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5 Ways Men Fail to Keep Their Marriages

5 Ways Men Fail to Keep Their Marriages

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5 Ways Men Fail to Keep Their Marriages

5 Ways Men Fail to Keep Their Marriages

Marriage requires a lot of effort and work to ensure that it can succeed and that the relationship thrives long-term. Many men fail to spend enough time and energy on their marriage due to other distractions or commitments. For men who are unknowingly letting go of their marriage, there are often a number of different causes that can allow the relationship to fall apart.


1. Avoiding Physical Touch

Physical touch is crucial to the bond that you share with your significant other to ensure that you can stay emotionally and physically connected. This often includes not giving hugs, kisses, or touches of affection when you’re spending time with each other. You may also not be spending enough time together in the bedroom, which can cause your marriage to unravel and for your spouse to begin to feel neglected.

2. Mishandling Finances

According to healthguidance.org, one of the most common ways that a spouse can allow their marriage to fail is due to bad spending habits. This can affect your wife and will often lead to many different arguments that become more consistent. You may also act too restrictive with your money and limit your wife on what she spends, even with necessities that are often needed for the home or for your children. Your wife may ask you to stop spending so much money or she may feel extremely restricted with the grocery shopping or with purchasing clothes.

You may need to consider having separate bank accounts or budgeting for fun expenses that allow your wife to splurge when she wants to treat herself. Each person needs to be on the same page when it comes to how the money is spent to ensure that the boundaries and rules that are established are respected when it comes to the household finances.

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Although you may feel like you’re entitled to make the majority of the financial decisions if you earn the most money, this can cause your wife to feel devalued if she doesn’t have a voice and if you act more like a dictator rather than a partner.

3. Not Providing

Men have a responsibility to provide for their family and work hard to ensure that the bills are paid and that everyone’s needs are met. Your marriage will begin to face serious problems if you can’t stay employed long-term or are not willing to earn a good salary. You need to be willing to work overtime or even get a second job to ensure that your family is taken care of and isn’t in  a lack. If you sit at home during the day and aren’t motivated, it can cause your marriage to fail if your wife is trying to provide for the family on her own.

4. Differences in Priorities

According to psychologytoday.com, marriages are prone to failing due to differences in priorities between you and your wife. You may want to spend time with your friends or watch the game during your free time whereas your wife may need your attention or to have quality time. This can quickly cause her to feel neglected and can be the demise of your relationship if you don’t have your priorities in order.

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5. Speaking a Different Language

You can begin destroying your marriage if you fail to speak your wife’s language. She may be needing your physical touch or communication each day to feel close to you. Although it may not come naturally to you, you’ll need to do your best to show her how much you value her to ensure that the relationship thrives.

Many men are prone to making several mistakes in their marriage, which can quickly cause the relationship to suffer. There are several red flags to look for if you feel like you may be neglecting or mistreating your spouse. By discovering ways that you need to improve, you can help your marriage to thrive and succeed to ensure that it lasts a lifetime.

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