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5 Traits That Make Your Spouse A “Great Catch”!

5 Traits That Make Your Spouse A "Great Catch"!

5 Traits That Make Your Spouse A “Great Catch”!

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It should come as no surprise that in a culture obsessed with lovemaking, we have lost sight of some of the most important traits that make someone a suitable mate for the long term. The prevalence of highly romanticized fairy tales where the prince rescues the princess and they live “happily ever after” don’t help any either. So what are the most important traits that make someone a great spouse? Well, the whole list is long, but here are 5 of the most important ones.


1.) They trust wisely not blindly

The ignorant spouse trusts blindly by simply assuming that the one they love would never hurt them. The wise spouse chooses to trust knowing full well that at some point in time that trust is going to be abused – but since they don’t associate betrayal with a lack of love, they are far more likely to sail through an act of betrayal without the same devastating consequences as someone who trusts blindly.

2.) They make what is important to you important to them

Noted relationship expert John Gottman calls this building a “love map.” A good spouse knows what’s important to you and they make an attempt to show it is important to them as well. If you have a great relationship with your mom, they might make an extra attempt to help you do something special for her for mother’s day. If you have an important interview or other event coming up, they might ask about it regularly and make time to either celebrate or commiserate with you depending on how things turn out.

3.) They share your vision of relationship

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Every person has a “vision” of what a relationship is “supposed” to look like. Sometimes it is a traditional image that includes a woman staying home and raising children while the man provides financial support and sometimes it involves both partners contributing to each. Regardless of whether you came into a relationship having the same vision or not, a great spouse will share a vision with you of what you want your relationship to look like.

4.) They accept influence

A great spouse respects you and therefore they respect your opinion and seek it often. They may not always follow your advice, but that doesn’t mean they don’t respect it, it just means they allowed your advice to influence them to the degree that it was helpful to them. Ultimately, you are two separate people and what it right for you might not be right for them. However, they do recognize that you have a different perspective than they do and they will frequently ask you to share your perspective with them so they can get a better understanding of all sides of the problem they are attempting to solve.

5.) They turn towards, rather than away

Another foundational aspect of a good marriage from the Gottman Institute is the idea of couples making and responding to “bids” for attention. A “bid” for attention is simply the sharing of information, to which a spouse either “turns toward” or “turns away” from. They turn toward by asking for more information or giving an encouraging sign to continue. They turn away by walking away, pretending they did not hear or giving some other verbal or non-verbal cue that they are not interested. Turning toward opens up lines of communication, turning away shuts them down.


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How Long Can a Marriage Go Without Lovemaking?

How Long Can a Marriage Go Without Lovemaking?

Marriage is about love, commitment, and !ntimacy. It is about having that one special person that you can share your innermost desires with and an intense physical relationship. Yet, there are many marriages that go months or even year without physical relations. While making love is not the only part of a marriage, it certainly is an important part. How can a marriage survive without lovemaking? There are couples who have active romantic lives and those whose romance is non-existent. What happens to a marriage when people go without relations for any good reason?

1. Resentment Builds

This strong physical relationship is about souls mingling. It is part of marriage that no other human relationship offers. !ntimacy equips the marriage with grace, as well as being kinder to one another. It allows us to relieve stress and be close with someone we love. When you remove lovemaking from the relationship, you case resentment to build. There is a strong bond when two bodies’ intertwine, and it does something on an emotional level as well as a physical one.

2. Distance Creeps In

Distance and resentment are two different things, but they both can be just as equally damaging. !ntimacy is a reminder that the couple is “together.” Many couples report that when they go through dry spells and they are not !ntimate with one another, they feel distant and not as close. Distance is a bad thing in a relationship. It will chip away at the friendship, joys, and common ground.

3. You Go From Lovers To Roommates

Marriages can exist in all states. However, a relationship that lacks physical contact is no more than roommates. You both work together to pay the bills, keep the house in shape, and raise the kids. Consequently, you can keep the home running efficiently, but your relationship can lack. A marriage without !ntimacy is existing but not thriving.

4. Dishonoring Your Creator

Marriage and lovemaking go hand in hand; in fact, that is how it was designed to be. Husbands and wives should be together as one as much as possible. God created a woman for a man to take pleasure in. He allowed part of the marriage covenant to be about !ntimacy. Some say that when you remove that !ntimacy from the marriage, you are dishonoring God.

5. Infidelity Becomes An Issue

Many people have affairs. There is no marriage that is “affair proof.” There are many responsibilities to being married, and one of them is to take care of your spouse’s physical needs. Being available to your spouse is important. One way to safeguard the marriage is to withhold yourself. It allows temptation to creep in and the urges that your spouse feels will be satisfied through another. In a world where it is so easy to find someone who is willing to step out on their marriage vows, it is important to uphold the needs of your partner.

6. Your Children Are Affected

Your children are watching everything you do. While they do not see the lovemaking that happens behind closed doors, they do see the connection between their parents. What is going on behind closed doors will spill out into the rest of the home. If the parents are angry, bitter, and have resentment towards each other; the children will be the first to pick up on it. They should see their parents hugging, kissing, and being close. It is what molds their minds for what is acceptable in their upcoming relationships.

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7. You Invite Trouble Into Your Home

Satan is always looking for a foothold into a marriage. When you remove the lovemaking factor, you give him a chance to come in and set up camp. Not only will you begin to doubt each other, think about affairs, and lose that closeness you once had; you could even think about divorce.

8. Increases The Need For Self-Pleasuring

Self-pleasuring is not always a bad thing, but when a spouse has to fulfill their own needs rather than to depend on the assistance of their partner, it can cause issues. The desire within a person for lovemaking is strong and not something that can be broken. When the other party is not willing to invest in the physical part of the relationship, it often causes you to have to take care of things on your own.

9. Turning To Pornography

One of the reasons why people turn to pornography is because they are not satisfied in their own !ntimate life. Pornography and self-pleasuring go hand in hand, and pornography can be a dangerous tool. It is one of the first places that a person goes to have their desires satisfied.


10. It Destroys Your Witness

Those who are religious know that refusing lovemaking with your spouse can affect your Christian witness. There are priorities within the home and marriage that need to be taken care of. Part of serving God is serving our spouse and family too. God mandates to love your wife, as Christ loves the church. Your marriage cannot survive without closeness for too long, as your body was designed for such pleasures.

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5 Surprising Reasons Why the Least He Lasts Makes Him a Better Husband

5 Surprising Reasons Why the Least He Lasts Makes Him a Better Husband

5 Surprising Reasons Why the Least He Lasts Makes Him a Better Husband

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Are you constantly comparing your married personal life to your friends? Do you always think everyone else is having better bedroom experiences than you? Does your husband struggle to last long in bed? If you’re not getting what you want all of the time in the bedroom, then read on to learn more about how you and your partner can work together to improve your personal lives together. What many women may not realize is that the least he lasts in bed actually can make him a better husband. That doesn’t mean you won’t continue to work toward enjoying one another. It just means that on the journey there, your husband probably is going to be a better one than all your friends. Read on to learn our “Five Surprising Reasons Why the Least He Lasts in Bed Makes Him a Better Husband:”

5 Surprising Reasons Why the Least He Lasts Makes Him a Better Husband

Tip #1: You’ll Get Creative

When women complain about being unhappy with their bedroom lives, it’s often because they aren’t satisfied in one particular way. A man who does not last long in bed probably recognizes his issues in this area and will work on making you happy in other ways.

Tip #2: Working Together

Addressing an issue like not being able to last long in bed is a sensitive topic that takes a great deal of patience, understanding and sensitivity to talk about. In a marriage partnership especially, you’ll grow closer together as you talk about the issues in bed and the alternatives that you can work together. The human body is a miraculous thing and sometimes lasting a short amount of time in bed is related to some kind of biological or psychological obstacle -like performance anxiety. That your husband is dealing with this likely will make him a more sensitive, humble and loving person.

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Tip #3: Saying No

Remember those guys you were with in college – who had major endurance? Yes, that can be fun. No one’s denying it. But do you remember what those guys were like? They were arrogant and they often were playing the field. In the end, it wasn’t about pleasing you and seeing you happy. It was about getting what they wanted. Men who last forever in bed also often carry a selfish and arrogant attitude with them. So if that’s the tradeoff, maybe you do want you sweet and understanding husband. Maybe he won’t be able to make you happy as soon as you want it, but the issues he is facing will give him an opportunity to consider what is important and to work to make you happy in whatever way he can. He’ll be more attentive and appreciative in the end.

Tip #4: Say Hello to Sleep

When your husband lasts for a short amount of time, that means more snoozing for you. At the end of the day, the world doesn’t revolve around the bedroom. Your sleep does! You’ll both be happier and healthier with the right amount of sleep.

Tip #5: Sneaky, Sneaky

What’s more loving than showing the person you’re married to that you really care about him in an exciting and spontaneous way? When your husband lasts a short amount of time in bed, you can achieve that quick, thrilling encounter with ease!

If you’re struggling in your married life, you’re not alone. Many couples face issues in bed that they have to consciously work on together. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t despair – talk to your husband and begin charting a plan for how you will make each other happy. In the end, a man who lasts least in bed actually makes an incredible husband because he’s likely to me more attentive, understanding, sensitive and humble. Who doesn’t want a partner like that? Remember these five surprising tips as you are working out your next steps with the love of your life. You’ll become a partner in the process as well. Finally, communicate with your love about what you do and do not like.

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3 Things to Avoid if Your Man Unemployed

3 Things to Avoid if Your Man Unemployed

3 Things to Avoid if Your Man Unemployed

For Better or For Worse

Job loss can strain a marriage. Unemployment ranks with the death of a loved one and divorce as one of the most stressful life events. If your husband has come home to tell you he has lost his job, you may feel an incredible amount of stress as you worry about your family’s financial stability. An article published in the Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare states that a worker who has been laid off may become anxious, distrusting, and more apt to experience depression. However, this article fails to mention the impact that job loss has on the entire family. You may feel hopeless or angry about your family’s new situation, but you must make sure to avoid the following gut reactions when your spouse informs you that he is no longer employed.


1. Do Not Blame Your Husband During for Losing His Job

You may be frightened when you learn that your husband is now unemployed. However, you must resist the urge to blame him. Announcing that the job loss was his fault entirely or calling him lazy is not going to improve the situation. A study performed by Dr. B.R. Karney, a social psychiatry professor at UCLA, evaluated the stress levels of several couples and recorded their blaming behaviors. The 2003 article in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin describes that healthy couples refrain from blaming each other for things, even if the blame is warranted. The article also describes Dr. Karney’s findings that couples facing a stressful situation are more apt to blame each other for problems than couples who are not currently stressed.

2. Do Not Nag Your Husband During His Job Search

When a person is nagged, it can be detrimental to their health. A study out of the University of Copenhagen found that spouses who were nagged by their partners were twice as likely to die within the next ten years as spouses who were not nagged. Dr. Rikke Lund states that men tend to have a smaller social network than women, and their partner’s opinions are paramount to them. The research in the study shows that demanding partners are linked to hundreds of deaths from heart disease and stroke. Nagging can be deadly, and continuously nagging a person who is already in a stressful situation is inconsiderate.

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3. Do Not Ignore the Problem

Refraining from blaming or nagging your partner does not mean that you shouldn’t talk about unemployment. In fact, listening to the way your husband feels about his job loss may allow him to come up new solutions. Many people who are unemployed feel ashamed. If you validate his feelings and show that you are willing to help, he may feel that he can open up about his job loss. Communication will bring the two of your closer together during your husband’s job search. Likewise, do not ignore the financial implications of what has happened. Work together on a new budget and come up with creative ideas for the two of you to make money while your husband searches for employment.

Unemployment does not need to come between you and your husband. Try to stay positive, and try to understand how he is feeling at this time. You cannot ignore the fact that your life together will change temporarily, but you can remain supportive during this tough time.

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5 Ways to Help Your Wife Feel Desirable in Bed

5 Ways to Help Your Wife Feel Desirable in Bed

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5 Ways to Help Your Wife Feel Desirable in Bed

Women in even the most loving relationships will find themselves going through bouts of insecurity. Whether it’s from their body image, emotional state or external problems like pressures at work, their struggles can have an impact on how desirable they feel, which can take a massive hit on their comfortability in the bedroom.


If you want to help your wife feel as $exy and beautiful as you know she is, follow these 5 steps and help her slowly rebuild her self-image.

Compliment Her and Be Specific

If she’s feeling especially self-conscious about her baby weight, stretch marks, scars or anything else, make sure that you assure her all the reasons you find her attractive. Instead of saying “you look great”, pinpoint specific aspects of her appearance that drive you wild. If you can, spin the things she’s least confident about into a positive. If she is complaining about how fat she is, tell her how attractive you find her curves. Replacing her negative thoughts and words with more positive ones can help her develop a stronger self-image over time.

Communicate More

A lot of women may feel like they’re not being truly understood, so the best solution can be to just sit down and ask your wife how she’s feeling. Ask her about work. About her family. About her friends. Get to fully know everything going on in her life and offer solutions to the problems that are troubling her. You may not have all the answers, but your effort to help and desire to just listen will have a huge impact.

Flirt with Her

Send her text messages throughout the day. Whisper $exy things and flirty remarks in her ear. Touch the small of her back when you pass in the kitchen. One major complaint among women who are experiencing low self-confidence around their husbands is that he no longer appears interested. Sleeping with her isn’t enough. Make her feel desirable by acting how you did when you were still weren’t sure she liked you.

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Make Eye Contact

Not just in the bedroom, but when you’re eating dinner, watching TV or just having a chat. We can just so accustomed to someone’s presence that we forget to acknowledge it. Men are visual and like to be stimulated. Women like to feel admired and beautiful, so check her out and tell her how much she turns you on. She may laugh it off at first, but it will make a difference.

Show Some PDA

You don’t need to emulate the slobbering teenagers in the movie theater, but getting a little frisky once and awhile when you’re out together will make your wife feel better. She’ll feel wanted, because you’re clearly happy to show that you’re with her in public. Hold her hand, stroke her arm, give her a kiss for no reason.

The Secret to Self-Confidence in Marriage

We’re all well-aware that self-confidence is how we feel about ourselves. But we also have to understand that feeling confident isn’t just about giving ourselves pop talks in the mirror and admiring our strongest qualities. In order to truly feel like we’re valuable human beings, we need the confirmation from a few close people through expressions of affection.

Everyone has their own love language, and if you want to know yours and your wife’s, try this quiz. Once you understand how each of you both demonstrate and receive affection, you’ll be more well-equipped to give one another the type of love you need to truly feel valued.

The secret to making your wife feel desirable is to treat her like she’s something new. Obviously none of us can maintain the level of affection and passion we had when we first met, but that doesn’t mean we can’t continue to make one another feel attractive and desirable. It just takes more effort than before, but effort is what marriage is all about, and the fact that you’re trying alone is a great start and huge gesture.


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2 Halfwords That Would Bring Big Changes to Your Marriage

2 Halfwords That Would Bring Big Changes to Your Marriage

2 Halfwords That Would Bring Big Changes to Your Marriage

Relationships require a lot of work. Even when we are deeply in love with our soul mate, conflicts are bound to arise on a regular basis. When couples are faced with conflict, some reactions are better than others. Conflict can either build or eventually destroy the relationship or marriage.


According to an online article from Glamour magazine, Dr. John Gottman identified three different personality styles for approaching conflict. Avoiders feel uncomfortable with any differences of opinion and will often try to ignore the problem. Volatile people put their hearts on the table and can express their opinions with an emotional fervency. Those who are validators have both characteristics and have an easier time with conflict resolution, says the article.

The author discusses a new way of conflict resolution that she discovered in a meeting. The attendees were asked to have a group conversation. If something was said that offended someone, then that person was to say “Ouch!” The offending person needed to immediately say “oops” and apologize, says the article. It was a way of showing how people can express their feelings when there is a conflict in their relationships.

She writes that she decided to use the two special words with her husband. To both of their surprise, saying “ouch” and “oops” helped open a dialogue when they disagreed. The author claims to be a classic avoider and her husband has a volatile style. She said that she was able to be more concerned with her husband’s feelings and that he could express himself a little more calmly.

Of course, says the article, there is no magic solution to conflicts. However, ways to improve dialogue can be helpful in the long run. According to an online article on, communication is imperative for a healthy relationship. It is also the key to understanding each other’s feelings and opinions.

It is impossible to be in a relationship without a few disagreements. Since it involves two different people, there is always going to be a difference of opinion or something said that is taken offensively. While conflict is inevitable, using “ouch” and “oops” can start the process of resolving it. Conflicts that are just ignored can avalanche and ruin a relationship quickly.

One of the ways that saying “ouch” is helpful is to for people to let their mate know that they were hurt by something that was said. People cannot apologize and address a painful situation unless they know about it. Saying “ouch” stops the harmful pattern of silent suffering and bitterness.

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There is a quintessential game that many couples play. One is cold and hardly speaking while the other is dumbfounded and irritated by the tense atmosphere. When this person asks what is wrong, the other replies, “If you do not know, then I am not going to tell you.” Guessing games and misunderstandings undermine quality relationships. A quick “ouch” as soon as the offense is given gets everything out into the open.

We can all be offended by different things. While one person may consider a comment or action amusing or innocent, it could be something that hurts another person. Saying “ouch” lets the offender know that something wrong has been said or done. When the other partner realizes that the action or words was hurtful, he or she will be less likely to repeat them. There is no glory in being a martyr. People who value their partners and relationships need to let them know if a line has been crossed.

After hearing an “ouch”, then one needs to quickly reply “oops”. This is more than just apologizing. Saying “oops” lets the other person know that the offense has been acknowledged. Many people half-heartedly say they are sorry and do not even know what they did. The offended partner will not feel validated and the offense is likely to be repeated in the future. “Oops” instantly recognizes the hurt feelings and open dialogue to apologize and resolve the issue.

Not every “oops” is going to end in an apology. There are times when opinions will differ and the couple just has to agree to disagree. How that agreement is met is the key. Respecting each other’s opinions can reduce a brewing conflict. This may be the ideal time to discuss a compromise. Some things are not worth an argument. Saying these words can build empathy in a relationship. We find out more about how our partners think when we know what offends them. Looking at a situation through another person’s eyes may even change our minds.

The important thing is to let each other know how we feel and quickly resolve hurts and misunderstandings. Communication is the air that keeps relationships alive. Since no one can truly read minds, it is best to voice our feelings. Talking things out can be healing. Good relationships are worth the effort.

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Could Wearing A Ring On Your Ring Finger BEFORE You’re Engaged Be Bad Luck?

Could Wearing A Ring On Your Ring Finger BEFORE You're Engaged Be Bad Luck?

Could Wearing A Ring On Your Ring Finger BEFORE You’re Engaged Be Bad Luck?

Most women dream of getting engaged from the time they know what a wedding ring is. Countless hours are often spent perusing websites and magazines dedicated to beautiful locations, dresses and flowers for the big day that so many girls desire. And while many women longingly await the day their lover gets down on one knee, some may actually find themselves waiting for quite some time before the question gets popped. Could wearing a ring on the “ring finger” before getting engaged actually be bad luck? Read on to find out.


While many modern women choose to wear rings on all fingers, the majority of folks believe that wearing a ring on the wedding ring finger prior to being engaged is bad luck. This superstition has been around for decades; the idea of wearing a ring on “that finger” prior to an actual engagement simply isn’t done. The reasoning behind this is simple as can be: a ring on the 4th finger of the left-hand means someone is spoken for. If a single woman wears a ring there, she will not get a man because he will assume she’s taken.

Aside from the obvious point that wearing a ring on the ring finger implies a person is taken, the “bad luck” superstition also includes the idea that any future marriage will be doomed. This comes from basic etiquette about – again – symbolism. Not only is it considered a no-no from prospective suitors, but other women may judge too and offer in their two cents regarding the curse a woman may be setting herself up for.

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Lots of women wear rings on their ring finger not just to accessorize but also to ward off any undesirable guys. If a sketchy guy is hitting on a girl in the club, she often only has to flash a ring on “that” finger to get him to go away. Therefore, lots of women wear rings on other fingers but slip one onto the ring finger if a sleazeball comes around. Some women can use this tactic flawlessly while others may accidentally prevent nice guys from approaching them if they keep the ring on the ring finger.

Whether or not wearing a ring on “that” finger is “bad luck” is really up to the person involved. Superstitions exist all over the world and can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. The bottom line is that wearing a ring on the 4th finger of the left hand is not necessarily bad but it may not help in the search for a suitor. Men and women alike look at women’s hands to see what their relationship status is and a ring is one of the most obvious symbols. Therefore, all stylish gals should think about what they’re after before putting on all that bling.

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13 Things You Need To Know About Prenups Before Saying “I DO”

13 Things You Need To Know About Prenups Before Saying "I DO"

13 Things You Need To Know About Prenups Before Saying “I DO”

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In Western cultures, including the United States, more than 90 percent of people marry before the age of 50. Most of these marriages begin with expectation of a happy life together, maybe having children and building a future. Even though we know a happy home protects children from mental, physical, educational and social problems, the truth is that nearly 50 percent of those marriages will end in divorce.


Too often marriages end in bitter controversy over money and/or child custody rights. Because marriage is a business relationship as well as a romantic relationship, many of the contested battles could have been eliminated if the marriage had started out with a prenuptial agreement in force.

Many couples entering into the starry-eyed bliss of matrimony consider a prenuptial as a symbol of mistrust and forecasted failure even before the marriage begins. In truth, a prenuptial agreement can be an important tool that protects each spouse’s financial and parental interests in order to make the parting more amicable.

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Before couples agree to initiating and signing a prenup, they need to understand the pros and cons of such an important and binding agreement.

Pros of Prenuptial Agreements

• If one of the parties has been married before, a premarital agreement can spell out the inheritance rights for any children and grandchildren from the previous marriage.

• For business owners or practicing professionals, a prenup can prevent that business or practice from being divided up with the divorcing spouse.

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• If one partner is heavily in debt and the other is debt free, a prenup can protect the debt-free spouse from the burden of having to assume that debt.

• In some cases, a partner who has a successful career at the time of the marriage plans to give that up after the ceremony. A prenup can lay out a formula to compensate the injured party for the lost earnings that career would have generated during their marriage if the marriage fails.

• A prenup agreement can spell out the details of decision-making and responsibility of the two parties in advance.
• When there are children involved at the time of divorce, a prenup can spell out a reasonable limit of child support payments one spouse will have to pay to the other.

• For older persons entering into a second marriage or more, a prenup can protect the financial interests of those people how have built considerable wealth over their lifetime.

Cons of Prenuptial Agreements

• Some agreements require you to give up all rights of inheritance from your spouse’s estate if they die. Be forewarned that even if your spouse dies and doesn’t include your in their will, you are entitled by law to a portion of that estate.

• Under the laws of most states, any increase in the value of your spouse’s business that you contributed to is considered community proper, and you have a rightful claim to your share of that increased value. Be aware that some prenup agreements have specific clauses nullifying that asset sharing.

• Beginning a marriage with a written contract that spells out how to dissolve the union in case of divorce or death can instill a sense of distrust from day one of the marriage. Both parties need to understand the practical benefits of a prenup and that it is not a forecast of things to come.

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• No one has a crystal ball that can see into the future. What may seem like small and insignificant compromises during the romantic period leading up to marriage could become overwhelming problems after the marriage ceremony.

• A spouse who is a low or no-income earner during the marriage could find it impossible to maintain their lifestyle after a divorce. If the prenup spells out a spousal support payment far below the amount needed to sustain that lifestyle, there is little recourse but to lower your standard of living expectations.

• Too often parties in the “honeymoon” stage of a relationship agree to terms that are not in his or her best interests because they’re “too much in love” to question the terms of the prenup.

Consulting a Family Law Attorney

Many couple entering into marriage find the idea of a prenuptial agreement to be confusing, trust-threatening or unnecessary. A good lawyer can go over the pros and cons listed above and explain the state laws that have jurisdiction over the coming marriage. Anyone entering into a marriage today would do well to consult an attorney and have them spell out the rights of both parties.


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5 Signs That Point Out Your Spouse Doesn’t Love You Anymore

5 Signs That Point Out Your Spouse Doesn’t Love You Anymore

5 Signs That Point Out Your Spouse Doesn’t Love You Anymore

For many couples, it can be exciting to begin a life together after falling in love. Unfortunately, it can be easy to suffer from difficult times or become busy with careers and daily responsibilities. When you’re wondering how stable your marriage is, there are a few signs that your spouse has fallen out of love.

5 Signs That Point Out Your Spouse Doesn't Love You Anymore

1. Less Quality Time

Your relationship may have started out strong by spending every waking moment together, but you now may only spend a few minutes with your spouse each day. Your significant other may not make an effort to schedule date nights or even sit down together for dinner. If you notice that your spouse is too busy or preoccupied to have quality time, it may be a sign that they no longer have the same feelings for you.

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You may also notice a lack of gifts or surprises that you receive compared to the earlier years that you spent together. This may mean that your partner doesn’t want to make the effort to allow you to feel loved due to a change in their feelings. You may even receive generic gifts on your birthday or anniversary.

2. A Lack of Eye Contact

Your partner may have a difficult time making eye contact with you when you’re talking to one another, which could mean that they’re not listening or don’t care about having communication with you. A lack of communication can easily cause the relationship to crumble over time and make it easy to feel distant from one another.

Your spouse may also not want to make eye contact with you because they may be hiding an addiction or an affair. This can often hint that they are no longer in love with you and don’t want to share personal struggles or issues that they’re dealing with.

3. You Don’t See Change

Most couples have different issues that they work through in marriage, whether it’s trying to make time for one another or having a lack of trust. For those who may be in a loveless marriage, it can be easy to see a lack of improvement with how your spouse grows in your relationship with one another. You may feel as if you’re always nagging for your spouse to change without seeing much effort. The other person may not seem as if they want to help the marriage thrive and may not seem to be worried if the relationship stays intact.

4. A Change in the Physical Appearance

You may notice that your spouse begins to have a change in their appearance as you grow distant from one another. They may have gained weight in recent months or are no longer making an effort with dressing up to impress you. Men may neglect to shave throughout the week or styling their hair while women may avoid putting as much makeup on. This can mean they are no longer worried about your attraction to their appearance.

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5. You Don’t Get a Response

When you’re in love, it can be easy to send text messages or receive phone calls throughout the day with your spouse without waiting very long. You may notice that your spouse no longer answers your phone calls or doesn’t return them at all. Any text messages that you send may also not be returned promptly. It can be easy to feel as if you’re always waiting by the phone or are double-checking your text messages to see if the other person cares.

Marriages are prone to enduring different seasons and changes throughout the years. Many people are able to survive challenging times and still remain in love while others lose interest in the relationship. When you’re questioning how your spouse truly feels about you, there are a few signs to look for to read between the lines.

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This Beautiful Story Might Just Save Your Relationship

This Beautiful Story Might Just Save Your Relationship

This Beautiful Story Might Just Save Your Relationship

Bryan Reeves is a former US Air Force Captain who woke up one day and realized something big: for all that he had remained married to his wife and been faithful to her, he hadn’t chosen her. He had let the world sneak in, stealing away the most precious gift in his life. She was beautiful. She made him laugh like no one else, filled his life with incredible joy, and made him feel as though he’d hung the moon in the sky. He wanted to be with her. He just wasn’t making a conscious effort to choose her.

This Beautiful Story Might Just Save Your Relationship

What Choosing Looks Like

Choosing his wife every day, Reeves realized, was about acknowledging her good side and all the wonderful things, not just about her, but about their relationship. It was about embracing it daily and seeing the difference that she made in his life. He should cherish her: the romance, the laughter, and all the ways she brightened his life. He wanted her. He couldn’t imagine what his life looked like without her. But he also forgot just how precious she was on a daily basis. That thankfulness is a mental shift that bleeds over into every other aspect of life. A man who appreciates his wife is kinder and more loving. He looks forward to coming home instead dreading the moment when he’ll walk through the door and all the responsibility that goes along with it. He embraces time with his wife instead of embracing every opportunity that takes him away from her. It’s a vastly different mindset that can transform a marriage forever.

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Choosing Not to Choose

Many men, in particular, believe that they are committed to their wives. They don’t cheat. They come home every night. Sure, they’re disconnected. They don’t pay attention to their wives the way they should sometimes. But they’re still with them. That’s the important part, right? Actually, that apathy can fundamentally affect every part of a marriage and cause a woman’s heart to grow hard. She’ll grow clingy, demanding, or cold. Many men see that behavior and dislike it, but they’re unable to recognize their own habits and behaviors that have created the shift in her. Women, on the other hand, are surprised when their husbands become withdrawn and disinterested as a result of their lack of involvement in their marriage.

Choosing Your Relationship

The first step in taking this advice and making a choice for your marriage? Take a moment to be grateful for all of your spouse’s good qualities. Think about the things that they bring to your home and to your heart. Do you love knowing that you’re coming home to someone every day? Does it warm your heart when your wife snuggles up in your arms? Think back to the wonderful qualities that attracted you in the first place. Chances are, they haven’t disappeared; they’ve just been buried under your condemnation and apathy. Ignoring your spouse or embracing apathy probably didn’t start as a deliberate choice. It was just something that happened over time. Re-embracing your spouse and developing a relationship again, however, will have to be a deliberate choice. It won’t just happen magically or sneak up on you when you least expect it. It will, however, be one of the most rewarding choices you ever make for yourself, your spouse, and your kids. Don’t let the years pull the passion from your marriage. Instead, embrace your spouse again and enjoy everything that means.

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25 Ways To Avoid A No Friendly Relation Marriage

25 Ways To Avoid A No Friendly Relation Marriage

25 Ways To Avoid A No Friendly Relation Marriage

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There are things that both of you can do routinely to keep passion in your relationship. We have gathered 25 things that can protect you from divorce and the single life. Now let’s see if these tips can help your marriage before it’s too late.

25 Ways To Avoid A exless Marriage

1. Let It Go

Couples have personal habits that annoy each other. Unless it’s a major problem, let it go. Choose to focus on all of the good qualities your mate has.

2. Watch What You Say

Sarcasm, name calling, belittling, and firing foul language at your mate, does not create a romantic atmosphere.

3. Name Calling

Call each other by pet names such as Honey, or Baby.

4. Let Your Fingers Do the Talking

Touch each other often. Holding hands, embracing, and massage don’t require any dialogue. And the results are fantastic.

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5. Get Naked

Showering together is fun. So is simply cuddling.

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6. Find Time

When planning your schedules, check with each other for times that you can be together. Adapt your plans as needed, when possible.

7. Spice It Up

During some of the times that you’ve scheduled to be together, try something new.

8. Push the Right Buttons

Each of you knows how to “push each other’s buttons.” If you want the relationship to go up, stop pushing the down buttons.

9. Talk About It

Women connect through conversation. Men, be willing to talk.

10. Clear the Air

If the reason you haven’t been !ntimate with each other is because of resentment and bitterness, talk it through to resolution.

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11. Schedule It

If you need to schedule making love with your spouse to get back in the habit, then schedule it.

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12. Play Together

Find something that you both enjoy doing, such as dancing, and take dancing lessons.

13. Work Together

Do some of the chores together, instead of dividing them between you.

14. Get More Insight

If the two of you are not sure why you’re no longer !ntimate, perhaps a counselor can help you find the reason.

15. Get a Physical Exam

If you’re always tired, frequently ill, or have other physical barriers preventing Big S, seek medical advice.

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16. Accept Responsibility

It’s not his fault. It’s not her fault. Both of you are responsible for what is and is not happening.

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17. Be Prepared

Take care of yourself so that you are mentally, physically, and emotionally prepared for S.

18. Make Changes

If you need to change to increase !ntimacy with your spouse, make the changes.

19. Be Honest

If you don’t like him or her blowing in your ear, say so.

20. Avoid Being Defensive

Accept what your partner feels about the situation as insight toward a solution.

21. Remember Who You Are

Don’t stop being lovers because you became parents.

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22. Be Forgiving

Forgiveness allows you to move forward.

23. Be Realistic

No one is perfect, yet everyone can be better.

24. Start Over

Start doing some of the things you did when you were dating.

25. Here Today and Gone Tomorrow

Don’t take each other for granted.


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10 Complaints Relationship Therapists Hear Everyday

10 Complaints Relationship Therapists Hear Everyday

10 Complaints Relation Therapists Hear Everyday

Relation-therapists are used to hearing about the issues that many couples have with their private-life. For some people, this can often cause problems to develop in other areas of the relationship. To learn about the complaints that Relation-therapists hear the most, there are a few common problems among men and women.

1. “We Have Different S Desires.”
sexual desires__

Many couples struggle with having different desires with their private-life. One person may want it multiple times a week while the other person wants to have it become rougher. It’s important to compromise and communicate to ensure that each person is satisfied.

2. “Raising Children Affects Our friendly relation Life.”

Having small children and going through childbirth are two factors that can interfere with many couples’ private-life. Although you both may be tired, it’s important to create a schedule for the time being and keep the door locked to prevent the children from interrupting.

3. “I’m Bored with Our private Life.”
spice up__

Many people can become bored with their private-life and will want more passion. It’s important to switch positions, have a change of scenery, and role play to ensure that your !ntimacy stays alive.

4. “He’s Unable to Perform.”

Many men have the problem of being unable to perform due to premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. It’s important to speak with a medical professional and also learn relaxation techniques to alleviate the issue.

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5. “I Don’t Have a Strong big S Drive.”
low sex drive__
lower sex drive__

A common issue with couples is having one partner who is more S driven than another. This can cause one person in the relationship to be unsatisfied. It’s important to become in touch with your own body again and be willing to explore your private life to become on the same page with your partner.

6. “Lovemaking is Painful.”

In some cases, lovemaking can be painful for the woman. This is often due to a lack of satisfaction. It’s important to perform several minutes of foreplay to ease penetration.

7. “I Don’t Feel Emotionally Connected.”
emotional connection__

Most women can feel discouraged to have satisfaction because they don’t feel emotionally close to their spouse. This makes it important to make time for social interaction and quality time on a consistent basis to ensure that other needs are met.

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8. “I Have an ill Partner.”

Both parties may want to have an active relation life but can be limited due to an illness that one of the partners is suffering from. This can cause one individual to be more insecure. Experts recommend turning the lights out or blindfolding one of the partners to make the !ntimacy more comfortable.

9. “It’s Difficult to desire.”
Some women are prone to complain that they’re discouraged with their relation life because they can’t get satisfaction. A relationship therapist can provide several exercises and practices that can make it easier.

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10. “We Don’t Have friendly relation in Marriage.”

After walking down the aisle, it can be easy to lose your relation life due to a busy work schedule or responsibilities. Communicate your desires and discuss new ideas for revamping your !ntimacy.

Although having issues in your relationship with !ntimacy are common, it’s important to get them fixed with the help of a professional. By working through the issue together, it can be easier to get back on track and remain close in your bond with one another.

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6 Common Issues Men Complain About In Marriage Counseling

6 Common Issues Men Complain About In Marriage Counseling

6 Common Issues Men Complain About In Marriage Counseling

In a marriage, both persons vow to stay with each other for the long haul, for better and for worse. However, when those worse times come, the couple may need neutral interventions from a professional therapist to resolve their problems. During many of these counseling sessions, the husband and the wife may have heated disagreements and exposed unexpected revelations that may heal or strain their marriage. Yet, the whole point of counseling is to help, not harm, the marriage. Nevertheless, many husbands have similar grumbles involving their relationships with their wives. According to expert counselors’ experiences with several couples and researched facts, we will explore the six main complaints men have shared with therapists about their wives.

1. “She thinks I’m her mind reader”

According to past studies of marital distress, the two most common causes of spousal problems are poor communication and unrealistic expectations. Most men have complained their wives anticipate them to already know what she wants and need as well as what she expects from him. This can be stressful and overwhelming to the husbands, especially when they are trying to appease their wives and instead realizing they have fallen short. To resolve this problem, both spouses should be clear and specific in expressing what they want and expect from each other and be willing to meet or compromise with each other’s needs. They should talk about it to each other in person.

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2. “She waits until late at night to argue”

Research has shown married couples are allotted only four minutes per day alone with each other due to daily demands and obligations. So, sleep time is a precious commodity for most married couples. However, most men have noted their wives like to bring up issues during the night when they are trying to go to sleep. This bad timing to talk only adds more preventable stresses to the situation. To resolve this problem, before going to bed, married couples should schedule some time together alone to discuss whatever that’s bothering them and to give each other their undivided attention. Do what they must do to not go to bed angry.

3. “She doesn’t show me any appreciation”

According to past studies on marriage and divorce, one of the two reasons men are more prone to cheat is when they feel unappreciated by their wives. Although men are known not to be as emotional like women, they still have feelings. Men like to feel valued by their wives. A simple remedy to this problem is to cultivate a close friendship in the marriage. Research studies have shown people who have a close relationship with their spouses have happier marriages. To enhance their relationships and increase marital bliss, married couples should share good news and celebrating them with each other. Be each other’s best friend.

4. “She doesn’t have my back when I discipline the kids”

Studies have shown married couples with children stay together longer than childless married couples, for children strengthen marriages. Yet, when it comes to raising children, several men have cited their wives are not on the same page with them. This lack of unity between the spouses will not only cause more problems in their marriage but also hinder their parenting goals and progress when disciplining their children. To overcome this, both spouses should discuss and negotiate privately how they want to raise and chastise their children; in addition, they should express them jointly to their children and back each other when disciplining their children. Share everything with each other.

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5. “She doesn’t want to have $ex with me”

A recent study has found, on average, a married couple will have $ex 68.5 times a year, slightly more than once a week. Yet, according to most men, a lack of physical !ntimacy in a marriage can lead them to cheat or end their marriage. A research-based fact is having no $ex is more detrimental to a marriage than having bad or good $ex. However, both husbands and wives have to do their parts in knowing each other’s !ntimate needs and desires and work on fulfilling them. For example, based on a recent poll, more than 60% of adults surveyed stated sharing chores have increased $exual activity and happiness in their marriage. Understanding each other and working together to make each other happy will help a marriage last longer.

6. “She acts like she doesn’t want to be married to me anymore”

Two recent research surveys state 72% of married women have thought about leaving their husband at least once. So, it is not surprising many men feel like their wives want to end their marriages. To save their marriage, both spouses must improve how they communicate with each other, show more respect for each other, think more positively of each other, and nurture each other’s needs. While crises in a marriage should always be expected, working together as a team in a loving and respectful way is always beneficial to a marriage.

Being married takes work, patience, and cooperation from both partners. In sustaining a longer-lasting and happy marriage, sincere teamwork is vital. When two people decided to marry each other, each spouse should do his or her part to keep the marriage going and reflect on how far they have come together as well as what areas in their marriage they both can improve. According to several studies, love is the number one reason people get married in the United States. Therefore, if that is the case, love requires action; and, in a marriage, love involves being a team.

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Stop THIS Before It Ruins Your Relationship! Says New Study

Stop THIS Before It Ruins Your Relationship! Says New Study

Stop THIS Before It Ruins Your Relationship! Says New Study


There are a lot of things that are guaranteed killers of relationships. There are, of course, the obvious ones like cheating and lying. But a new study says that the biggest potential killer of your relationship could be a new trend called “phubbing.”What is phubbing? Phubbing is the term used to refer to people who ignore the people around them because they are too absorbed in their phone screen. It’s a portmanteau of “phone” and “snubbing.”

Stop THIS Before It Ruins Your Relationship Says New Study 1

On an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim Kardashian was famously admonished by her sisters for ignoring them and instead being glued to her phone. We know that Kim’s cell phone addiction – she’s admitted to being a total “Tweet-aholic” annoys her sisters.

What Research Shows

In a recent study from Baylor University, researchers found that chronic cell phone usage could not only lead to higher levels of depression but could actually create friction in our romantic lives.

“They can undermine the bedrock of our happiness – our relationships with our romantic partners,” the researchers said. The study found that people who spent the bulk of their time glued to their phones were more likely to report being unhappy in their personal lives.

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Social Media Could Change Our Personalities

Being glued to your cell phone doesn’t just hurt your relationship because your partner feels ignored. In fact, being a chronic social media user can actually fundamentally change your personality.

Nicholas David Bowman, a PhD at West Virginia University, has postulated that those who engage in negative behaviors on their social media accounts, such as leaving “hater” comments or engaging in online bullying, might see their online personalities start to become their offline personalities.

“Negative online behavior has largely the same antecedents and behavioral, emotional, and affective consequences as does an offline behavior,” Bowman says.

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Is It Time For Us To Wake Up?

We’re quickly moving into a world where many of us have more of a significant social life online than we do offline. Could our addiction to our online interactions and phones end up destroying romantic partnerships en masse? It might be time to make a concerted effort to unplug, put our phones down and focus on the people sitting across from us.

Let us know in the comments if you’re ready to pull back from your phone life and start focusing on your real life – or text your friend about this article while you’re at dinner with your significant other ?

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If You Say THIS to Your Partner You’ll Be A Happy Couple GUARANTEED

If You Say THIS to Your Partner You'll Be A Happy Couple GUARANTEED

If You Say THIS to Your Partner You’ll Be A Happy Couple GUARANTEED

Let’s be honest with ourselves- it is hard to portray our emotions in a positive way, especially if under stress, pressure, or heartache. It is so vital to express ourselves openly with our partners if we wish to mend our emotional tethers. Sometimes it is not what we say, it is how we say it and the meaning we put behind it. Controlling what words we share with our loved ones is a major step in repairing relationships and ensuring a happy future with them.

Say THIS to Your Partner

Remember the phrase from childhood, “Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me”? Perhaps it subdued a child’s hurtful taunts but it’s meaning is no longer true to us as we grow up. Words do hurt depending on who it’s intended for and how they interpret them. Humans are naturally wired to depend on nurture and protection from each other. The emotional pain we feel from hearing someone’s cruel words can affect us the same way we feel a bump on the knee or a scrape on our elbow. Studies by Ph.D. and M.D. Martin Teicher show that verbal abuse affects the brain negatively and can impact us later in life. Therefore, the things we say can hurt just as bad as a stick or a stone.

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If you truly wish to restore a relationship with your loved one, you’re already on the right path. How do you speak with your partner normally? Do you listen to what they say or do you dismiss them entirely? And how often do you judge or criticize your partner? All of these questions are important in determining how to change for the better. There are certain phrases you can say to your significant other to make them feel happy and loved, but they are only effective if said with meaning:

1) You make me want to be a better person.
2) I value you.
3) My world is a better place with you in it.
4) I’ll always put you first.
5) You look especially attractive today.
6) You are important to me.
7) Although we may argue, I will always respect you.
8) You are beautiful, inside and out.
9) I will put work into our relationship because you’re worth it.
10) I love you.

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The list can go on, but these phrases should give you a good understanding of how to stay in love with your partner. Realize that all words hold meaning and the way we say things is different to some than others. Communicate openly with your significant other to gain a better perspective of each others’ views. And above all, love with all your heart or not at all. Relationships take time, but with a positive mindset and better awareness, you and your partner will share a loving relationship for a long time.

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5 Signs You Are With The Wrong Person

I effed up my first marriage, I’ll admit it. I’ve been married twice. When my first husband and I were first married, I thought he was the perfect man for me. We were SO in love, SO passionate. I was so caught up in how good it all felt that I didn’t realize until the marriage was over that I had never really been committed to the relationship, I had never thought about it as a long-term thing. I look back on how self-absorbed I got, how obsessed I was with competing in triathlons and realize that we had drifted apart way before our relationship ended. The truth is, once the novelty of how amazing we were together wore off, there really wasn’t anything left. We were just too different. There were dead giveaways early on that, had I been paying closer attention, I would have known that we never should have gotten married, to begin with.

5 Signs You Are With The Wrong Person.

Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE my husband and family now. I really do. And I’ve noticed a sharp difference in this marriage. We are both working towards a shared future. There’s a WE and US that we’re building. It’s not just about the toe-curling passion or late nights lost in each other. It’s about what we’re building for tomorrow, and years to come.

When my first marriage dissolved into nothingness, I had to ask myself some really hard questions about what my role in that relationship was all about. I realized I was the one who messed it up. That’s a hard pill to swallow, but I did. Looking back, there were signs all along the way that we shouldn’t be together, but the depth of the emotion we shared blinded me to all that

So, how do you know that the person you’re with is probably not the right one for you? Here are 5 things I should have paid closer attention to.

1. You can imagine your life without them

I was in the process of building my business when I was married the first time. I was totally focused on creating a career for myself that would give me the life I wanted and deserved. And he didn’t fit anywhere into that. He was never even a consideration when I was doing all my planning. I actually forgot about him! If you’re not factoring that person into your long term goals, that is not a good sign.

2. You’re not emotionally invested in your partner

We were SOOO into each other in the beginning. We just could not get enough of each other. But honestly, that’s not really an emotional investment. An emotional investment is long term. It’s a commitment. It’s knowing that sometimes you’re going to get so pissed off at each other, you’re going to hate each other. Commitment and emotional investment is when you look at that person, think ‘I’m going to hate you sometimes, but I love you and I am going to wait out those times when I hate you.’ If you can’t make that kind of commitment to your partner, it’s probably not going to work long term.

3. More and more of your activities don’t include them

I became totally obsessed with competing in triathlons. I was training pretty much all the time. He wasn’t a part of the team, so he was left out and he missed me. I was selfish about competing and didn’t make time for him. When the fun activities you choose to do include your spouse less and less, and you’re opting to spend time alone or with other people, it’s a sign that you are pulling away.

4. Your values do not align

When the passion of our marriage started to fizzle, I began to realize that we weren’t really friends. We didn’t have a whole lot in common. You can be really attracted to someone and even be madly in love with them, but if your values do not align, you’re not going to have much to talk about. In my marriage now, there are things that we don’t see eye to eye on, like eating Vegan or using eco-friendly cleaning products in the house, but we share enough of the same values to respect each other’s choices when it comes to stuff like that.

5. You stop having sex

Sex isn’t the be all end all of a relationship but it is the most intimate form of the communication of love we humans have. It IS important. Every relationship hits a dry spell for sex every now and then. Someone is sick or working really hard, someone’s under a lot of stress. It happens. But when it stops being a spell, when it becomes the norm, and when you don’t talk about it, it becomes a problem. If you or your partner just aren’t interested in each other sexually, and can’t seem to get the spark back, this is really something that needs to be looked at and talked about before bad decisions are made.

I learned a lot of really important lessons from my first marriage. I regret a lot of actions I took and didn’t take. I didn’t focus enough on my first husband and we drifted apart.

I have just given you 5 signs you are with the wrong person. Do you think you might be with the wrong person? I would love to hear from you. Please leave your comments in the box below.

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XO, Hayley

Hayley Hobson

Hayley Hobson is an author, speaker, business coach, yogi, Pilates and holistic nutritional expert based in Boulder, CO. Hayley creates lifestyle transformations by coaching her clients to strengthen, nourish and evolve through the cycles and shifts in life. Combining cutting edge understanding in all three disciplines due to years of anatomical study and dietary theory, Hayley’s approach leverages their blended benefits and results. Her unique and intelligent style promotes strengthening while softening–empowering her client’s to heal not only their physical bodies, but their hearts and minds as well. Hayley studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, with David Wolfe, raw food expert and is an essential oil expert in her own right. She is a doTERRA Presidential Diamond and a Pangea Beauty Ecologist. Her insights and articles can also be found on her blog,Positively Positive, Natural Cures, Yoganonomous and Elephant Journal . She has also been featured in Pilates Style magazine, Natural Health magazine and TriathleteMagazine. She has fun running and playing in the mountains with her husband, former world-ranked triathlete, Wes Hobson and their two beautiful daughters, Makenna and Madeline. To learn more about her nutritional courses, events she’s hosting and custom programs go to or follow her on Facebookor Twitter or Pinterest.