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If You Say THIS to Your Partner You’ll Be A Happy Couple GUARANTEED

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If You Say THIS to Your Partner You'll Be A Happy Couple GUARANTEED

If You Say THIS to Your Partner You’ll Be A Happy Couple GUARANTEED

Let’s be honest with ourselves- it is hard to portray our emotions in a positive way, especially if under stress, pressure, or heartache. It is so vital to express ourselves openly with our partners if we wish to mend our emotional tethers. Sometimes it is not what we say, it is how we say it and the meaning we put behind it. Controlling what words we share with our loved ones is a major step in repairing relationships and ensuring a happy future with them.

Say THIS to Your Partner

Remember the phrase from childhood, “Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me”? Perhaps it subdued a child’s hurtful taunts but it’s meaning is no longer true to us as we grow up. Words do hurt depending on who it’s intended for and how they interpret them. Humans are naturally wired to depend on nurture and protection from each other. The emotional pain we feel from hearing someone’s cruel words can affect us the same way we feel a bump on the knee or a scrape on our elbow. Studies by Ph.D. and M.D. Martin Teicher show that verbal abuse affects the brain negatively and can impact us later in life. Therefore, the things we say can hurt just as bad as a stick or a stone.

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If you truly wish to restore a relationship with your loved one, you’re already on the right path. How do you speak with your partner normally? Do you listen to what they say or do you dismiss them entirely? And how often do you judge or criticize your partner? All of these questions are important in determining how to change for the better. There are certain phrases you can say to your significant other to make them feel happy and loved, but they are only effective if said with meaning:

1) You make me want to be a better person.
2) I value you.
3) My world is a better place with you in it.
4) I’ll always put you first.
5) You look especially attractive today.
6) You are important to me.
7) Although we may argue, I will always respect you.
8) You are beautiful, inside and out.
9) I will put work into our relationship because you’re worth it.
10) I love you.

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The list can go on, but these phrases should give you a good understanding of how to stay in love with your partner. Realize that all words hold meaning and the way we say things is different to some than others. Communicate openly with your significant other to gain a better perspective of each others’ views. And above all, love with all your heart or not at all. Relationships take time, but with a positive mindset and better awareness, you and your partner will share a loving relationship for a long time.

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