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25 Ways To Avoid A No Friendly Relation Marriage

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25 Ways To Avoid A No Friendly Relation Marriage

25 Ways To Avoid A No Friendly Relation Marriage

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There are things that both of you can do routinely to keep passion in your relationship. We have gathered 25 things that can protect you from divorce and the single life. Now let’s see if these tips can help your marriage before it’s too late.

25 Ways To Avoid A exless Marriage

1. Let It Go

Couples have personal habits that annoy each other. Unless it’s a major problem, let it go. Choose to focus on all of the good qualities your mate has.

2. Watch What You Say

Sarcasm, name calling, belittling, and firing foul language at your mate, does not create a romantic atmosphere.

3. Name Calling

Call each other by pet names such as Honey, or Baby.

4. Let Your Fingers Do the Talking

Touch each other often. Holding hands, embracing, and massage don’t require any dialogue. And the results are fantastic.

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5. Get Naked

Showering together is fun. So is simply cuddling.

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6. Find Time

When planning your schedules, check with each other for times that you can be together. Adapt your plans as needed, when possible.

7. Spice It Up

During some of the times that you’ve scheduled to be together, try something new.

8. Push the Right Buttons

Each of you knows how to “push each other’s buttons.” If you want the relationship to go up, stop pushing the down buttons.

9. Talk About It

Women connect through conversation. Men, be willing to talk.

10. Clear the Air

If the reason you haven’t been !ntimate with each other is because of resentment and bitterness, talk it through to resolution.

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11. Schedule It

If you need to schedule making love with your spouse to get back in the habit, then schedule it.

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12. Play Together

Find something that you both enjoy doing, such as dancing, and take dancing lessons.

13. Work Together

Do some of the chores together, instead of dividing them between you.

14. Get More Insight

If the two of you are not sure why you’re no longer !ntimate, perhaps a counselor can help you find the reason.

15. Get a Physical Exam

If you’re always tired, frequently ill, or have other physical barriers preventing Big S, seek medical advice.

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16. Accept Responsibility

It’s not his fault. It’s not her fault. Both of you are responsible for what is and is not happening.

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17. Be Prepared

Take care of yourself so that you are mentally, physically, and emotionally prepared for S.

18. Make Changes

If you need to change to increase !ntimacy with your spouse, make the changes.

19. Be Honest

If you don’t like him or her blowing in your ear, say so.

20. Avoid Being Defensive

Accept what your partner feels about the situation as insight toward a solution.

21. Remember Who You Are

Don’t stop being lovers because you became parents.

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22. Be Forgiving

Forgiveness allows you to move forward.

23. Be Realistic

No one is perfect, yet everyone can be better.

24. Start Over

Start doing some of the things you did when you were dating.

25. Here Today and Gone Tomorrow

Don’t take each other for granted.


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