution, do your best to listen and allow her to vent without trying to tell her what she should do about the problem.

7. Seek Professional Help

According to, your spouse may need to speak with a professional to allow her to understand her feelings and how to find the right solution. Although you may offer your guidance, a professional can help your wife learn techniques to controlling her emotions and avoid becoming overwhelmed when she’s dealing with different challenges.

8. Help Her Avoid Burnout

If you notice your wife having signs of anxiety or a short temper early on in the week, do your best to help her avoid burnout by taking on some of her responsibilities. Help her to relax by encouraging her to take a bubble bath while you do the dishes to offer a helping hand before she becomes more stressed.

9. Encourage Her

Encouraging your wife can change her perspective on her struggles, which will allow her to feel better about herself. She may be struggling to juggle all of her responsibilities, but she’ll understand her value if you tell her how much you appreciate all she does to run and manage the home.

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10. Take a Vacation

Your wife may be stressed due to her job or she may have family issues, making it important to take a vacation for a much-needed escape. You can visit a tropical location where you can avoid the crowds and relax on the beach during the day. You’ll treat your wife and allow her to feel spoiled in a relaxing environment that will help her to recharge.

11. Buy Her a Gift

You can help your wife pull herself together again by buying her a gift that brightens her day. Opt for a piece of jewelry or a clothing item that will allow her to feel loved and appreciated.

12. Take a Day Off

Encourage your wife to take a day off from her job or from household responsibilities to ensure that she can gather her feelings and take a step back from the situation to reset your wife.

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Know His Zodiac Features before You Marry Him

Knowing what you are getting yourself into before you say “I do” is significantly important. As such, you might be wondering whether the stars will align for you and your husband to be. To help you out, below are the pros and cons of marrying every single zodiac sign, according to renowned love astrologers and his zodiac features.

Know His Zodiac Features before You Marry Him

Aries (March 21-April 19)

According to Suzie Kerr Wright, an astrologer, and psychic medium, you are unlikely to experience a dull moment with an Aries. They are wild, fun-loving, and exciting to be around. However, as Joan Porte points out, apart from being set in their own ways, they can also be a bit bossy and selfish.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Taurus men are loyal, hardworking, and will be home at the same time every night. Although they are solid, upstanding, and dependable, they can also enjoy life’s little luxuries in excess. On the other hand, a Taurus man will expect the same level of reliability and devotion from you. He is also not your type if you are a free spirited woman since you might find him boring.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

A Gemini is naturally eloquent, which can be a good or bad thing. He is smart, engaging, and an excellent conversationalist. Unfortunately, he might have a tough time listening since he is always talking. He might also not be the most committed of men since he likes variety.

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Cancer (June 21-July 22)

As quite the nurturer, he is cuddly, usually loves his mother, and understands your feelings. Being a big teddy bear, he is quite loveable. Apart from the possibility of being moodier than you can be when you’re PMS-ing, he has high expectations. He might also want you to be the same as his mother.

Leo (July 23-August 22)

As a sparkling and dynamic master of entertainment, you will never have a dull moment with a Leo. He is usually a blast to be around and always the life of the party. Unfortunately, he can also be hot-headed, incredibly vain, and pouty when he isn’t the center of attention. You might never get to use the mirror in your bedroom when living with a Leo unless you have a second one.

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Virgo (August 23-September 22)

A Virgo is definitely your man if you are into organized guys, particularly when it comes to finances. Apart from having it together and being dedicated, he also has his feet on the ground. Unfortunately, he can become a little bit obsessive and compulsive about the whole organizing thing, and be ruled by routine. Although he is intelligent and health-conscious, be is also quite picky and might lack self-confidence.

Libra (September 23-October 22)

Apart from being sociable and pleasant to be around, a Libra is also romantic and sweet to everyone he encounters. However, be prepared to fight off other women since he is bound to charm everyone even if he isn’t an out and out cheater. In addition to being notorious players, Libras often cannot make up their minds.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

In addition to being straightforward, determined, loyal, and deeply passionate, Scorpios are also amazing in bed. However, apart from keeping secrets almost too well, they always tend to have a hidden agenda. They can also use words that cut like a knife.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

As world travelers by nature, Sagittarius men are always up for the adventure. They also have a lot going on upstairs. Although they are kind of tactless, they hate losing arguments and can be know-it-alls. It is therefore almost impossible to win against a Sagittarius.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

As a strong-willed, independent, hardworking, and determined man, a Capricorn is an excellent provider. However, he can be controlling, a little bit detached emotionally, and incredibly stubborn at times.

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

Being forever young at heart, he is always up for a splendid time both inside and outside the bedroom. Apart from a constant urge for the special aspects of life, he is also very innovative. Unfortunately, he can be somewhat rebellious, isn’t that dependable, and likes to shake things up for the fun of it.

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

Being sweet, romantic, and passionate, Pisces give their hearts and souls. They are also excellent listeners. Unfortunately, giving their all is not always a great thing since people usually take advantage of them. They can also go from one extreme to the other in a heartbeat, moving from hot to cold in seconds. As such, you may never know what to expect.


While finding a match is not that hard, finding a suitable and fitting one is a different matter. Fortunately, the stars might be of significant assistance. Following these zodiac features you know whether or not he is the man for you is, therefore, a good idea.

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Should Your Kids Know You’ve Had an Affair?

Should Your Kids Know You've Had an Affair?

Should Your Kids Know You’ve Had an Affair?

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Personal relationships are one of the most difficult aspects of life. There is no set of rules that can be applied to personal interactions since every situation is different, even if only slightly. Family units have to deal with some painful issues as they grow and develop, and one of those issues is infidelity. The divorce rate for first marriages in the United States has famously hovered around 50 percent for decades. Second and third marriages have even higher rates of divorce. When something that causes a rift between parents starts to manifest, one of the first questions is whether or not the children should be told that you had an affair.

2 Should Your Kids Know You've Had an Affair?

One of the first things that a struggling couple needs to determine about their future is whether or not they are going to attempt to make the marriage work after they had an affair has been revealed. This will have a drastic affect on whether or not you should share the development with your children.

If you believe you and your spouse can move past the brief moment of infidelity, it is certainly not a good idea to involve your children. Younger children, and even those who have entered high school, typically have a positive vision of their parents that may be ruined by informing them of an affair, especially if that affair isn’t going to affect his or her day-to-day life.

Those couples who know they can’t move past the incident of unfaithfulness have an entirely different set of issues to be concerned with. Suppose a couple decides to seek divorce due to an affair, and that couple has two preteen children. The children would certainly be able to detect major problems with their parent’s relationship, and they may start to form their own ideas about what is going on. They may even flat out ask their parents if they’re going to get divorced if they sense an overwhelming amount of negativity.

Children today have access to more information than any previous generation thanks to the prevalence of the Internet. They can find out just about anything they want to know, including the realities of adult relationships and divorce. Because of this level of access, it is difficult to keep children from learning any specific thing. In other words, if they want to figure it out, they will.

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Should Your Kids Know You've Had an Affair?

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However, there is a world of difference between using children as a tool for leverage during a divorce and being open and honest with them. If you’re a wife who’s been cheated on by her husband, you might find it hard to avoid painting your ex in a neutral or positive light for your children. You may even be tempted to use your children as a way of gaining an upper hand in the argument.

The question of whether or not children should be informed of their parents activities is one that has no simple answer. Most parents will agree that you should never lie to your children, but what do you do when they ask questions you can not answer without revealing too much or something too negative? The end goal of any conversation with your children regarding your relationship with your spouse should focus on a single idea, and that idea is that whatever you say to them should be strictly for their benefit.

It may be difficult to make yourself act a certain way that goes against your feelings, but you must consider the psychology health of your children. If the fault can be attributed to one spouse during a divorce, which is often the case with an affair, you might be tempted to reveal the truth to your children simply to spite your ex-spouse. This would be a perfect example of a situation in which the parents should avoid telling their children anything, because hearing nothing is better than hearing something negative.

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Divorce and infidelity are unfortunate parts of life, but they can not be ignored simply because they are uncomfortable. You’ll almost certainly have to be honest with your children about the situation at some point, even if you wait until they are old enough to properly understand. In the mean time, you should only reveal to them what they need to know to believe that both of their parents will continue to love them, even if they had an affair.


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Family Habits Your Kids Need You to Establish

Family Habits Your Kids Need You to Establish

Family Habits Your Kids Need You to Establish

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Many couples can easily neglect their marriage or cause it to suffer after having children. Although both people may be focused on raising the kids, it can be easy to forget that the state and condition of the marriage has a direct influence on the kids. To ensure that your children develop well and benefit from your marriage, there are a few important family habits to establish as a couple.

Family Habits Your Kids Need You to Establish

Show Affection

Some couples may feel awkward holding hands or hugging in front of their children, but the act establishes security in their home life and can allow them to feel safe. Make it a point to show how much you care for your spouse even if your children cover their eyes when you kiss. The affection may become a joke in the family over time, but everyone will secretly appreciate it.


It’s important for children to see healthy arguments or disagreements on display in the home in your marriage. Although it may not be a fun experience, it will model a healthy way of fighting without using harmful words or actions in the process. This will equip the children how to handle conflict in their own lives and future marriages without having a fear of it.

Make Decisions

Your children can learn from your marriage by seeing how you and your spouse make decisions in each season of life. From deciding when to purchase a car or where you should relocate, this can allow them to learn the importance of decision-making and compromise.

You can also include your children in the decisions to help them to find their voice and establish confidence with the input that they provide. According to, this includes showing mutual submission to one another, which is an example of honor and respect in your marriage. This encourages the same like-mindedness in children with their peers and authoritative figures to ensure that they maintain a selfless attitude in their relationships with other people. So, make sure decisions making is on of your family habits.

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Encourage Each Other

Kids need to see how to treat another person in a marriage, which makes it important that they’re present when you and your spouse encourage each other. They should see you edify one another in your daily life to view the support that is in the marriage. According to, kindness and appreciation for your spouse in front of the family will set an example that your children can follow with other people in their life.

Show Respect

Respecting your spouse in the home and in public settings will show your care and appreciation in your marriage when your children are present. This will allow your kids to maintain the same level of respect to both parents as they grow and develop. Having respect for someone also makes it important to have grace for your partner when they make mistakes or unintentionally hurt you. Children will learn how to make allowances for other peoples’ faults due to the example that is set in the marriage early on.

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Trust Your Spouse

Trust is another important component of family habits and will strengthen your communication with your spouse while providing a safe place for one another. Kids will quickly catch on to how much you trust your significant other when it comes to decisions that need to be made or giving each other freedom in your lives. This can help children learn to trust both parents and even other close family members or friends. Trust is an important characteristic to develop because it reduces fear or isolation due to a lack of close relationships.

Although it may be a learning process to remain vulnerable with your marriage in front of your kids, the act will benefit the family as a whole. Your children will have a greater value that they place on marriage and can feel secure as they develop and grow.

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4 Benefits Men Get From Listening to Their Wives

4 Benefits Men Get From Listening to Their Wives

4 Benefits Men Get From Listening to Their Wives

Listening is one of the most valuable social skills in the human emotional arsenal. Good listeners are able to draw from past conversational experiences to have better, more constructive conversations with friends and family. It is even more important for spouses and people with children to listen to each other. Healthy relationships are built on is communication, acknowledgement, and trust, and children can learn these behaviors from an early age. Here are a few benefits men get from listening to their wives:

14 Benefits Men Get From Listening to Their Wives

Listening Helps You Understand Perspective

The only ways to understand the perspective of your spouse is to observe them, talk to them, and absorb their views. When men really listen to what their wives are saying, they become more attuned to the way that their wives think and perceive the world. Fights become less common, disagreements and issues are more easily solved, and communication becomes more personal. Very often, women are more prone to noticing situational details, and men could certainly learn a lot from their spouses in this regard. Relationships with children are much easier when you can be a team with your spouse and each pitch in your own perspective.

Listening Creates Healthy Families

Listening is an important way that people show that they care about each other: children who watch their parents listen to one another will have a healthier idea of how to act in their own families later in life. Showing your children that everyone’s opinion is valid and deserves attention is another useful behavior to display.

Love is demonstrated in actions and deeds, not words, so listening is one of the best ways to demonstrate love and good feelings toward the other spouse. Kindness and respect in family situations leads to kindness and respect from your kids in the future. Kids that see a healthy, back-and-forth relationship are more likely to take those lessons to heart as they grow up.

Listening = Learning

Many educational researchers believe that listening as a component of education has been severely underestimated by the academic community. Harvard Business Review commissioned a study that found that people are even worse listeners than we thought: immediately after the average person hears a talk or lecture, he or she only remembers half of what was said! After 8 hours, that percentage to about three-fourths of what was said, meaning that we only remember 25 percent of what our spouses said to us at breakfast after going through a full work day.

Marriage is difficult unless husband and wife make a concerted effort to learn about one another. Active listening is the best way to do this. It can be very elpful for men to master, even just to show the women in their lives that they care about trying to remember what has been said in the past.

Men Are More Effective When Focusing on One Task

Simply listening to their wives gives men a chance to avoid the thing that many of them are worst at: multitasking. There has long been a pseudo-scientific theory that women are better multitaskers than men are, but a study published in the BMC Psychology journal actually performed proper control-based research and came to a similar conclusion: women can navigate two or more simultaneous tasks better than men are able to. Concentrating on listening, and listening alone, allows husbands and boyfriends to excel by using their gender’s negative traits as a force for good.

Listening should be one of the primary concerns of both parties in a relationship. It is difficult enough to be understood as a unique human being, and that difficulty is compounded when proper listening techniques are not used in relationship and family-based situations. Men who listen to their wives are sure to be happier, more knowledgeable, and more in control of the direction of their families.

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How to Save Your Marriage After Cheating

How to Save Your Marriage After Cheating

How to Save Your Marriage After Cheating

Cheating in marriage is a tale as old as time, and it is certainly part of the ‘happy ever after’ that many people share with their husband or wife. Many couples separate or divorce after one partner is found to have cheated, but more couples than you think are able to work through the issue with the help of honest conversation, righteous and healthy anger, and counseling. There are several things that you can do to save your marriage after cheating.

How to Save Your Marriage After Cheating

Allow Yourself to be Angry

Being cheated on is a shock, and the normal first response is a feeling of betrayal, disbelief, and flat-out anger. It is healthy to lean in to this anger and allow it to run its course. A study published by several scientists in the American Psychological Association’s print magazine observed the results from a number of clinical patients expressing their anger in a controlled environment. The researchers found that properly expressed anger often resulted in a period of clarity of thought in its aftermath. Anger at your significant other can help clarify the problems of a relationship better than other, more positive emotions are able to.

Talk Honestly About Problems

However, there is no path forward for the relationship without honest conversation and mutual understanding of problems. Anger is a great tool to bring all parties to the conversation table, but honesty and understanding provide a solution to the problem or problems facing the relationship.

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Relationship expert and marriage counselor Gary Neuman published a widely read book that detailed why men, in his experience, pursued extramarital affairs. He found that over 45% of men listed emotional dissatisfaction as a primary reason for cheating. Men require emotional love to function as well (not just $ex!) so the root of the problem might be how you interact as a couple. Honesty and openness can help solve this issue.

See a Marriage Counselor

Relationship experts can provide insights into the relationship from a neutral perspective that the two of you never would have noticed. Being at a counselor’s office creates an open environment where both halves of the relationship can say whatever they want to the other. Counselors are typically excellent mediators who can bring thoughts and emotions out of people that they did not know they had inside of them.

Counselors can also show couples how to properly deal with and handle emotions. The wife in this story was angry about her husband’s affair, but did not know how to express her anger. By watching her counselor express anger toward the husband, about the infidelity and his dishonesty toward the counseling sessions, the wife was able to learn how anger can be used to achieve objectives.

Don’t Force Forgiveness

The human mind often takes a long time to forgive and decide what to do to save marriage after cheating. Healing is a long journey for both parties, and there will be difficult times along the way. Although complete and total forgiveness is the goal, it is not necessarily the expectation: cheating is a hard thing for many spouses to forgive, and healing may take years. However, we all know that strong emotions fade over time and are replaced by understanding and mercy when we are given the benefit of perspective.

Saving a marriage is a difficult task, but one spouse cheating on the other does not have to be the end. With hard work and determination on both ends, you can preserve the marriage for many happy and healthy years afterward.

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Can Swinging Save Married Couple Form Divorce?

Can Swinging Save Married Couple Form Divorce?

Can Swinging Save Married Couple Form Divorce?

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Even if married couple adorable children, a great home, and good sources of income, their marriage remains under constant threat of collapse. As much as you might love your partner, it does not automatically mean you are in love with them. You might be doing almost all the housework and everything for your children, yet the most you get is a tight-lipped peck. As such, you may wonder what the grim possibilities on the path ahead could be.

Can Swinging Save Married Couple Form Divorce?

For purposes of clarification, swinging is quite unlike the open marriages common in the 70s as well as the more recent version of polyamory, which supports love and physical closeness with multiple partners. By contrast, swinging refers to non-monogamous romantic and affectionate activities treated the same as any other social activity that you experience as married couple. The base rule is an emotional monogamy and a primary commitment to the relationship with your marital partner.

What can you do in your situation?
You may be feeling more like roommates than lovers, and you are honestly searching for a solution to your situation. At times, actions that may seem harmless can have far reaching and unwanted results. As a result, most couples try to swing loneliness away.

You may refuse to stay miserable while not sleeping in the same bedroom. You might be done feeling the rejection while still hopelessly trying to mend your marriage. Cheating will result in you losing the respect of both yourself and that of your partner. Moving out and taking the risk that you may only get to see your children every second weekend might not be an option. Such a situation could leave you with the alternative of agreeing to stay married yet open to !nt!macy with other people.

Swinging loneliness away

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Swinging might be fun in the beginning. However, it is more likely that one or two of the involved individuals will get uncomfortable over time. Once this lack of comfort creeps in, some people immediately yearn to end the open arrangement.

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At times the new boyfriend and girlfriend might be enjoying each other a little bit too much to stop. Unfortunately, reminders of the agreement could fail to sway the newly formed and unmarried couple. They could have just started and certainly not yet ready to stop.

Such a scenario might lead to the manifestation of jealousy, making you check your partner’s unattended phone as often as you can. Some people even start popping anti-anxiety pills to calm their nerves. Such is the unfortunate and common outcome of swinging arrangements born out of despair.

If not swinging, what is the alternative?
In their sensationalized live marriage interventions, Tony Robbins and Dr Cloe Madanes repeatedly demonstrate that all hope is not yet lost. Even couples who seem most hopeless have the ability to meet each other’s needs to reconnect in a much deeper and longer lasting way.

What to do when you have no one to turn to for assistance
Pay very close attention to everything that lights up your partner for at least a week. Make it your personal aim to discover your partner’s love language. Only you can make your married couple shine like a diamond!

Keep an eye out for everything that makes your partner smile, laugh, and feel loved. Determine whether it is gifts, and if so, the kind your partner responds to the most. Find out if it is an affectionate touch and what kinds of touch they respond to. Learn whether it is actions or quality time that makes your partner feel loved. If quality time is the answer, is it care-free or structured time they appreciate the most? It might also be affectionate words your partner craves, find out the words that strike a chord.

Following these details will be your roadmap towards meeting the needs of your partner in the most powerful love language. As such, you should have fun experimenting with the ideas mentioned above and remember to jot down your discoveries.

It is also important to note the greatest distance you have gone to impress your partner. It could be you bought an incredible gift, did something amazing together, or that you said the most heartfelt of words. Regardless, every effort you make towards meeting the needs of your partner count.


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4 Big Mistakes That Lead Men to Divorce

4 Big Mistakes That Lead Men to Divorce

Many men make the same mistakes during their marriage. While some of these are mistakes everyone makes in their lives, others are ones that can lead men to divorce. There are times when men don’t even know they’re making some serious blunders in their relationships.

Even if men think they have a great relationship, they could be blundering through the marriage without a clue that mistakes are happening. Mistakes that could lead to the woman being unhappy and eventually leaving the marriage.

These four mistakes are some of the most common ones that a man can make and not even realize. This isn’t meant to pound on men in any way. It’s meant to be a way for men to take an honest look at themselves within the relationship to ensure they are carrying their weight. Often, a marriage has been on a path of ending for some time, but both partners aren’t able to communicate properly with each other.

1. No Effort in the Marriage

In the New York Post, it was reported that $exual infidelity was the most common reason for divorce. The second biggest reason that women wanted a divorce more than men is that men weren’t meeting their emotional needs.

Men believe that marriage doesn’t require work. They get married and continue being that single man before the two met. Men don’t normally sit down and ask how his wife is doing. They don’t inquire about work problems, or worries, hopes and dreams. They stop communicating with their spouse.

This can lead to dissatisfaction with the marriage. Men assume that they don’t have to put much effort into their wives. They’re often on autopilot worrying more about their paycheck, or their job to concern themselves with the state of the marriage. This is a common mistake for both men and women, but women are more open to talking and sharing than men.

2. Fighting Mad During Arguments

The way a couple fights can lead to some very heated discussions. Heated and hurtful words can never be retrieved. Once they’re out in the world, there’s no way to erase them completely.

Insulting a partner can have serious consequences over time. Too many hurtful insults and venomous attacks can be seen as emotional abuse. It doesn’t matter if the man feels nagged or accused of something unfairly. They have to find a way to communicate that doesn’t involve abusive words or actions. Otherwise, it may lead men to divorce.

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While many men will know to walk away from their wives when they’re angry, they don’t come back to resolve the problem. Instead, it’s ignored until the problem seems to go away, which is never the case. It sits in the background of every new discussion.

3. Partnership is Lopsided

Many men believe they’re the leader of the relationship. This leads to many problems with money and decision-making. They don’t feel as if they need to consult with their wives about large purchases like a new motorcycle or a new car.

Often, they believe that they don’t have to consult with their wives because they’re in charge of their own money. While those in a partnership understand that both sides of the couple have a right to have a say in the spending.

Reckless spending can lead to serious problems in the marriage. It’s often one of the leading causes of divorce.

4. Selfish or Clueless in the Bedroom

Men often think that a woman doesn’t need anything extra in the bedroom. They have a set routine that they believe works. They won’t often deviate from that routine. It can take women longer to be in the mood, and often, men ignore that fact.

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Women need affection and a sense of feeling appreciated and loved before slipping between the sheets. If they’re not, they can feel unconnected to the act of lovemaking. This can lead to serious dissatisfaction in the relationship and eventually the entire marriage.

Men need to make their wives feel loved and cherished in the bedroom. She’ll respond when the man takes the time to understand her needs and be a connected and understanding lover.

While any of these mistakes might lead men to divorce, talking to their spouse can often be a way to overcome almost all of them. Men need to be more open and communicate with their spouse if they hope to stay and turn it into a healthy marriage.

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Does Your Marriage Bore You? Try THIS

Does Your Marriage Bore You? Try THIS

It can feel really upsetting to wake up one day and realize you are starting to get bored – yes, your marriage bore you. Whether you have been married for months or years, this is a phase many couples go through during their married life.

But luckily, boredom is an issue that can absolutely be fixed, so long as both partners want to work on the marriage together. If your marriage has gotten a little cool around the edges, these two tips will surely warm it up again!

Tip #1: Take an e-break.

Smart device-obsessed romantic partners have become so common today that there is actually a slang term for it: “phubber.” Worse than this, recent research shows that consistently paying more attention to a smart phone than a mate can cause depression and even ruin the relationship.

So it is no surprise that couples who find themselves becoming bored in their marriage may first need to come back to the marriage before they can fix what needs mending. The world you find on social media and video games is fast-paced and action-packed. But it will not be there for you when you need to talk or need a hug.

What to do: Unplug from all those so-called “smart” devices and spend some time with a real human being – someone you used to be passionately in love with and could be again – your spouse.

Tip #2: Take a “fun break” – together.

Even passionately in love couples can’t help but admit there are some parts of marriage that is, well, kind of dull. Paying bills, cleaning the house, shopping for groceries, changing diapers – there are endless more mind-numbing to-dos where these came from, and none of them have any spark-producing potential.

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But somewhere underneath all that manual labor there exist two people who used to be very much in love. And perhaps you still are in love, if only you gave yourself and your partner a little break to tune back in to all the reasons why.

Tip #1 here will automatically help with implementing this tip as well, because when you take an e-break, you will also free up some time to just be together. But still, if you just use that time to complete more chores, the boredom won’t get better, and it might even get worse.

You need to use that time to have some fun together. Play mini-golf. Go wine tasting. Visit the museum. Talk and listen and ask each other questions about what you see and hear and experience. It probably won’t take long to find the spark again and give it a little fan or two.

There are so many ways to approach resolving boredom in a committed relationship. But at the core of each of those ways there will always exist two key elements: paying attention to one another and having fun in life together. So whether you opt to try out these two specific tips or you think of another way to spend fun time together with your partner, the outcome is highly likely to be worth the effort.

And you just might discover that your now-partner – the same one you fell in love with so many years ago – has gotten even better with time and age!

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Friends With Benefits: Would You Marry Them?

Friends With Benefits: Would You Marry Them?

Friends With Benefits: Would You Marry Them?

A big social issue in recent years has been the legalization of same-gender marriage. People have made extreme implications that legalizing same-gender marriage somehow denotes the sanctity of the tradition, however, in some ways, this may actually be true. While weddings and marriages used to be a fairy tale of happily ever after, some have turned into nothing more than an official document. Should we marry friends with benefits?


No one has really been talking about what could be the most consequential result of these new laws. People are now able to marry their friends of the same gender, without the passion or love that is in a typical marriage. This may change the meaning of marriage for many people.

When same-gender marriage was legalized, the number of adults who could be a potential partner for another doubled. Any adult is able to partner up with anyone else and receive benefits outside of romance.

Legal marriage has many benefits and laws that privilege people who are legally bound to another person, many of which are economical, but there are others as well that enhance one’s sense of security.

If you have a trustworthy friend that is of your same gender or not, merging your lives through marriage can be beneficial to both parties. Once you are married, you can take advantage of your partner’s health insurance benefits, have lower car insurance premiums, receive a higher tax return by filing jointly and writing off expenses for each other.

In the case of the death of either party, the survivor is then entitled to the social security benefits of their spouse, and any inheritance that is left behind. Lifetime decisions like purchasing a home would also become simple, as you can file for a loan with a double income.

This makes marriage more of a business agreement than a relationship. There is no wedding or honeymoon, no need to be together all of the time, and certainly no need to be monogamous. However, there are some risks to this business partnership.

For example, marriage also attaches one person to another person’s debts and student loans, and any other financial hardships that may have been endured. For this reason, if marrying as a business decision, it should still be with someone whom you are able to fully trust.

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The interesting thing about this theory is that if people choose to marry for only practical reasons, marriage would lose its major components that celebrate the union of two people. Celebrations and weddings would be a thing of the past, as a business decision between two people does not call for a large dinner, dance, and ceremony.

The thought of marriage that results in the man making money while the woman stays at home with the children is dated. Women are now as successful than men and do not need a man’s paycheck to survive.

Women are also able to make their own decisions about whether or not to have children through the use of birth control, and through the use of in vitro fertilization. This all takes marriage as a factor out of the task of living a fulfilling life.

With things like children and economic security available without marriage, the sanctity of marriage in our society needs to be upheld in other ways. While the loss of potential benefits and legal protection that marriage brings may be left on the table if someone decides to stay single, so does the magical hype of spending your life with someone who you feel is meant to be your spiritual partner forever. However, isn’t this already lost in our society through the outpouring of wedding-related television shows and merchandise?

The business partner-type marriage is an option for people who are choosing to benefit only themselves. We need more core changes to benefit society overall. Everyone should have access to basic protections, whether or not their choose to marry. A partner should not be required to have social justice and equal protection.

The country needs to act as a team to create equality for everyone. Laws, social structures, and policies need to be changed in order to ensure all people are treated equally.