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Can Swinging Save Married Couple Form Divorce?

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Can Swinging Save Married Couple Form Divorce?

Can Swinging Save Married Couple Form Divorce?

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Even if married couple adorable children, a great home, and good sources of income, their marriage remains under constant threat of collapse. As much as you might love your partner, it does not automatically mean you are in love with them. You might be doing almost all the housework and everything for your children, yet the most you get is a tight-lipped peck. As such, you may wonder what the grim possibilities on the path ahead could be.

Can Swinging Save Married Couple Form Divorce?

For purposes of clarification, swinging is quite unlike the open marriages common in the 70s as well as the more recent version of polyamory, which supports love and physical closeness with multiple partners. By contrast, swinging refers to non-monogamous romantic and affectionate activities treated the same as any other social activity that you experience as married couple. The base rule is an emotional monogamy and a primary commitment to the relationship with your marital partner.

What can you do in your situation?
You may be feeling more like roommates than lovers, and you are honestly searching for a solution to your situation. At times, actions that may seem harmless can have far reaching and unwanted results. As a result, most couples try to swing loneliness away.

You may refuse to stay miserable while not sleeping in the same bedroom. You might be done feeling the rejection while still hopelessly trying to mend your marriage. Cheating will result in you losing the respect of both yourself and that of your partner. Moving out and taking the risk that you may only get to see your children every second weekend might not be an option. Such a situation could leave you with the alternative of agreeing to stay married yet open to !nt!macy with other people.

Swinging loneliness away

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Swinging might be fun in the beginning. However, it is more likely that one or two of the involved individuals will get uncomfortable over time. Once this lack of comfort creeps in, some people immediately yearn to end the open arrangement.

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At times the new boyfriend and girlfriend might be enjoying each other a little bit too much to stop. Unfortunately, reminders of the agreement could fail to sway the newly formed and unmarried couple. They could have just started and certainly not yet ready to stop.

Such a scenario might lead to the manifestation of jealousy, making you check your partner’s unattended phone as often as you can. Some people even start popping anti-anxiety pills to calm their nerves. Such is the unfortunate and common outcome of swinging arrangements born out of despair.

If not swinging, what is the alternative?
In their sensationalized live marriage interventions, Tony Robbins and Dr Cloe Madanes repeatedly demonstrate that all hope is not yet lost. Even couples who seem most hopeless have the ability to meet each other’s needs to reconnect in a much deeper and longer lasting way.

What to do when you have no one to turn to for assistance
Pay very close attention to everything that lights up your partner for at least a week. Make it your personal aim to discover your partner’s love language. Only you can make your married couple shine like a diamond!

Keep an eye out for everything that makes your partner smile, laugh, and feel loved. Determine whether it is gifts, and if so, the kind your partner responds to the most. Find out if it is an affectionate touch and what kinds of touch they respond to. Learn whether it is actions or quality time that makes your partner feel loved. If quality time is the answer, is it care-free or structured time they appreciate the most? It might also be affectionate words your partner craves, find out the words that strike a chord.

Following these details will be your roadmap towards meeting the needs of your partner in the most powerful love language. As such, you should have fun experimenting with the ideas mentioned above and remember to jot down your discoveries.

It is also important to note the greatest distance you have gone to impress your partner. It could be you bought an incredible gift, did something amazing together, or that you said the most heartfelt of words. Regardless, every effort you make towards meeting the needs of your partner count.


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