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What Is Love Hormone and How It increases Sexual Arousal

What Is Love Hormone and How It increases Sexual Arousal

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Love hormone is a type of hormone secreted by a pea-sized gland in the brain. The gland secreting the love hormone is known as the pituitary gland. Love hormone is sometimes referred to as mental Viagra, cuddle hormone or oxytocin. The hormone is usually released when people socially bond or snuggle up.

What Is Love Hormone and How It increases Sexual Arousal

Love Hormones Strengthens Relationship

The name love hormone originates from its effect of facilitating attachment and trust between couples. Love hormone also increases empathy and trust which helps us create bonds. The hormone is released when we make love, hug, or cuddle. Some people believe that the world would be a happier and a more loving haven if we produced more of the hormone.

Brain Action

Taking a realistic perspective on how the hormone works, a greater part of brain action and chemistry is involved. Produced and stored in the brain, the love hormone also dubbed as love molecule stimulates and brings up the urge for intercourse between individuals. Serving as a neurotransmitter, the hormone which is basically a chemical in the brain cells works to enhance communication. The communication is particularly evident between individuals during intercourse.

As an emotional amplifier, the hormone is released by women and men when they are experiencing orgasm. The exhilarating hormone is also responsible for fostering a feeling of attachment between couples. According to a research by medical experts, oxytocin is responsible for deepening feelings of attachment. The deepened feelings of attachment then result to a feeling of closeness between couples and the more they enjoy their conjugal rights, the stronger the bond.

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Sense of attraction

Oxytocin works in a range of ways. For instance, it boosts men’s sense of attraction to a mate. On the other hand, the cuddle hormone also plays a great role in women by giving a spark of their interest to make love with their mates. By having same feelings toward each other and a surge in their hormonal levels, intercourse arousal rates go up.

Maternal bonding

Cuddle hormone is not only limited to humans as playing with pets can also bring about a surge of the hormone. Hormones have different dynamics on how they are produced and work in both women and men. In women apart from intercourse arousal, the hormone serves a great role in reproduction and maternal bonding. The hormone is particularly important in women for the whole birth processes and breastfeeding. The love hormone stimulates milk to be let down for the baby when breastfeeding.

Love hormone has the same functions on men as on women which are all about bonding. In a study, the hormone was considered to work as fidelity booster for men who already established a bond with a woman.

Mood Improvement

In a recent study, men who were injected with the hormone, which is naturally occurring, had enhanced arousals. The hormone enhanced activity in the brain regions which are responsible for sexual arousal. The mental Viagra is also responsible for bringing about romantic love and serves to reject any negative moods.
Love hormone is essential for the reproductive system and has been closely linked to romantic feelings. Some studies have shown how the cuddle hormone has been used as a treatment for a number of psycho-sexual disorders. The disorders are usually common in patients who suffer infertility.


To increase sexual arousal, the love hormone works by stimulating some responses and emotions in the brain. All the emotions and the responses after stimulation lead to the need to make love which may also translate to reproduction. The hormone boosts romantic activities in the brain. The effect then translates to a lowered sense of negative mood thus giving ample time for sexual arousal.

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