10 Great Ideas to Hack your Booze

10 Great Ideas to Hack your Booze

1. Keep your pitcher cold yet undiluted with a plastic cup full of ice.

2. Cut a hole in an orange, and poke the insides gently to open up the pulp. Then pour in your miniature vodka bottle and leave it in the fridge overnight. The next day you will have a delicious, boozy vodka orange!

3. Freeze grapes to chill wine without watering it down

10 Great Ideas to Hack your Booze

4. Freeze your leftover wine in a ice-cube to use in sauces

5. It doesn’t quite seem like a genius idea, but using a CD to protect your clothes and others around you can and will work.

6. Add a few sprinkles to a bucket of ice, place your booze of choice inside and then watch it cool off, right before your eyes!

7. Drunken gummy bears: Place in baking dish, cover with vodka. Leave in fridge for a week.

8. Did you know the lines on the Solo cups are measurement marks? Solo said it actually isn’t true but to us, and social drinkers around the world, it makes sense. First line, liquor, second wine, third beer. Cheers!

9. If you ever lose your bottle opener, you can always open your next beer with a stapler

10. Or open wine with a drill like a pro.