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This Is How Long You Must Last In Bed To Please Her

This Is How Long You Must Last In Bed To Please Her

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Have you ever been anxious about sexually satisfying your partner when having good times in bed? If yes, it’s an indication that you truly love her. Surprisingly, there’s no definite answer to this question. Studies have shown that it can last from a few seconds to an entire night or beyond. But where is that woman who wants you to ride all night? Studies indicate that an average American woman would be satisfied with 30 minutes of sex. Let’s look at some issues that keep men wondering how long they should take to satisfy their partners.

This Is How Long You Must Last In Bed To Please Her

Premature Ejaculation

This is the most embarrassing problem that affects millions of men around the world. Many men are unable to perform well in bed to help their partners reach the big O. Premature ejaculation can shatter a man’s confidence to engage sexually.

Treatment options include a premature ejaculation spray to last longer in bed, use of condoms, and use of an ejaculation trainer.

An alternative is to extend the time of foreplay as it lowers lovemaking excitement.

Penis Size Matters

Contrary to the reassuring catchphrases that “size doesn’t count,” the size of your penis may determine how long you should last to satisfy your partner. New findings indicate that women who experience frequent v@ginal climax claim that they climax more easily while having it from men with bigger penises. This applies to other women who prefer pe\#nile-v#ginal penetration than other types of lovemaking, according to a recent publication in the Journal of Sex Medicine. Men with longer penises are preferred by women who have “big O” through vaginal penetration. This is in reference to Barry Komisaruk, a female sexual researcher at Rutgers University.

How Long it Takes Women To Orgasm (big O)

The duration taken for a woman to reach to her climax during a closeness varies a lot, depending on the circumstances, how tense or relaxed she is, and previous climax experiences. There are some women who take forever to have “big O”s, while others get off within a few minutes if they are adequately aroused. For instance, let’s take a woman who feels secure, loved, and confident. Plus she is experienced with “big O”s. She can reach an “big O” in 5-10 minutes if fully aroused and after receiving the best kind of stimulation in all her sensitive parts.

How Many “big O”s does Your Partner Needs?

Under ideal circumstances, your partner can get dozens of “big O”s in an hour. This is something that has been proven in a lab setting. But no man can pound on a woman for an hour and give the same sexual pleasure. Given that there are pretty delicate tissues inside your partner’s vagina, she can get bruised or irritated from the impact of engaging for a long time. Chances are that you will burn out before she does. The best thing to deal with this problem is by learning to enjoy lovemaking in different positions and taking breaks when necessary.

Love-making after Your Partner Becomes Exhausted

What are your partner’s reactions after reaching a climax? It may sound like being used as a sex doll, abuse, or rape if she is exhausted. lovemaking between you should be all about mutual pleasure. You should not turn it into a form of masturbation where your partner is not participating or enjoying the pleasure. She might feel as a thing to you rather than being the person you love and adore. She might end up hating you if you keep insisting to engage in lovemaking with her when she becomes exhausted.

Shift from Vaginal lovemaking

There are some instances when there’s a feeling that you have too much endurance for your prospective partner, though not common. In this case, you should try something different other than Vginal lovemaking. This is paramount in sending a different message other than just being interested in Vginal lovemaking. You can try extending your foreplay or engaging in oral s#x until she reaches to her “big O”.


There is no definite time a man should last in bed to please his partner. Many factors determine the length of time a woman needs in bed with her man to become aroused and satisfied. Feeling intimate, secure, and loved can shorten the duration it takes a woman to feel pleased. Some women don’t require s#xual penetration to have “big O” or enjoy s#xual pleasure. In short, you should master whatever that pleases your partner in bedroom affairs.



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