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10 Ways to Help Your Wife Feel Better About Her Body

10 Ways to Help Your Wife Feel Better About Her Body

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According to the National Eating Disorder Association, 80% of women are unhappy with their body weight. Nearly three-quarters of women who have been featured on the web are underweight. This twist in our culture is making the majority of women feel unattractive. Is this the case with your wife? You should counteract our culture as a caring and loving husband. Here are 10 ways that can help your wife feel confident about her body image.

10 Ways to Help Your Wife Feel Better About Her Body

Don’t Compare Her

Comparing your wife to other women can make her feel miserable and unappreciated. Tell her she looks amazing right away even if you feel she needs to improve. The last thing you should try is to tell her that she should lose some pounds to look like a certain person.

Tell Her Directly

There are plenty of ways you can tell your wife how beautiful she is. You don’t have to wait until when she needs to hear the nice words. You should let her know when she is least expecting it. Try it in the first thing in the morning or just before bedtime.

Let Her Catch Your Stare

Your wife’s perception about you is made on minute details. Look at her eyes, say a word, raise your eyebrows, and smile at her. This will make her sense adored and feel much better about her body.

Compliment Her Frequently

Do you remember how it felt when your parents or caretaker complimented you for achieving something when young? This should be the same feeling you ignite when you commend your wife in front of your kids. Let your children know how their mother is special and lovely. They will repackage your sentiments and the truth will eventually reveal.

Surprise Her With Presents/Treats

Shower her with presents and offer special treats to communicate how important and valuable she is in your life and family. Issuing tokens at the least expected moments does magic like generous, spontaneous, and unconditional love.

Keep Her Picture Beside You

Prominently place her picture on your desk and carry a snap in your wallet. You can use her image as the screensaver on your phone or computer. Make a point of introducing her to your friends as, “My lovely, awesome wife.” Put differently, create and nurture a culture of positive regard for your wife in all circumstances. And there is no harm in flirting with her when in the company of your friends.

Avoid “Girlie” Magazines and Porn

You better drop the habit of watching pornography or perusing “girlie” magazines because you will be sending the wrong message. You will appear to be interested in other women and make your wife feel devastated by your self-esteem.

Stay Consciously Romantic

You are the person who worked so hard to win the heart of your wife before you were married. Remember how funny, passionate, romantic, and vigilant you were and try to relive the memories. That’s a secret that will make your wife feel better about her body image.

Treat Your Own Body With Respect

By demonstrating how you respect your body and health, you are sending a message of relevance to your entire family. Personal respect is a virtue that replicates in the family. “I will be at my best because my wife deserves the best.”

Listen to Her

In most cases, men are always after fixing problems that arise in their families. Sometimes, all your wife wants you to do is to lend an ear. Don’t interrupt her when she’s talking. Listening keenly will make her feel like she’s the most treasured woman in the world.


It’s heart-wrecking to discover the percentage of women who are unhappy with their physiques. Despite endless efforts in trying to stay attractive all the time, women are faced with immense day-to-day challenges. It’s your role as a man to always let your wife feel appreciated. If you don’t make your wife feel better about her body, who else do you expect?

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