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Could Wearing A Ring On Your Ring Finger BEFORE You’re Engaged Be Bad Luck?

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Could Wearing A Ring On Your Ring Finger BEFORE You're Engaged Be Bad Luck?

Could Wearing A Ring On Your Ring Finger BEFORE You’re Engaged Be Bad Luck?

Most women dream of getting engaged from the time they know what a wedding ring is. Countless hours are often spent perusing websites and magazines dedicated to beautiful locations, dresses and flowers for the big day that so many girls desire. And while many women longingly await the day their lover gets down on one knee, some may actually find themselves waiting for quite some time before the question gets popped. Could wearing a ring on the “ring finger” before getting engaged actually be bad luck? Read on to find out.


While many modern women choose to wear rings on all fingers, the majority of folks believe that wearing a ring on the wedding ring finger prior to being engaged is bad luck. This superstition has been around for decades; the idea of wearing a ring on “that finger” prior to an actual engagement simply isn’t done. The reasoning behind this is simple as can be: a ring on the 4th finger of the left-hand means someone is spoken for. If a single woman wears a ring there, she will not get a man because he will assume she’s taken.

Aside from the obvious point that wearing a ring on the ring finger implies a person is taken, the “bad luck” superstition also includes the idea that any future marriage will be doomed. This comes from basic etiquette about – again – symbolism. Not only is it considered a no-no from prospective suitors, but other women may judge too and offer in their two cents regarding the curse a woman may be setting herself up for.

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Lots of women wear rings on their ring finger not just to accessorize but also to ward off any undesirable guys. If a sketchy guy is hitting on a girl in the club, she often only has to flash a ring on “that” finger to get him to go away. Therefore, lots of women wear rings on other fingers but slip one onto the ring finger if a sleazeball comes around. Some women can use this tactic flawlessly while others may accidentally prevent nice guys from approaching them if they keep the ring on the ring finger.

Whether or not wearing a ring on “that” finger is “bad luck” is really up to the person involved. Superstitions exist all over the world and can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. The bottom line is that wearing a ring on the 4th finger of the left hand is not necessarily bad but it may not help in the search for a suitor. Men and women alike look at women’s hands to see what their relationship status is and a ring is one of the most obvious symbols. Therefore, all stylish gals should think about what they’re after before putting on all that bling.

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