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Get Rid of Cockroaches Using These Natural Recipes

Get Rid of Cockroaches Using These Natural Recipes.

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They don’t bite but cockroaches can be a menace in your home. They prefer hiding in warm places and roam freely at night.  These bugs like living in dirty corners, dumpsters, drains, and nasty places. Sadly, they can help in transmitting illnesses. There are many products in the market that can help in their removal. However, some of these pesticides we use are pricey and contain harmful chemicals. There is no need for endangering the health of your family.

Get Rid of Cockroaches Using These Natural Recipes.

Here are some shortcomings associated with the use of pesticides:

Children who are exposed to pesticides may experience short-term and long-term problems, which include:

• Insomnia
• Agitation
• Nervous system disturbances
• Forgetfulness
• Depression
• Confusion
• Respiratory problems
• Weakened muscles
• Nervousness

Exposure to pesticides in adults may lead to complications including:

• Brain tumors
• Fertility problems
• Birth defects
• Skin and eye irritation
• Hormonal imbalances

It’s worth noting that even your pets can also experience some health problems associated with the use of some household pesticides.

Safer Natural Cockroach Solution

While most pesticides used to deal with cockroaches have many shortcomings, there are safer and cheaper means to deal with these disgusting insects.


• 1 onion
• 1 teaspoon of baking soda


• Simply chop the onion and add the baking soda.
• Place the mixture in every corner of your house or in crevices in your cabinets
• Don’t forget to pay more attention to areas where cockroaches are common, including your kitchen and bathroom.

Apart from killing the cockroaches, the mixture will also eliminate them from your home.

Advantages of Onion and Baking Soda

• They are natural and safe for your children and pets
• It is cheap, easy to prepare, and convenient for every household
• Unlike most pesticides, this solution doesn’t trigger any adverse side effects or reactions

Tips To Get Rid of Cockroaches

• Always keep your house clean, especially the kitchen. Use an antibacterial spray when cleaning your kitchen counter.
• Sweep and mop your kitchen to get rid of food crumbs and spills. Seal all sticky spots on the floor.
• Clean all the dishes after meals. Allowing them to sit in the sink for too long will attract roaches.
• Drain your trash regularly. Don’t let the trashcan to sit in your house for more than two days. It is also advisable to use a trashcan with a lid.
• Fix all the water leaks in your house. Note that cockroaches can live for a month without food but not a week without water.
• Always rinse your bottles and can prior to putting them in the recycle bins.


Though cockroaches are not dangerous like some other household pests and insects, they can be sickening and embarrassing. They may symbolize how negligent you are when it comes to cleaning your house. There are many products that claim to eliminate cockroaches within a short time, but most of them have some downsides. Fortunately, mixing an onion with baking soda can make the best and safest remedy for eliminating these awful bugs. Give it a shot today!

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