Cutting-edge Treatment Programs For Individuals Battling with Opioid Addiction

Cutting-edge Treatment Programs For Individuals Battling with Opioid Addiction

Drug addiction is a global problem that has seen resulted in increased focus and scientific research in the niche segment in a bid to find better treatment solutions. Families and individuals who have had to walk through this journey understand the struggle it takes to attain full sobriety. A common concern for people who have […]

Can Ibogaine Really Help You with Opiate Addiction

The growing problem of opiate addiction has developed so quickly that it has now been classified by the Surgeon General as an epidemic. As easily-obtained prescription painkillers like Fentanyl and Oxycontin became more common, the spread of this deadly and highly addictive disease has become uncontrollable. Opioid addicts can be found in every corner of […]

The Early Steps to Recovering From an Addiction

The Early Steps to Recovering From an Addiction Addiction can be fatal to anyone. More than just a condition with psychological implications, it compels people to exhibit self-destructive behavior that affects their ability to perform normally. It is for this reason that medical experts are continuing their research on how best to address addiction. In […]

Painkiller Addiction: Warning Signs That Says You May Have Crossed the Line

Painkiller Addiction Warning Signs You May Have Crossed the Line

Over one third of Americans are affected by chronic pain and most of them manage the pain through prescription medication. Many people worry that taking narcotic lead to can painkiller addiction. Although the drugs are taken to reduce pain sensitivity, they can also lead to a sense of euphoria. If a doctor prescribes medication to […]

Common Addiction Triggers to Relapsing and How to Ward Them Off

Got Sober Only to Relapse Common Addiction Triggers and How to Ward Them Off

You suffered from addiction and did what many sufferers fail to do – you got help. Attending rehab for drug or alcohol addiction is often the best course of action when efforts to quit on your own are unsuccessful. Rehab treatment centers have all the tools their attendees need to get sober and remain that […]

4 Addictions That Are Ruining The Society

4 Addictions That Are Ruining The Society.

Addiction of all kinds is bad. People can get addicted to anything, from tea to movies to love. Let’s have a look at four such addictions and how they are ruining the society. Alcohol Alcohol is consumed almost all around the world despite its side effects. Drinking becomes an addiction in no time as it […]

The Effects of Substance Abuse on Teenagers

The Effects of Substance Abuse on Teenagers.

Many teenagers engage in risky behavior by nature. Whether peer pressure brings a teenager to try drugs or alcohol, or a teen begins using a substance because they want to seem older, substance abuse is prevalent among teenagers throughout the United States. While trying to drink at a party or smoking marijuana a few times […]

Understanding Alcohol Abuse Disorders and Their Treatment

Understanding Alcohol Abuse Disorders and Their Treatment

Drinking alcohol can be a pleasant way to have you relax and step back from the various stresses of life. However, for some people, beer has become an addiction resulting to alcohol abuse disorders. They drink alcohol excessively which puts them and others at risk. Recognizing Alcohol Use Disorders Doctors call it alcohol use disorder […]

How Drug Rehab Can Prevent Your Risk of an Overdose


The day that you decide to enter a rehab is the day that you take control over your health again. Using illegal drugs, prescription drugs or any other substances significantly increases your risks of suffering from serious medical conditions in the future. The longer that you use those drugs, the greater your chances are of […]

Easing the Opioid Epidemic: Science Says Medical Marijuana Could Be the Key

Americans are intimately familiar with the names of prescription painkillers like Phrenilin, Vicodin, OxyContin and Percocet. Familiarity comes from an unfortunate and enduring trend among physicians in this country to head out prescriptions for the most insignificant of pain complaints. This is a problem because these drugs are opioids — compounds that are chemically similar […]

When Healing & Treatment Lead to Addiction: Getting Help that Works

Modern medicine provides millions of patients with daily relief from debilitating pain and injuries. In fact, billions of dollars in research continue to provide doctors with a myriad of different drugs they can tailor to specific needs of a wide range of patients. The great majority of these drugs are only available by prescription, a […]

Understanding the Road to Recovery from Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Understanding the Road to Recovery from Drug and Alcohol Addiction

When you or someone you love is working to overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol, educating yourself on the treatment options available can help make the process smoother. Understanding the difference between inpatient and outpatient treatment and knowing what to expect during the recovery process can help you experience successful sobriety. Overcoming an Addiction […]

The Social Impact of Substance Abuse


Often when people are addicted to something they only think about their next fix. “I mean after all it’s my addiction, my problem. Right?” Wrong! Drug and substance may affect you greatly, but to some degree, it also affects the people around you. “But how can my addiction affect someone else?” most addicts ask. When you […]

5 Healthy Living Tips During Alcohol Detox

5 Healthy Living Tips During Alcohol Detox

Alcohol abuse is one of the most prevalent types of addiction all over the world. Apart from changes in behavior, disruption in personal relationships, and negative impact on one’s career, alcoholism also results in a variety of health issues such as a drastic weakening of the immune system and illnesses of the brain, heart, liver, […]

Signs of a Codependent Relationship

Signs of a Codependent Relationship

Qualities such as self-sacrifice and standing up for someone can seem positive, but if you take a closer look, they might be unhealthy, depending on the circumstances. Codependent relationships may look like they are loving and caring, but they are one-sided and only deal with one of the partners caring for the other. Healthy relationships […]

Energy Drinks – How Bad are They for Our Health?

Energy Drinks - How Bad are They for Our Health

Energy drinks have exploded onto the market world-wide. They are replacing our tea and coffee drinking habits. How bad are they for our health? Energy drinks have become very popular amongst our youth and for those who want a quick pick me up. They are easily accessible and quicker to consume than boiling the kettle […]

Understanding the Necessity of Detox and Rehab

Understanding the Necessity of Detox and Rehab

If you or someone you know struggles with heroin addiction, it’s important that you are aware of the medical, emotional and psychological support necessary to be free of such addiction. In cases of overdose, individuals are typically administered a drug known as Naloxone. However, there are also other drugs which can help, such as Naltrexone […]