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Is There Any Natural Way to Get Rid of Bunions?

Is There Any Natural Way to get Rid of Bunions

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Bunions can not only be unsightly, they can also be quite painful. While these hard formations that collect around the big toe look to be bone, they are in actuality salt deposits that harden around the joint and slowly push the big toe inward and shift the other toes. Caused by wide range of factors, including flue, gout, diet, metabolism, and even poor choice of footwear, bunions can begin to put pressure on sensitive areas of the foot. This can begin to change the way you walk and also change your taste in heels or even sneakers.

Is There Any Natural Way to get Rid of Bunions

Two-thirds of people who are over the age of 65 suffer from the joint pain that is bunions.

While the problem is more common in aging populations, even young adults in their 20’s can begin to notice the painful joint jutting out of their left toe getting progressively worse. Amazingly enough, 23% of adults throughout America suffer from bunions, and a majority of these adults are women. While many will turn to painful surgical interventions that require long recovery periods, undergoing the knife will only fix the problem temporarily. Why limit your mobility even more to fix an issue that is limiting your mobility? If you want to relieve the joint pain, there are natural and non-surgical remedies that will not leave you walking in a boot for months.

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An Organic Recipe to Rid the Body of Salt Deposits

One of the major reasons why the overgrowth of salt on the joint leads to pain and continues to grow is because you are continuously feeding the body salt. If you turn your body into the Aegean Sea and you have a high sodium diet, you will notice not just swelling of the hands and feet, but also a lot more joint pain in your foot that has been blessed with a bunion. To rid your body of salt, all you need to is drink a natural concoction. Here is how it’s made:


• 300 ml of water
• tbsp of minced bay leaf


Mix together the water and bay leaf and cook in an enameled pot for 5 minutes. Put the cooked concoction in a thermos and let it sit overnight. Strain the drink and then take small sips all throughout the day to cleanse the body. Do this for 3 days straight by preparing a fresh concoction each night. After 7 days, repeat the treatment for 3 more days. If you are urinating frequently, this shows that the salt is dissolving and your joint pain should disappear.

A Paste to Make Bunions Disappear

If you are looking for more of a topical paste to use, there are natural ingredients that can be mixed that will relief pain and even erase the growth. The purpose is to smear the paste on the bunions to fight the deposits on contact.


• 100 ml of 96% alcohol
• 5 large bay leaves
• 3 liters of water
• 1 tbsp. baking soda

This paste takes an entire week to get right. Mix the bay leaves and the alcohol together and let them sit at room temperature for 1 week in a dry room. Once the leaves have done their magic, soak your feet with warm water and baking soda. Once you soak, rub the organic homemade paste all over the bunion. Put on cotton socks for absorption and lie down while it does its work.

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Get an Olive Oil Massage

Who would think that something you use to make healthy foods could be the solution to all of your bunion problems. With the right oil and some tender love and care you can enhance the circulation and increase the blood flow to your toes. A massage will force the synovial fluids that have been restricted to begin moving around the bones again so that the joint pain is not debilitating.

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Take the olive oil and massage your toes and lower foot for fifteen minute increments twice every day. You will start to see the bunion shrink in size as the excess deposits dissolve and the joints are nourished.

Anyone who is on their feet all day understands how painful it can be to walk under severe stress that is caused by a bunion. If you want to take action without calling an orthopedic surgeon, try these all natural remedies and you will be happy you gave your feet the attention it deserved.

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