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5 Healthy Living Tips During Alcohol Detox

5 Healthy Living Tips During Alcohol Detox

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Alcohol abuse is one of the most prevalent types of addiction all over the world. Apart from changes in behavior, disruption in personal relationships, and negative impact on one’s career, alcoholism also results in a variety of health issues such as a drastic weakening of the immune system and illnesses of the brain, heart, liver, and pancreas, among many others.

5 Healthy Living Tips During Alcohol Detox

All these dreadful consequences of alcohol abuse should be enough for any alcohol dependent to stop drinking, the first step of which is undergoing detox alcohol. This process is the first critical stage in the recovery journey as it tries to completely rid the person’s system and bloodstream of any traces of the substance and other toxins.

The detoxification stage is often difficult because of the different symptoms of withdrawal syndrome such as palpitations, muscle pain, irritability, nausea, and anxiety. Detox from alcohol is not the same for everyone as it is dependent on the amount and frequency of intake as well as the duration of the problem. Naturally, the more serious the addiction, the more difficult the detoxification process would be.

If you are suffering from alcohol abuse and you are finally committed to getting the help you need, here are some tips that you can consider to help you out during the detox from alcohol process.

Alter your diet to include food preparations that will complement your detox plan.

You can include the following healthy food preparations to your diet as they can help your body in getting rid of toxins and alcohol the natural way:

• Lemon water with ¼ teaspoon of cayenne pepper and a few teaspoons of olive oil to detoxify the liver.
• Parsley tea to help improve the cleansing of the blood and kidneys.
• Fiber with olive oil to nourish the liver while it is being cleaned.
• Cold-pressed olive oil to provide nourishment for the liver.

Make sure to take essential vitamin supplements.

In general, alcoholics need a much higher dose of vitamin supplements considering the abuse that their body has gone through and the need is even more urgent during the detox process. Some of the more important supplements include the following:

• Antioxidants supplements
• Niacin supplements
• Vitamin C
• Fiber supplements
• Zinc
• Iron
• Calcium
• Magnesium

Try to take in certain natural food to help address the various withdrawal symptoms.

Here are some of the natural food that can help ease the symptoms of withdrawal to make the detox process more bearable:

• White willow bark tablets to relieve pain
• Valerian root to significantly lessen anxiety
• Chamomile tea to ease the digestive system and prevent vomiting
• Licorice root to relieve nausea

Change your meal pattern and composition to fit your nutritional needs while undergoing detox.

It is important that you avoid consuming food that contains refined sugar and other substitutes like candy and soft drinks since alcoholism can result in blood sugar problems. Nevertheless, you can take small amounts of fruits and fruit juices that contain fruit sugar or fructose.

You should also aspire for a balanced meal that has a moderate protein, essential complex carbohydrates, and minimal fat content. To fully assist your body while undergoing detox, you should also eat every few hours.

Get moving and exercise.

It does not matter what kind of fitness regimen you are going to carry out, just get your body moving! Exercising during detox can help you sleep better, improve your blood circulation, increase your energy, tone your body, and strengthen your heart. Apart from the said physical benefits, exercise also offers outstanding psychological benefits like lessening stress and anxiety, boosting confidence, and increasing mental clarity.

The items on the guide above are just some of the more simple and doable ways you can help yourself go through detox without being burdened too much by its side-effects.

However, detox performed solo is NEVER recommended.  Do these ideas with the help of a professional healthcare provider guiding you. Get through detox and you are on your way to getting your life back on track.

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