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Does Your Marriage Bore You? Try THIS

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Does Your Marriage Bore You? Try THIS

It can feel really upsetting to wake up one day and realize you are starting to get bored – yes, your marriage bore you. Whether you have been married for months or years, this is a phase many couples go through during their married life.

But luckily, boredom is an issue that can absolutely be fixed, so long as both partners want to work on the marriage together. If your marriage has gotten a little cool around the edges, these two tips will surely warm it up again!

Tip #1: Take an e-break.

Smart device-obsessed romantic partners have become so common today that there is actually a slang term for it: “phubber.” Worse than this, recent research shows that consistently paying more attention to a smart phone than a mate can cause depression and even ruin the relationship.

So it is no surprise that couples who find themselves becoming bored in their marriage may first need to come back to the marriage before they can fix what needs mending. The world you find on social media and video games is fast-paced and action-packed. But it will not be there for you when you need to talk or need a hug.

What to do: Unplug from all those so-called “smart” devices and spend some time with a real human being – someone you used to be passionately in love with and could be again – your spouse.

Tip #2: Take a “fun break” – together.

Even passionately in love couples can’t help but admit there are some parts of marriage that is, well, kind of dull. Paying bills, cleaning the house, shopping for groceries, changing diapers – there are endless more mind-numbing to-dos where these came from, and none of them have any spark-producing potential.

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But somewhere underneath all that manual labor there exist two people who used to be very much in love. And perhaps you still are in love, if only you gave yourself and your partner a little break to tune back in to all the reasons why.

Tip #1 here will automatically help with implementing this tip as well, because when you take an e-break, you will also free up some time to just be together. But still, if you just use that time to complete more chores, the boredom won’t get better, and it might even get worse.

You need to use that time to have some fun together. Play mini-golf. Go wine tasting. Visit the museum. Talk and listen and ask each other questions about what you see and hear and experience. It probably won’t take long to find the spark again and give it a little fan or two.

There are so many ways to approach resolving boredom in a committed relationship. But at the core of each of those ways there will always exist two key elements: paying attention to one another and having fun in life together. So whether you opt to try out these two specific tips or you think of another way to spend fun time together with your partner, the outcome is highly likely to be worth the effort.

And you just might discover that your now-partner – the same one you fell in love with so many years ago – has gotten even better with time and age!

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