Natural Ways to Manage Acid Reflux

Natural Ways to Manage Acid Reflux.

Burning chest pain, that sour taste backing up in your mouth . . . acid reflux feels and tastes horrible, especially if you frequently experience it. If you’re looking for helpful knowledge and tips regarding managing acid reflux, don’t miss this essential guide: What is acid reflux? When you eat and drink, the food you […]

Get Rid of Cockroaches Using These Natural Recipes

Get Rid of Cockroaches Using These Natural Recipes.

They don’t bite but cockroaches can be a menace in your home. They prefer hiding in warm places and roam freely at night.  These bugs like living in dirty corners, dumpsters, drains, and nasty places. Sadly, they can help in transmitting illnesses. There are many products in the market that can help in their removal. […]

Excellent Natural Alternative Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

Excellent Natural Alternative Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction written by Briema The preference of erectile dysfunction in society today is becoming somewhat alarming. In the United States alone, up to 30 million men are living with the reality of impotence. More than half of all men over 75 years have erectile dysfunction commonly known as ED. […]

Is There Any Natural Way to Get Rid of Bunions?

Is There Any Natural Way to get Rid of Bunions

Bunions can not only be unsightly, they can also be quite painful. While these hard formations that collect around the big toe look to be bone, they are in actuality salt deposits that harden around the joint and slowly push the big toe inward and shift the other toes. Caused by wide range of factors, including flue, […]

25 Things to Do Instead Of Falling in Love With a Wrong Person Again

25 Things to Do Instead Of Falling in Love With a Wrong Person Again When a relationship ends, it’s all too easy to fall back in love, whether that means going back to your previous partner or finding someone new. If you’ve ever sought relationship therapy, you’ve probably been told that you must first love […]

How to Remove Tartar, Clean Plaque and Destroy Bacteria With Only One Ingredient!

How to Remove Tartar, Clean Plaque and Destroy Bacteria With Only One Ingredient! The oral health section of most stores can be overwhelming with the selection of toothpaste, mouth rinses and other products. Many people simply stick with the products they have been using for years and do not consider changing their oral health routines. […]

The Surprising Way Herpes Virus Changes Your Brain

The Surprising Way Herpes Virus Changes Your Brain Although the Herpes virus isn’t nearly as severe as other diseases, such as AIDS, it does pose some health issues. Worse yet, this virus has been found to have negative effects on the brain, such as memory impairment and depression. Knowing the symptoms is the first step […]

How To Make A Natural Self Tanner

How To Make A Natural Self Tanner Having bronzed, glowing skin has been in style for a while now, and isn’t likely to be going anywhere anytime soon. However, acquiring a sun-kissed look can be tedious, and even harmful. It’s common knowledge that exposing your skin to UV rays for too long is very dangerous, […]

What Your Perfume Says About You

What Your Perfume Says About You Say It By Spraying It: What Your Perfume Says About You Independent studies have verified that women generally have a keener sense of smell than men. Women are especially sensitive during ovulation with smell-sensitivity to male pheromones reaching levels 10,000 times stronger than normal. Even when not hyper-sensitive, women […]

5 Treatments for Hiccups Relief

Involuntary contractions of the diaphragm, also known as hiccups, are an annoying situation, especially if you are in a formal meeting, at the movies, and so on. The ‘hic’ sound comes after each contraction when the vocals close. Hiccups normally goes away on their own, but sometimes they last more than what is comfortable. There […]

10 Great Ideas to Hack your Booze

1. Keep your pitcher cold yet undiluted with a plastic cup full of ice. 2. Cut a hole in an orange, and poke the insides gently to open up the pulp. Then pour in your miniature vodka bottle and leave it in the fridge overnight. The next day you will have a delicious, boozy vodka […]

How to Treat Anxiety Naturally

Anxiety is a state of fear or apprehension in the face of threat or danger. It is a natural, healthy response since it allows the body to prepare itself to cope with danger. Anxiety can, however, take a person over, a condition known as anxiety neurosis, and the person is then said to be in […]

10 steps to rid your house from bed bugs

First of all, before you start trying to kill bed bugs naturally, you need to know what they are. Bed bugs are tiny dark brown insects that come out at night to feed on a human or animal host, they bite into you while you sleep, then spend a few minutes sucking your blood. To […]

Natural remedies for warts

Warts are small, rough tumors frequently presented on the hands and feet, but can actually occur anywhere on the body. They are caused by the human papillomavirus and can be very persistent, lasting sometimes for years, and are contagious upon contact.Here’s a list of some of the more common and effective natural wart remedies, going […]

8 Natural stomach ache remedies

It’s an ironic part of life that many of the foods we like best, our stomach likes the least. There are many things that can lead to a stomachache, eating too much at once is a good example because your stomach can have problems handling the extra volume. The answer is simple, drink plenty of […]

Natural treatment for phobias

A phobia, by definition, is an irrational fear which the sufferer finds impossible to overcome. It can relate to just about any object, person or situation and is probably caused by a subconscious reflex to avoid repeating an unpleasant experience. Some of the most common fears are claustrophobia (fear of enclosed spaces) agoraphobia (fear of […]

Under-Eye Bags

Under-Eye Bags Have you ever seen early in the morning a baggy-eyed, not-altogether-attractive stranger, when you see yourself in the mirror? Bags are caused when fluid collects in the skin under the eyes, it happens primarily when you lie flat for long periods, such as when you sleep at night. The prone position redistributes the […]

Ginseng Benefits and Uses

Ginseng is an herb whose root is believed to boost energy. It is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine, in fact the word “ginseng” is said to mean “the wonder of the world.” It has many health properties such as replenishment of vital energy, strengthening of the immune system, and increases concentration. Ginseng can be […]