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LADIES ONLY: 5 Reasons Not to Wear A Thong

LADIES ONLY 5 Reasons Not to Wear A Thong

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Medical Reasons Not To Wear a G-String


Has it ever come across your mind that there are many medical reasons why you should avoid wearing a G-String? Most ladies prefer wearing thongs because they feel stylish, sexy, and fitting. Some people think that the undergarments are a serious symbol of sex. It’s certain that your parents did not approve such ray pieces of clothing. But you were convinced they are irresistible things every grown-up woman should have. Studies have shown that wearing G-Strings can be detrimental because they expose you to a number of health hazards.

LADIES ONLY 5 Reasons Not to Wear A Thong

Can trigger Vaginal Infections

In reference to Dr. Jill M. Rabin, the string of a thong collects bacteria from your colon. The professor of OBGYN at Albert Einstein College of Medicine says that E.Coli is the most common type of bacteria in your colon. It accounts for 93% of UTIs but not a guarantee that you will contract a UTI when you wear a G-String. Wearing a satiny black thong puts you at a higher risk of UTI infections, Jill says.

Can’t Hold Panty Liners

If you have ever used any kind of sanitary napkins, you will agree it is hard to pair them with a thong. The ones designed to co habit with stringy underwear usually end up bunching up weirdly, making them completely useless.  According to Dr. Rabin, the pH levels of your vagina decline when menstruating and makes you susceptible to infections. It’s not recommendable to wear thongs when your lady parts are vulnerable to infections.

Can Cause Irritation

G-Strings carry the risk of causing external irritation. According to Dr. Shieva Ghofrany, an OBGYN with Stamford Hospital in Conn, most of her patients with skin tags near their vulva and rectum admit wearing thongs regularly. These skin tags result from the skin being constantly rubbed in the same area. She notes that these happen traditionally at bra lines, but it is increasingly becoming popular at thong lines.

Foul Smell and Stains

Wearing a thong for a couple of hours means the string will sit along your anus. You don’t expect such a fabric sitting in that area of your body come out smelling like roses. And you don’t also expect it to lack stains. You can’t imagine how your laundry will smell and look like with a bunch of thongs stuck in there.

Can Exacerbate Hemorrhoids

According to Dr. Ghofanry, wearing thongs can not cause hemorrhoid infections. But Dr. Harlan Wichelhaus, an OBGYN from the Specialty Obstetrics Gynecology and Fertility Department in Texas City, suggests otherwise. Dr. Wichelhaus indicates that wearing thongs regularly can trigger lacerations of the anus and in turn cause exacerbation of hemorrhoids. Additionally, it may prevent the free flow of blood to the vaginal area.

Causes Discomfort

It feels uncomfortable when exercising or going about your regular chores in tight fittings. Speaking to BBC, Mr. Nicky Panay, a consultant gynecologist at the Queen Charlotte’s Hospital in London, said that wearing something that is two sizes two small can cause abrasions and discomfort. Will it be a good idea to go to the gym in a thong?

During Pregnancy

Pregnant women are prone to infection. Pregnancy compromises your immune system a big deal, which puts you at an increased risk of vaginal infections. It may also pose some risk for your baby. Pregnancy also comes with weight gain which exposes you to yeast infections. It is recommendable to avoid wearing thongs during pregnancy.

Upside of G-Strings 

In reference to Dr. Rabin, if you are in good health and not prone to infections, thongs aren’t really any dangers. Women who are vulnerable to infection may find it harder to get rid of it if they wear thongs. An upside of a thong is that it covers your genital part but leaves your buttocks uncovered, which effectively removes panty lines. You can wear it as a perfect match for tight-fitting pants, swimwear, or body-hugging dresses. There won’t be panty lines to spoil your perfect silhouette, especially when wearing light-colored clothing.

Good Thong Practices

• Avoid wearing thongs when weather is too hot or too cold.
• Wear thongs that are from natural fabric like cotton and silk
• Select the right sizes all the time. Avoid tight-fitting thongs.
• Don’t wear thongs around the clock. Change to more comfortable underwear whenever you can.
• Try wearing other types of clothing that don’t require G-String
• Lastly, don’t let fashion dictate your health.


It sounds like there are plenty of medical reasons why you should avoid wearing G-Strings. We can’t deny that thongs are the favorite combatants against visible panty lines, which can be uncomfortable. The fact is they can put your body at some risk if you are prone to infections. Women who are physically active should avoid G-Strings. If you can’t do without them, try cotton fabric.



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