This Is How Long You Must Last In Bed To Please Her

This Is How Long You Must Last In Bed To Please Her

Overview Have you ever been anxious about sexually satisfying your partner when having good times in bed? If yes, it’s an indication that you truly love her. Surprisingly, there’s no definite answer to this question. Studies have shown that it can last from a few seconds to an entire night or beyond. But where is […]

LADIES ONLY: 5 Reasons Not to Wear A Thong

LADIES ONLY 5 Reasons Not to Wear A Thong

Medical Reasons Not To Wear a G-String Overview Has it ever come across your mind that there are many medical reasons why you should avoid wearing a G-String? Most ladies prefer wearing thongs because they feel stylish, sexy, and fitting. Some people think that the undergarments are a serious symbol of sex. It’s certain that […]

Special Trick Women Use to Stimulate Love

Special Trick Women Use to Stimulate Love

You might have heard people bragging that pot provides an incredible feeling in bed and helps to stimulate Love. You probably wrote them off as stoners lacking any clue about what they were saying. However, data collected from numerous studies suggest those individuals were actually on to something. Pot has been applied as an aphrodisiac […]

5 Best Foods to Prevent Hormonal Imbalance in Women (and 5 Foods to Avoid)

All women search for the fountain of youth in their diet. That perfect combination of foods that balance hormones, maintain a healthy reproductive system, and create great skin. Eating certain foods that are dense in nutrients will put women on their way to a healthy mood, digestive tract, high energy, healthy libido, fast metabolism, and […]

Hysterectomy and Pap Facts Every Woman Should Know

Hysterectomy and Pap Facts Every Woman Should Know A hysterectomy is a procedure that includes the complete removal of a woman’s uterus. More than 590,000 women in the United States have to resort to getting hysterectomies each year. The following is some information for women who are considering a hysterectomy. It can also help the […]

6 Health Conditions that Affect Women More Than Men

6 Health Conditions that Affect Women More Than Men There are conditions and diseases that primarily affect women, and some that most people erroneously associate with them like eating disorders or breast cancer. In the same vein, there are a whole host of health problems that aren’t frequently associated with women, which means they will […]

Top 7 Reasons Your Breasts Hurt

Breast pain, medically known as mastalgia, is a common problem for those born female causing sore, tender, or lumpy breasts. It’s​ painful and scary, breast cancer is a real and frightening thing, but you should know breast cancer is rarely the cause of breast tenderness. There are two types of breast pain, cyclic and noncyclic. […]

8 Tips To Avoid Having A Premature Delivery

8 Tips To Avoid Having A Premature Delivery Premature deliveries are those that occur before 37 weeks gestation. There are various disadvantages to premature delivery that affect the health of both baby and mother. While this may seem natural to some, there are contributing factors. Some undesirable habits that increase risk of a premature delivery […]

Psychologists Reveal The Top 9 Things All Fearless Women Do

9 Things All Fearless Women Do Fearless women succeed in life because they do things with confidence, they are courageous, and they speak and think differently. No matter what your age and location, dealing with situations fearlessly is important. If being courageous and bold is something that interests you, here are 9 things fearless women […]

10 Signs You’re Wearing A Wrong Bra Size

10 Signs You’re Wearing A Wrong Bra Size [nextpage title=”…”] You’ve probably heard the statistic: 80% of people wear bras that are the wrong size for them. Are you one of those 80%? Is your number (band size) correct? What about your letter or cup size? While it’s best to buy your bra with the […]

Kiss PMS & Hormonal Imbalance Goodbye for Good

Kiss PMS & Hormonal Imbalance Goodbye for Good Many of us cope with at least one premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptom in the week or two leading up to our periods. For up to 20% of people, these PMS symptoms are moderate to severe, and for another 5% symptoms are severe enough to be diagnosed as […]

Here Is An Honest Look At How Motherhood Changes Women’s Bodies!

After childbirth some strange things happen in your body that you might have no idea about them. From Physical changes to your body to psychological changes in your brain, many of these changes may stay with you for the rest of your life. In a society that talks about perfect body, and its physical attributes […]

7 Warning Signs of Heart Attack In Women

Symptoms of myocardial infarction, or heart attack, are different in men and women. Experts say signs of heart attack exhibited in men are not displayed by women. This difference in the exhibition of heart attack signs between men and women is very important. Women often ignore their heart attack symptoms. Extreme chest pressure is one […]

6 Common Habits that Cause Bone Damage

Maintaining healthy bones as you age is extremely important in preventing debilitating conditions like fractures and osteoporosis, especially for women. Bone density is the greatest when you are in your 20s, but after that you begin to lose bone mass, making your bones weaker and more susceptible to damage. While there is nothing you can […]

What You Should Know About Ovarian Cysts Symptoms

Ovarian cysts are fluid-filled sacs or pockets within or on the surface of an ovary. Women have two ovaries — each about the size and shape of an almond — located on each side of the uterus. Eggs (ova) develop and mature in the ovaries and are released in monthly cycles during your childbearing years. […]

What You Need to Know About Hepatitis C

What You Need to Know About Hepatitis C Hepatitis C is a liver infection caused by the Hepatitis C virus, or HCV, the liver has a hard time eliminating this virus so it usually becomes chronic. Over the course of time it can cause liver failure.  The most common causes of transmission are through infected […]

Hair Loss Prevention for Women

They have said a woman’s hair is her crowning glory, and few things can damage a girl’s self-esteem more than rapidly thinning hair, bald spots, or the sight of a mass of hair in the shower drain. This infographic gives you the lowdown on why it happens, what can cause it, some tips to help […]