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Ginseng Benefits and Uses

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Ginseng Benefits and Uses

Ginseng is an herb whose root is believed to boost energy. It is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine, in fact the word “ginseng” is said to mean “the wonder of the world.”
It has many health properties such as replenishment of vital energy, strengthening of the immune system, and increases concentration.


Ginseng can be used for concentration, weakness in old age, with other strengthening herbs for getting rid of persistent infections, loss of love- drive in men, and it helps the body to cope with side-effects of chemotherapy and jet lag.
Here is a delicious recipe you can try to take advantage of all the benefits of this amazing root:
Ginseng Tonic Recipe:
1 ounce powdered ginseng
4 dried apricots
8 blanched almonds
4 cardamom pods
1 liters of red or white wine to taste
Put all ingredients together and stand for 2 weeks, then strain, and drink a small glass daily.

Ginseng is not recommended in pregnancy or children, it also may aggravate anxiety and irritability and is not recommended to take large doses in conjunction with stimulants.

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