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5 Weird Things That Happen To You When You Stop Having Regular Satisfaction In Bed

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5 Weird Things That Happen To You When You Stop Having Regular Satisfaction In Bed

If you find yourself with the embarrassing problem of a loss of libido, or the ability to have a satisfying experience in bed, you are not alone. This bothersome problem happens to the majority of people at some point in life. It can be caused by fatigue, stress, or illness. Changes that come with the aging process are at the root of a loss of interest in bed in most cases.

As hormonal imbalances strike, physical and emotional upheaval can result and making love can drop to the bottom of the list due to no appeal or the pain that it causes in the process. If you find yourself facing this problem that no one wants to talk about, it’s important that you start looking for solutions. Otherwise, you could find yourself dealing with 5 weird things that will happen to you if your bedroom experiences take a turn for the worse.


A Dry Spell Can Mean a Desert Down Below

According to Women’s Health, most women suffer from a dry spell when it comes to the bedroom at some point in their lives. Whether it’s after pregnancy, a urinary infection or with the approach of menopause, the interest level can drop to zero. It’s difficult for men to understand, but the process can be downright uncomfortable. What women may not realize is that regular satisfaction in the bedroom causes physical benefits. When there is a lack of activity, dryness in personal areas can result, as well as a lack of elasticity. Things can get even more uncomfortable.

Your Emotional State Can Go Downhill

According to Softpedia, a lack of satisfaction in the bedroom can cause more than frustration for your partner. Your emotional state may be adversely affected as well. When there is a lack of intimacy with the one you love, you could become paranoid or overcome with anxiety. Depression is common as well. intimacy can give you a boost to your spirits.

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Your Hair and Skin May Lose Their Glow

Regular, satisfying experiences in the bedroom actually increase healthy levels of hormones and maintain balance within the body. As a result, your hair can have an incredible shine that you wouldn’t believe and your skin will glow as well. On the flip side, dull hair with no bounce and dry skin can plague you when the well runs dry in the bedroom.

Your Waistline Could Expand

Each time you experience !ntimacy in the bedroom, your body is getting a workout. You could burn as much as 200 calories during every session. Cut that activity out and you can expect the pounds to start creeping up. If you want to look and feel your best, you need to get back on the treadmill again. In other words, get to the source of your lack of satisfaction in the bedroom and do something about it.

You May Experience More Aches and Pains

If the pain is putting a crimp in your style when it comes to activities in the bedroom, you’re facing a Catch-22. When you have regular, satisfying experiences with your partner, you have the ideal antidote for pain. Your bouts in the bedroom produce oxytocin and endorphins in your body. As these hormones course through your system, they relieve the aches that plague us all at some time or other. Whether you have a headache, battle arthritis or struggle with other forms of pain, your satisfaction in the bedroom could counteract those problems. Go without and your pain levels are likely to increase.

If you are not getting regular satisfaction in bed anymore, talk with your partner about what’s happening to you. More importantly, turn to a medical expert to get to the bottom of the problem. You can do something about it and reap the benefits when you give your libido a kick start.

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