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10 Complaints Relationship Therapists Hear Everyday

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10 Complaints Relationship Therapists Hear Everyday

10 Complaints Relation Therapists Hear Everyday

Relation-therapists are used to hearing about the issues that many couples have with their private-life. For some people, this can often cause problems to develop in other areas of the relationship. To learn about the complaints that Relation-therapists hear the most, there are a few common problems among men and women.

1. “We Have Different S Desires.”
sexual desires__

Many couples struggle with having different desires with their private-life. One person may want it multiple times a week while the other person wants to have it become rougher. It’s important to compromise and communicate to ensure that each person is satisfied.

2. “Raising Children Affects Our friendly relation Life.”

Having small children and going through childbirth are two factors that can interfere with many couples’ private-life. Although you both may be tired, it’s important to create a schedule for the time being and keep the door locked to prevent the children from interrupting.

3. “I’m Bored with Our private Life.”
spice up__

Many people can become bored with their private-life and will want more passion. It’s important to switch positions, have a change of scenery, and role play to ensure that your !ntimacy stays alive.

4. “He’s Unable to Perform.”

Many men have the problem of being unable to perform due to premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. It’s important to speak with a medical professional and also learn relaxation techniques to alleviate the issue.

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5. “I Don’t Have a Strong big S Drive.”
low sex drive__
lower sex drive__

A common issue with couples is having one partner who is more S driven than another. This can cause one person in the relationship to be unsatisfied. It’s important to become in touch with your own body again and be willing to explore your private life to become on the same page with your partner.

6. “Lovemaking is Painful.”

In some cases, lovemaking can be painful for the woman. This is often due to a lack of satisfaction. It’s important to perform several minutes of foreplay to ease penetration.

7. “I Don’t Feel Emotionally Connected.”
emotional connection__

Most women can feel discouraged to have satisfaction because they don’t feel emotionally close to their spouse. This makes it important to make time for social interaction and quality time on a consistent basis to ensure that other needs are met.

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8. “I Have an ill Partner.”

Both parties may want to have an active relation life but can be limited due to an illness that one of the partners is suffering from. This can cause one individual to be more insecure. Experts recommend turning the lights out or blindfolding one of the partners to make the !ntimacy more comfortable.

9. “It’s Difficult to desire.”
Some women are prone to complain that they’re discouraged with their relation life because they can’t get satisfaction. A relationship therapist can provide several exercises and practices that can make it easier.

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10. “We Don’t Have friendly relation in Marriage.”

After walking down the aisle, it can be easy to lose your relation life due to a busy work schedule or responsibilities. Communicate your desires and discuss new ideas for revamping your !ntimacy.

Although having issues in your relationship with !ntimacy are common, it’s important to get them fixed with the help of a professional. By working through the issue together, it can be easier to get back on track and remain close in your bond with one another.

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