Are You an Ambivert?

I’m a self-proclaimed introvert, and I love taking the personality tests associated with such a term. However, I’ve found myself wondering the same thing a lot of people do- “This question really depends on the situation.” While I’m both shy and an introvert, if I am put in a small group situation having to do […]

Quick And Dirty Date Night for the Busy Work From Home Mom

January 15, 2015 There are no boundaries when you’re a work from home mom. Going into business for myself was the best decision I ever made for my life – to have the flexibility to pick my daughter up from school, go grocery shopping in the middle of the day, to even be able to […]

It’s Time For An Information Detox

October 30, 2014 What I’m about to say is going to sound ironic, since you’re reading this on your phone or computer and this is me talking: GET OFF THE INTERNET!! Seriously! So many people are glued to their computers, iPhones, TVs ALL DAY LONG. They don’t even really know how to talk to each […]

Relationships: Cheating

Relationships: Cheating Why do people cheat in their relationships? Discover the underlying reasons for cheating and for openly having an affair. “Why would my boyfriend cheat on me?” “I’m pretty sure my wife is cheating on me. I want to know why.” “I know that my husband has been cheating on me for years. I […]

Should I Avoid People Who Push My Buttons?

Should I Avoid People Who Push My Buttons? Is it in your highest good to stay away from people who trigger you? The answer might surprise you. I’m sure you’ve had the experience of consistently being triggered by a certain kind of person. I certainly have. Before Inner Bonding, I tended to get irritated by […]

When and Why to Speak Up For Yourself

When and Why to Speak Up For Yourself Are you confused about if and when to speak up for yourself? The question to ask yourself is: “Are you speaking up for yourself to take loving care of yourself, or to change the other person?” For example, let’s say that your partner is angry and critical […]

My Favorite Nutrient-Packed Green Smoothie Recipe

Making the perfect smoothie is an art yet to be mastered by most of us, It is a powerhouse of nutrients and minerals, this amazing drink can leave you feeling charged and ready to take on the day! Making a delicious one is even better plus super enjoyable, the smoothie recipe below will leave you […]

How to Save Money on Natural and Organic Food and Products Part 1

The article below will shed light on a very important decision that most of us are afraid to make. The reason behind this hesitation is probably the cost of organic foods and products. I strongly believe that if we were not afraid of the cost, all of us knowing the benefits of eating healthy and […]

Are You Sabotaging Yourself from Reaching Your Goal Weight?

New year, new you! Stop sabotaging yourself and the goals you make! It’s time to take action, stick to your goals and be proud of your accomplishments! The article below will show you how to make a goal and stick to it, you deserve to be happy, you are worthy and your accomplishments should be […]

Want to Stop Aging? Spice Up Your Life

Want to Stop Aging? Spice Up Your Life I constantly tell my patients, “If you want to stay young, don’t reach in your medicine cabinet—reach in your pantry.” And when it comes to anti-aging, some of the healthiest foods are the littlest ones: herbs and spices. These mini-foods are at the center of nearly every […]

Why You Should Spend Money On Stuff You Use All the Time

Why You Should Spend Money On Stuff You Use All the Time I abide by a few simple rules that contribute greatly to my daily happiness. For example, “Go left.” Instead of debating which line to stand in at the airport or grocery store, I simply choose the one that is furthest to the left. […]

Five Tips to Look Hot Naked

Who doesn’t want to look hot naked? Whether it’s to impress someone special or just to
feel good about yourself, loving your body in and out of clothes is a goal most of us share. Looking “hot” isn’t just about being fit or thin or muscular. Here are the top 5 things you can do right […]

4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before the New Year

As the year draws to a close and a new year is upon us, many of us set new year’s resolutions for the things we will do better next time. For years, my resolutions came from a place of guilt: I must hit the gym and lose 10 pounds! I promise to call my mother […]

Healthy Christmas Gifts For Your Loved Ones

Its official time now to go for some serious shopping to buy Christmas gifts! Time isn’t much and you might be all perplexed to buy the right one for your close people. Why don’t you think something unique and useful to gift this Christmas? Nowadays people are growing more and more health conscious and anyone […]

Why You Can’t Stick to Your Diet

I Initially stopped dieting when I read the book “Intuitive Eating” by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch. When I read that book for the first time, I realized that I was in the trap that so many of us find or have found ourselves in. That trap looks like this: desire to lose weight, new […]

Getting Excellent Teachers Into Difficult Schools

Getting Excellent Teachers Into Difficult Schools What makes a school difficult? Less parental involvement, more discipline problems, a community whose needs are complex, safety concerns and less pay for teaching staff — when a school has these troubles, good teachers tend to leave for greener and less exhausting pastures. While no one blames good teachers […]

Those Who Can, Teach: 6 Signs that You Are Destined to Become a Teacher

You Love to Learn If you are constantly seeking out information, learning new concepts and exploring alternative perspectives, teaching may be the career for you. The most influential teachers are those who are willing to become lifelong learners by staying open to new philosophies and continuing their educational pursuits. This is particularly true in today’s […]

What You Shouldn’t Learn From Famous Athletes’ Diets

Famous athletes are at peak physical condition. No matter the sport, athletes demonstrate the beauty and grace inherent in strictly physical endeavors. However, their unending endurance and immense strength don’t come from exercise alone. All top athletes stick to strict diets to keep their bodies in prime performance shape, and these diets range from understandable […]