Why Is Lower Belly Fat so Hard to Get Rid of and How to Do It?

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Getting rid of stubborn lower belly fat is hard, but it isn’t impossible. With the right exercises and diet, most people can achieve a flatter stomach and more defined abs. Why Is it So Hard to Get Rid of? Belly fat accumulates for a number of reasons, chief among them age. As people get older, […]

One Common Health Problem That May Put You at Higher Risk for a Miscarriage

One Common Health Problem That May Put You at Higher Risk for a Miscarriage [nextpage title=”…”] The endometrium is the lining of the uterus that helps fertilized eggs to grow by providing the right environment for embryo development. A woman’s hormones cause the endometrium to get thicker each month. If an egg is not fertilized, […]

This is How Smoking Marijuana Affects Your Lungs

This is How Smoking Marijuana Affects Your Lungs! In the recent light of marijuana legalization throughout much of the United States, more and more individuals are experiencing the medicinal benefits, medicinal benefits that can be had from the use of marijuana and all of its processed derivatives. In spite of the current legal status of […]

Bigger Breast Problems: 9 Solutions For Breast Sweat

Bigger Breast Problems: 9 Solutions For Breast Sweat Are you looking for remedies for breast sweat? You’re in luck, we have them! We understand how it feels to sweat under our breasts and know how problematic it can be. This often happens when the temperature and humidity rise or when exercising, and can be embarrassing. […]

Golden Honey: This Powerful Antibiotic Does Wonders For Your Immune System

Golden Honey This Powerful Antibiotic Does Wonders For Your Immune System

The Golden Honey Mixture is claimed to be the strongest natural antibiotic. It stimulates the body’s natural immune defense without the use of prescription antibiotics. It is composed of turmeric and raw, natural honey. Turmeric is a plant belonging to the ginger family and is most commonly cultivated in Asia and India. Turmeric has over […]

The Crazy Cooking Hack that Slashes the Calories in Rice by Half

The Crazy Cooking Hack that Slashes the Calories in Rice by Half Opinions vary when it comes to the health benefits of white rice. Many claim that the stripping of its nutrients during processing voids its nutritional value, but white rice provides protein, calcium, iron, vitamin B6, and magnesium. It is rich in carbohydrates needed […]

A Big Butt Is A Healthy Butt

A Big Butt Is A Healthy Butt Women With Big Butts Are Smarter And Healthier Although there is much contention regarding whether bigger butts are more beautiful than their smaller counterparts, there’s apparently no debate regarding the idea that women with big butts are smarter and healthier. According to a study reviewed by Elite Daily […]

9 Natural Remedies for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are both chronic, remittent conditions in which inflammation of the lining of the bowel causes uncomfortable and potentially dangerous symptoms such as diarrhea, blood and/or mucus in the stools, abdominal cramping, especially after eating, relapsing and remitting episodes, fever and joint pain, weight loss, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and fatigue. […]

Must-see anti-inflammatory food list

Nature has provided us with many anti-inflammatory foods, which don’t just work with negligible adverse reactions, but are also great-tasting and have no negative side effects! Kelp Kelp is packed with fucoidan, a complex anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, and anti-oxidative carbohydrates, it also controls liver and lung cancer and promotes collagen synthesis. Kelp is also high in […]

Brighten Up Tonic

I am a firm believer in natural remedies, and this is a great recipe to brighten your days and help escape the winter blahs! Turmeric has huge benefits to your body including stabilizing blood sugar, anti-inflammatory properties, speeds up wound healing, increases blood flow, and aids in fat metabolism, just for starters.

Curry Powder for Joint Pain, Cancer and Alzheimer’s

If you have joint pain or osteoarthritis add curry powder or turmeric to your food. The curcumin compound in curry powder and turmeric has been shown to have strong anti-inflammatory effects: It lowers the production of some inflammatory agents, such as prostaglandin E2. Also new research at the Comprehensive Cancer Center in University of Michigan shows that […]

Chamomile, the nature’s remedy for cold and flu

[By Nima Shei and Stephanie Dawson] As the season of cold and flu is here, it’s a good time to look into natural remedies that work. One of mother nature’s best remedies for cold and flu is a plant that makes you think of tea. Chamomile has diverse health benefits that are emphasized in peer-review […]

Health Benefits of Pomegranates

Pomegranate’s Nutritional Value: Pomegranate is an excellent source of dietary fiber. According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans most Americans do not consume enough fiber and therefore, pomegranate can be a good nutritional source of fiber. It has high content of vitamins C,K, folate and thiamin. Pomegranate, Cancer and Inflammatory Diseases: Pomegranate is an excellent […]

More reasons to eat beet!

Beets are so effective in breaking up tumors mainly by their excellent amount of betacyanin; Betacyanin is the main ingredient that causes red beet its purple reddish color. Beets also have excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds that are also fighting aging process in the body. If you love beets, you can also try their juice. […]