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What Your Perfume Says About You

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What Your Perfume Says About You

What Your Perfume Says About You

Say It By Spraying It: What Your Perfume Says About You

Independent studies have verified that women generally have a keener sense of smell than men. Women are especially sensitive during ovulation with smell-sensitivity to male pheromones reaching levels 10,000 times stronger than normal. Even when not hyper-sensitive, women are still keen on perfumes and other fragrances worn by both men and women.

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The type of perfume a woman wears can tell a lot about her. It can also tell a lot about the men in her life. Below is a list of basic psychological factors related to fragrance along with some possible choices and what they may say about the wearer.

What Perfume Says About Us:

Basic Psychology

Psychological sciences have developed studies to validate theories about smells correlating with personality types. In these studies it was shown that personality types really can directly relate to the fragrance a woman chooses to wear.
Common Fragrance Choices

• Flowery – You are not afraid to be a girly-girl. Organizing girls night out is your specialty and you prefer to handle things on your own. The finer things in life are your playground.

• Oceanic – You love everything about the beach. You have a calm, warm personality and probably love wicker decor and seashell centerpieces. Clean and refreshing is your go-to state of mind.

• Candy or Baked Goods – You are a holiday season kind of girl! You love shopping, especially at Christmas time.

• Fragrance Free – You are comfortable with yourself and not out to impress anyone.

What His Cologne Says About Him:

What Your Perfume Says About You

Basic Psychology

For a man, his scent generally reveals how he wants to be perceived by others. This is relatively the same mentality women have but to a much smaller degree. Where a man’s choice might be on a whim, a woman’s choice is always calculated. The way a man smells can have a high impact on what type of woman will become attracted, especially during the first meeting.

Common Fragrance Choices

• Natural or Woody – He is probably very reserved and has refined tastes.

• Cool & Minty – This spells spontaneous with a hint of social butterfly.

• Spicy & Musky – Tends to lean towards being introverted but deeply romantic.

• Citrusy & Fresh – Very assertive but uncomplicated.

Your perfume can say a lot about you to others. Not only your likes and dislikes but also your personality. Fragrances can also tell you a lot about men, especially during that first meeting.

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