5 Ways to Help Your Wife Feel Desirable in Bed

5 Ways to Help Your Wife Feel Desirable in Bed

5 Ways to Help Your Wife Feel Desirable in Bed

Women in even the most loving relationships will find themselves going through bouts of insecurity. Whether it’s from their body image, emotional state or external problems like pressures at work, their struggles can have an impact on how desirable they feel, which can take a massive hit on their comfortability in the bedroom.

If you want to help your wife feel as $exy and beautiful as you know she is, follow these 5 steps and help her slowly rebuild her self-image.

Compliment Her and Be Specific

If she’s feeling especially self-conscious about her baby weight, stretch marks, scars or anything else, make sure that you assure her all the reasons you find her attractive. Instead of saying “you look great”, pinpoint specific aspects of her appearance that drive you wild. If you can, spin the things she’s least confident about into a positive. If she is complaining about how fat she is, tell her how attractive you find her curves. Replacing her negative thoughts and words with more positive ones can help her develop a stronger self-image over time.

Communicate More

A lot of women may feel like they’re not being truly understood, so the best solution can be to just sit down and ask your wife how she’s feeling. Ask her about work. About her family. About her friends. Get to fully know everything going on in her life and offer solutions to the problems that are troubling her. You may not have all the answers, but your effort to help and desire to just listen will have a huge impact.

Flirt with Her

Send her text messages throughout the day. Whisper $exy things and flirty remarks in her ear. Touch the small of her back when you pass in the kitchen. One major complaint among women who are experiencing low self-confidence around their husbands is that he no longer appears interested. Sleeping with her isn’t enough. Make her feel desirable by acting how you did when you were still weren’t sure she liked you.

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