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Melt The Pounds Away Using The Japanese Weight Loss Method

Melt The Pounds Away Using The Japanese Weight Loss Method

Melt The Pounds Away Using The Japanese Weight Loss Method

You’ve tried everything to lose weight. You’ve jumped through all of the hoops, trying extreme exercise, diet fads, and weight loss supplements. It’s like you’re on a roller coaster ride as your weight drops down and goes back up again. You don’t want to do something drastic like surgery. You’re beginning to think it’s time to buy clothes in a bigger size and give up the fight. Don’t lose hope. The Japanese Weight Loss Method can work for you. It’s free. You can do it at home and all you need to do is follow a simple plan. The pounds will melt away. You’ll finally take them off and keep them off if you consistently follow the program.

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Losing Weight with the Japanese Weight Loss Method

Stop throwing your money away on pills and those exercise DVD’s that end up collecting dust in the corner. Take a lesson from Dr. Fukucudzi in Japan. He’s created a weight loss method that has been helping the Japanese for over a decade. You’ll need five minutes out of your day, a horizontal surface, a large cloth or towel, and a strap. Your cloth or towel should be 40 cm long and between seven and ten centimeters thick. You’ll roll it and strap it so it doesn’t unravel on you. Stretch out on a horizontal surface, and place the towel at the small of your back, just beneath your navel. Your feet should be at the same width as your shoulders. Your heels should be 20 to 25 cm apart and your thumbs should be touching. Do this faithfully for five minutes every day. It will tighten your stomach and the fat will begin to burn away.

Melt The Pounds Away Using The Japanese Weight Loss Method

Help Yourself by Eating the Right Kind of Food

You can take your efforts up a notch by eating the Shoku-Iku way. It’s all about eating the right kinds of foods and having smaller portions. Instead of eating three, large meals each day, try several, small meals. Choose lighter foods that your body will burn off more quickly. One great recipe is Full of Goodness. It features an assortment of vegetables, including pumpkin, zucchini, peppers, and tomatoes. Fire up the grill cook your vegetables, turning them to get both sides in about four minutes. You’ll want two tomatoes, a red pepper, a yellow pepper, and a zucchini. While your vegetables are grilling, prepare a sauce that contains a cup of hot water with three cups of bonito flakes added to it. Let the hot water and flakes sit for about five minutes. Add two tablespoons of soy sauce, rice vinegar, and canola oil. Finally, toss in a dash of sea salt and pure sugar. Put your vegetables on a plate and pour the sauce over it for a tasty, healthy dish that will trim your waist line and make you feel good.

Change Your Lifestyle

In addition to using the Japanese Weight Loss Method and eating healthy dishes that have been a gift from Japan, you can adopt this nation’s healthier lifestyle. Be sure to include plenty of fresh produce on a daily basis. Steer clear of too much meat. Replace it with fresh fish. Don’t forget to exercise every day, at least 30 minutes a day. Cherish the temple of your body and you will see positive results.

Take a Lesson from the Japanese and Lose Weight Naturally

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How I Lost 40 Lbs. Of Fat And Kept It Off

How I Lost 40 Lbs. Of Fat And Kept It Off

Being fat is not in “your genes”

Some people believe that being fat is hereditary, that it is genetic and there is little or nothing that can be done about it. This is rarely true.

Yes, many overweight people are influenced by their families but they are more a product of their environment more than any genetic coding. When your parents are heavy and you are brought up eating the same diet then you will be heavy also. It is assumed that you are fat because it “runs in the family”.

The only thing that “runs in the family” is the tendency to eat the wrong foods. That was the case for me, and I proved that my ‘fat genes” do not have to control me.

How I Lost 40 Lbs. Of Fat And Kept It Off 1

How my weight problem started

My difficult relationship with food started in my teenage years as I gained weight compared to my friends. My attempts to control my weight led to disaster. After one heavy spell of dieting at the age of 17 (on a cabbage soup diet), I had no periods for about 6 months and found myself too weak to function. I actually fainted one day but, even then, did not see that this was not working.

My weight fluctuated dramatically depending on my mood, the time of year and whether I had a boyfriend. My weight was a constant noise in my mind and undermined my confidence. I tried everything to control my weight and became almost obsessed. I took up smoking and would drink as much coffee as I could stand to control my appetite. It seems so ridiculous now.

Hit the bottom

The situation got worse when I moved to work in a big city. Long hours and the constant demands of city life left me tired most of the time. When my body needed a healthy, balanced diet more than anything, I was seeking a quick fix through more coffee, sugary snacks, highly processed food, and fast food. I ate a lot of meat and dairy products due to convenience, habit and even addiction (cheese and ice cream were my guilty pleasures). These foods were making my body sick and low in energy.

My skin was clogged and dry, I developed premature wrinkles (at the age of 23!) and was relying on lots of makeup to look good. I always knew how to dress, so I managed to hide my huge weight gain with smart clothing tricks. But the makeup and clothes could not hide my poor health, low energy, and disappointment with myself.
My body started the alarm signals and I suffered back pain, bladder infections, regular colds, headaches, and sore throats. I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome which, as a friend said to me, really means “STOP”.

A moment of clarity:

A friend suggested doing an exercise to determine my core values in life. To my surprise, my health was number one. However, I realized that I was doing my best to destroy my number one priority in life. I was shocked and had a moment of clarity.

This exercise is so powerful, that I decided to share it with other people in my ebook “Mastery in Weight Loss”, which you can get for free when you subscribe to my website at
Doing that exercise has planted a seed. The changes didn’t happen overnight, but my journey to better health and life has started. It has led me to a new career that I absolutely love – helping others to change their habits and become a better version of themselves.

Losing the weight:

I lost almost 40 lbs in 3 years. So how did I achieve this? I’ll be honest – it was not easy and there were many slip-ups along the way. If I knew as much as I know now, the journey could have been so much easier. That’s why I love sharing my knowledge with other people and seeing them achieve the results quickly. I’ve created free video training series at where I openly share everything that I did in order to lose 40 lbs. and keep it off.

I read everything and anything on healthy food and lifestyles. I had to sift between masses of contradictory reports and articles and work out for myself which ones were accurate. As I worked through an information overload, the path became clearer and I knew I had to move towards a diet that included far more fresh fruit and vegetables. When I look back 2010 seems a haze of articles, programmes, blogs, documentaries, and medical journals.

Changing the mindset

A big part of the change was mastering my mindset. My logical mind knew what to do, but other voices inside me could find reasons to sabotage.

There was still a voice in my mind saying that being fat was my fate in life, that it was in my family and that this was destined to fail. I had to do a lot of work with myself: read books, attend seminars, work with coaches.

Going plant-based

The best argument I had against that voice in my mind was the changes happening in my body. By the end of 2010, my diet was mostly plant-based. The following year (2011) I moved to a fully plant-based diet and then to a mainly raw food diet. Giving up animal products relieved my digestion issues, sore throat, headaches, allergies, fatigue and sugar cravings. I felt light, energized and alive again!

The effects were amazing. The initial weight drop was the easy bit – the low hanging fruit in vegan terms. I had reduced my weight from 75 kilograms (165lbs) to 65 kilograms (143 lbs). I was happy and felt like a new person. My weight was stable and walking around 20lbs lighter felt like floating on air.

How I Lost 40 Lbs. Of Fat And Kept It Off 2

Taking health and fitness to the next level
As I had started working as a nutritionist and helping others, I decided that I should lose some more weight, clean up my diet, even more, tone my body and inspire others to get healthier and lose weight. I set myself an exercise regime (6 days a week) and stuck to it. Three months later I had dropped another 8 kilograms (almost 18 lbs). That was in early 2013 and I kept the weight off.

A year later I pushed myself further and dropped another few kilograms. At this stage I feel so good about my weight, my skin and my appearance and my energy levels have reached an all-time high.

Lessons learned

I have learned so much through this process. The knowledge I have gained is not just about nutrition, diet, and exercise but also about the pain and the difficulties in making these changes. I have learned how to focus and how to change habits. I have learned the tricks the human mind will play to resist change and how to counteract them. Above all, I have learned how much I appreciate my body and how I would never go back to the lifestyle I once thought I enjoyed.
I have tried to be open and share the bad side as well as the good. I have also posted photographs of the old me and the process on my website. A picture is worth a thousand words. You can find them here:

Don’t give up

It is not always easy. There will be times when you just want to give up – don’t. There will be times when you plateau and feel it is a waste of time – it is not. Your mind will try to persuade you to stop. It will conjure up thoughts of the food that you have given up. It is just a subconscious reaction within your body to change, to be moved out of its comfort zone. It will pass.

When you reach these points say to yourself you have reached a wall. Keep pushing and the wall will fall and suddenly you will move forward quickly again. The longer you stick with it the easier it gets as you feel the benefits. Even if you only travel half the distance I have traveled you will be a lot happier within yourself.
If a girl like me, who had “fat genes”, hated exercising and loved food too much, could do it, then you can do it too! It’s worth it.

How I Lost 40 Lbs. Of Fat And Kept It Off 3

About the Author

Osha Key is a life lover, certified nutritionist, weight loss expert, the creator of the Lovetarian Detox (at and founder of After losing 40 pounds, Osha is now on a mission to help women do the same.
In her FREE Weight Loss Video Training series at, Osha teaches everything that has helped her lose 40 pounds of fat and keep it off.

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How To Get Rid Of Your Thigh Fat Fast

How To Get Rid Of Your Thigh Fat Fast

How To Get Rid Of Your Thigh Fat Fast

As the warmer seasons approach us, many of our goals will be to sculpt our bodies to our greatest potentials. There is quite a bit of work to be done if we are to truly strive for our greatest potentials. Those who have already reached their full potential, or peak, are fully aware of the dedication that is required for one to reach their peak shape.

How To Get Rid Of Your Thigh Fat Fast

There are several body parts the individual will need to pay attention to when wanting to get “ripped”. One of the main body parts of focus when looking to sculpt one’s body should be the legs. The legs are not only the strongest muscles of the body, but it also aides towards greater strength and fat loss within the individual. If the individual has strong legs, they will be able to run faster and longer, both of which put a greater emphasis on overall fat loss in the body.

One fitness goal that many try to reach is losing thigh fat. Losing thigh fat can be hard work, but is very rewarding. Everyone wants to be able to walk around with a sculpted frame, but many of them do not want to work for it. Losing thigh fat can be quite a pain, as it is unavoidable to feel the burning sensations involved with losing fat and gaining muscle in any area of the body. Here are some things an individual can do to effectively lose thigh fat quickly.

20 Ways To Tighten Skin After Weight Loss

Running is a great way to lose thigh fat. It is even more effective to run up hills for losing thigh fat. Once they reach a certain plateau, they can switch up their training modes a bit. For instance, HIIT is a great way to lose thigh fat and gain muscle in the legs simultaneously. HIIT is an acronym for a training style called high intensity interval training. This is done by alternating one’s workout within levels of high and low intensities. Therefore, an example of this can be the consistent of the individual sprinting at their highest intensity for anywhere between 20 to 30 seconds and switching to low intensity once they are tired. However, they should continue their workout without stopping and slow it down once they are out of breathe or feeling extreme burning. Not only is this a great way to lose fat in a very quick amount of time, but has also been proven to cause muscle growth.

How To Get Rid Of Your Thigh Fat Fast 1

Biking is another great way to burn fat in the thighs. Investing in a stationary bike is highly recommended for anyone looking to lose thigh fat, as the user can change the resistance settings on most makes. By biking at a high resistant level, the rider will feel their thigh tightening up during and after their session.

How Much Walking Do You Need To Lose Weight

Whichever method the individual uses for losing thigh fat, they must be mindful of their diet. A well balanced diet on a regular basis is recommended for anyone that is looking to lose fat in their thighs and reach their greatest potentials. Strive for your goals starting today!

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Intermittent Fasting Benefits And The 2 Groups Of People Who Should Avoid It

Intermittent Fasting Benefits And The 2 Groups Of People Who Should Avoid It

Intermittent Fasting Benefits And The 2 Groups Of People Who Should Avoid It

Intermittent fasting is not a diet, but rather a dieting pattern. It’s making a conscious decision to skip certain meals…. FOR MEN. There are several sources that say that this type of mindful eating is actually harmful to a woman’s physiology.

Intermittent Fasting Benefits And The 2 Groups Of People Who Should Avoid It

At the end of the day, the way to stay healthy and lose weight is to:

• Eat more fibrous vegetables and protein to stay and feel fuller
• Curb cravings and binge eating
• Eat the right portions of protein/fat/carbs to keep blood sugar/insulin stable and burn fat
• People who are successful are in calorie deficit without putting the body into starvation mode. Starving yourself will just lead to more problems down the line. While initially successful, it can lead to mental and physiological problems and you will most likely gain all of your weight back and then some when you’re no longer denying yourself enough sustenance to live.

Note: When it comes to food, it’s not quantity… It’s quality.

If you still want to fast and feast, eat your calories during a specific window of the day and then no food during the rest – taking a full 24 hour break from eating, i.e. if you eat from noon until 8 pm you skip breakfast.

By cutting out an entire meal, you’re free to eat more food during other meals and still have a caloric deficit.

When you eat a meal, the body spends hours processing that food and burning what it can from what it can absorb. The body will use whatever is readily available, typically what it has just consumed (especially carbs and sugar as the body prefers to burn sugar before any other source). When you’re fasting, the body doesn’t have a recently consumed meal to use as energy, so it’ll be more likely to pull energy from the fat stored in the body rather than glucose in the bloodstream or glycogen in the muscles or liver.

Fasting can increase the secretion of growth hormone, help control the ghrelin and leptin levels to keep one satisfied, offset cortisol production, and facilitate a healthier environment for testosterone production. Periods of fasting will also greatly increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin.

Researchers at the University of Utah discovered that people who fasted one day per month were up to 40% less likely to suffer from clogged arteries. In a survey-based study including over 500 people, some of which used caffeine and alcohol and smoked regularly, had hower rates of heart disease if they regularly fasted. Even when adjusted for age, weight, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol – the difference between those who fast and those who do not remains.

Intermittent Fasting Benefits And The 2 Groups Of People Who Should Avoid It

Is there only one set way in which to use intermittent fasting?

No, of course not. For example, here are two simplistic ways to get yourself started.

• Longer “IF” 1-2x a week:

Take a longer fasting period of up to 24 hours and repeat it once or twice a week. Remember – 24 hours isn’t skipping a whole day, it’s merely stopping eating at 6pm on a Tuesday and following it up with a meal at 6pm on Wednesday.

• Shorter “Daily” IF:

This one is done more than a couple times a week, with a condensed eating window and involves less fasting than the one above. This means eating all of ones calories within a 6-8 hour window. This one can be done daily.

You need to be consistent & exhibit self-control:

Consistency is the key to any long-term success. You can’t do this for a couple days, switch to a different diet for a week, then go back to fasting. The people who have the most success with this type of mindful eating adopt it long-term, not as something to drop weight fast. The more consistent you are (not the initial duration but the days,weeks, months that come after), the more benefits you will reap. As time goes on, the body will have time to adjust and maximize fat burning during the fasting state.

Should you fast?:

Fasting for weight loss works, but a lot of other approaches do, as well. There’s no “one” magical solution to being healthy or for weight loss. Some research suggests that a very low carb diet yields the exact same benefits of fasting without requiring one to stop eating. If you find yourself overeating after a fast or if you get shaky or light-headed while fasting (signs of hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar), fasting isn’t a good approach for you. Know your body and plan accordingly.

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One Simple Teaspoon Of This Will Help You Lose 3 Times More Body Fat

One Simple Teaspoon Of This Will Help You Lose 3 Times More Body Fat

One Simple Teaspoon Of This Will Help You Lose 3 Times More Body Fat

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Many have tried all sorts of weight loss concoctions in hopes of significantly reducing their total body weight. Some have taken into consideration what various scientific studies have proven regarding the different spices that can be used to achieve weight loss. Well, if you are trying to lose weight, then you may want to consider using cumin seeds. They have been widely used to reduce blood pressure, cleanse and strengthen the liver, support healthy digestion, reduce fluid retention as well as treat skin disorders. And last but not least, research has documented that cumin can really be of significance when it comes to weight loss as it naturally decreases the level of unhealthy cholesterol in the body and decreases body fat.

One Simple Tea Spoon Of This Will Help You Lose 3 Times More Body Fat

Several studies have confirmed the numerous pharmacological claims of the benefits that cumin provides. To start with, cumin seeds have antidiabetic as well as anticancer properties. On the other hand, it can be used to keep the immune system regulated and kill microorganisms. Cumin seed oil protects the liver, the stomach, the kidneys and the digestive system. It is also a powerful antioxidant. According to scientific research conducted in Saudi Arabia, cumin has therapeutic properties, which are attributed to thymoquinone, which is the major bioactive component of the oil that comes from cumin seeds.

Cumin And Obesity

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The increase in obesity has led to a growing interest in the properties of all foods and in doing so, the therapeutic and preventive effects that cumin provide were discovered. Obesity is closely associated with an increased incidence of cardiovascular diseases as well as immune dysfunction. One way you can try to combat such a situation is through the use of cumin since it can help you to lose weight. With highly documented reports on the prevalence of obesity and its effects on people across all age groups, researchers studied to find traditional medicines as well as herbal medicines that could help, and they found that cumin, green tea and black Chinese tea had anti-obesity effects. An Iranian study examining the effects of cumin supplementation coupled with aerobic training on sedentary, overweight women found that those who took cumin and participated in aerobic training saw more of a reduction in their total cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein and their body mass index than those who never took it.

The final conclusion is that a combination of exercise and cumin supplementation for eight weeks has synergistic effects and great health benefits. Cumin has a wide range of benefits but precautions should be taken during pregnancy. Pregnant women should not take large amounts, as it is unsafe. In connection with surgery, it might slow blood clotting and also reduce blood sugar. This in essence means that there would be a higher than normal risk of excessive bleeding and complications with blood sugar; therefore, it should be avoided around the times of surgical procedures.

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How to Go on a Diet, The Skinny on How, Why & When

How to Go on a Diet, The Skinny on How, Why & When

By Coach Selina of Well Said Living

Are you always on again and off again when it comes to a diet?

Let’s get a few things cleared up since we’re on the topic. Hopefully, you’ll gain a few good tips that you can use when incorporating your own lifestyle.

First of all, there should be no “on/off diet season”.

The reason why diets don’t work is that some people go “on” it with the expectation of someday getting “off” it once they reach their certain goal.
Your diet…you know, the things you eat on a regular basis, should be a part of your lifestyle. As in, the diet never goes away.

How to Go on a Diet, The Skinny on How, Why When

Another thing you want to consider is that there is no one diet that works for everyone.

The reason why there are so many diets out there is that there are so many theories that so many different people. When it comes to choosing a lifestyle/eating habit/diet, you’re gonna want to make sure that it’s one that sticks to you.

In the words of Sally Fallon,

“A successful lifestyle comes from study, observation, and intuition.”
Listen to your body and allow it to tell you what’s good for you and what you should avoid.

That is the only real way you can pinpoint the best diet for you and your lifestyle to help you reach your most optimal level of living.

Another important factor is to focus on why you are changing your habits in the first place?

Is it to lose weight?

Do you have a heart condition?

Did your doctor advise you to do so?

Is it because of your hormones?

Are you lacking energy?

Are your bowels just not agreeing with you? (Seriously, you should watch what you’re eating if that’s the case!)

Whatever the case may be, take that into consideration, and then modify what you choose to eat on a normal basis to fit your specific personal needs!

My New Diet: Paleo

I decided that the best diet for me is going to be the Paleo diet.
This diet is often referred to as the “caveman” diet. This diet is high in protein, low in sugar, and eliminates most grains, all dairy, and processed foods.

I decided to go on this diet to reduce my high intake of sugar that is practically found everywhere!

But let me tell you, you can’t just go from zero to lifestyle transformation overnight!

Here are a few things I did to help me ease my way into this new lifestyle diet:

I began with a sugar detox

I got rid of all sugars for 21 days. I limited my foods to veggies, fruits, and whole grains. I replaced coffee and tea with water.

This helped me clean not only my insides but also my palate to reduce the cravings that I would often get from sugar.

I used the Google

Since I knew very little about this particular diet and knew that 90% of my normal diet contained about 90% of the items I wanted to give up for good, I decided that the best thing for me to do was to hit the Google.

I went on Pinterest and also created a board specifically for the Paleo Diet. From this, I was able to find great articles, shopping lists, meal plans, and fresh ideas I can use with the foods that supported my new lifestyle.

It’s not that hard…when you have the Google

I gave myself a cheat day

Why? Because even Coaches mess up sometimes. I know that if I set aside one day to have chocolate (or whatever else my body is craving) then I will more willing to stick to my new diet and maintain the new energy I’ve gained from changing up my habits.

Whatever diet you choose to go with, you’re going to want to make sure that you are enjoying it. You want to enjoy your new lifestyle.

Buy the foods that are within your new eating lifestyle and make sure that you get it in bulk. That way, when you are bored, hungry, or craving something, you can enjoy something that you should actually want to eat, instead of forcing yourself to eat something you cannot stand.

When you force yourself to eat foods you aren’t too fancy for, you’ll run a higher risk of falling off the bandwagon, making you unsuccessful for new lifestyle eating habits, and you’re back to square one.

And nobody wants to go back to square one…we want to keep moving forward.
Baby steps are going to lead you to the greater results that will give you the ultimate optimal lifestyle that you wanna have.

Author’s Bio:

Selina M. AlmodovarCoach Selina M. Almodovar, Well Said Living
In order to live a life you absolutely love, you gotta know WHO YOU ARE, and WHAT YOU STAND FOR. Need some tips on how to start moving towards a life you love? Get her  FREE E-Guide to get the first 4 Steps for “Letting Go” and “Moving On” for good! Coach Selina offers personal and online coaching services, and a weekly show on  YouTube, where she talks about relationships and lifestyle every Wednesday and Friday. She also promotes doTERRA Essential Oils, as a natural way of living. Learn more about her by visiting her website at:, or follow her socially, through Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest .

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Wonderful Weight-Loss Soup

Wonderful Weight-Loss Soup

Wonderful Weight-Loss Soup

Trying to shed some extra pounds? Winter is around the corner and many love having soup during this season. If your favorite soup can help you lose extra pounds, even better! A good weight loss soup can satisfy your tongue as well as your stomach.

This includes a recipe for cabbage diet soup with the addition of kidney beans that add fiber and protein which makes you feel fuller longer. The magic thing about this soup is the more you eat it, the more weight you lose.

Wonderful Weight Loss Soup

How does this soup help you lose weight? In several ways:

#1 It is more filling per calorie due to the high water content.

#2 Research shows that soup is better at keeping you full longer per calorie compared to eating the same ingredients in raw or dry form, because it occupies more space in the stomach in the form of soup. This turns off appetite hormones more quickly than a salad would.

#3 Even a large bowl full of soup is less than 300 calories, making eating less easy without hunger or sacrificing taste. It’s also a delicious way to cut pasta and bread intake.

#4 This soup makes you healthier and start feeling better instantly. You can set up your daily eating plan in a positive way and feel more energy throughout the day.

Start your day with a healthy breakfast and have a bowl of soup for lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner with whole-grain crackers or toast. You should start losing weight rather quickly. Use the soup diet for 7 days, then resume healthy eating for a week or two, you can repeat as often as needed to reach a desired weight-loss goal.

Each cup of soup contains 57 calories and is a great way to get lots of healthy vegetables in a delicious, satisfying manner. You will probably enjoy this yummy process of weight loss. It’s like losing weight without effort!


• Low-sodium chicken or vegetable broth – 2 Cans
• V-8 or tomato juice – 3 Cups
• Italian diced tomatoes – 2 Cans
• Onion, diced – 1
• Cloves minced garlic – 2
• Sliced mushrooms – 1 cup
• Carrots (peeled and sliced) – 3
• Zucchini, diced – 1
• Yellow squash, diced – 1
• Frozen/Fresh green beans – 2 cups
• Kidney beans, drained and rinsed – 1 Can
• Cabbage (shredded) – 3-4 cups
• Italian Seasoning – 1 teaspoon
• Salt and pepper – to taste


• Sauté onions, garlic, carrots, and mushrooms for 5 minutes in a large frying pan sprayed with cooking spray or a small amount of olive oil.

• Combine with remaining ingredients in a large crock-pot or stockpot. Cook on high for 2-3 hours until vegetables are well cooked.

• Your soup is now ready to enjoy! If you want to freeze some for later, slightly undercook the vegetables. Pour into a freezer bag that is airtight and eliminate as much air as you can. Cool and freeze.

• To defrost place the bag in the refrigerator for 24 hours then reheat.
Tip: If you don’t like the vegetables listed you can substitute with any of your favorites. Avoid starchy vegetables like potato, peas, and corn. Suggested substitutes are celery, spinach, peppers, and kale. This will stay good in the refrigerator for several days.

Sources Sources

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7 Chinese Medicine Tips For Easy Weight Loss

7 Chinese Medicine Tips For Easy Weight Loss

7 Chinese Medicine Tips For Easy Weight Loss

Adding Chinese medicine to your weight loss plan is a great way to ensure dieting success. Here are 7 tips from Chinese medicine which will help you lose weight:

7 Chinese Medicine Tips For Easy Weight Loss

1. The Benefits Of Brewing Pu-Erh Tea

Pu-Erh is a wonderful tea which doubles as an excellent fat burner. This tea helps your body metabolize fat. Pu-Erh also fills your stomach which helps prevent overeating. Try this ancient Chinese tea today. It will be a powerful addition to your weight loss regime.

2. Ear Acupuncture And The Path To Weight Loss

Numerous studies have documented a variety of ways acupuncture is used for successful diets leading to significant weight loss. A recent study published in Medical Acupuncture reported there is a strong link between ear acupuncture as a core component of successful weight loss plans.

3. Cleansing Your System With Ancient Herbal Potions

As Healthcare Medical Institute points out on their website, thorough studies of Chinese herbal medicine have established solid ground to claim it as a reliable weight loss aid. Chinese herbal medicines can help you lose weight using a spectrum of approaches. Using chinese herbal medicine as a laxative is a healthy way to cleanse your system.

4. Chinese Herbal Medicine And Acupuncture

Significant data exists supporting the theory a combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are powerful enough to act as the core of a successful weight loss plan. We’ve already discussed the positive impact on weight loss linked to ear acupuncture, and the use of Chinese herbal medicine as a system cleanser. These approaches are only the tip of the iceberg, however, when it comes to types of acupuncture and herbal medicines available.

5. Adding Green Tea To Your Daily Diet Plan

Green tea functions as an excellent boost to more powerful weight loss methods. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and contains a little caffeine lift. Studies show green tea is not going to melt away the pounds, but it can play a supportive role in losing weight.

6. Taoist Yoga As Healing Medicine

In the west, doctors may prescribe yoga or exercise in general for everything from weight loss programs to recovery from injuries, but yoga is not classified as an aspect of medicine. In China, Taoist Yoga, also called Chinese yoga, is considered to be an aspect of traditional medicine, and it is an excellent way to shed pounds.

7. Weight Loss With Ancient Chinese Programs

Thinking about weight loss and the potential found within chinese medicine on a broader scale, any number of programs exist with easy to follow steps towards weight loss using chinese medicine. For example, the Traditional Chinese World Medicine has a fantastic program.

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10 Habits Of People Who Lost Over 25 Pounds And Kept It Off

10 Habits Of People Who Lost Over 25 Pounds And Kept It Off

10 Habits Of People Who Lost Over 25 Pounds And Kept It Off

1. Drinking like a fish
One of the easiest ways to keep off those extra pounds is by giving your body enough water to regularly keep flushing those unnecessary calories out of your system. Drink a lot and drink regularly all throughout the day.

2. Maintaining your fitness schedule
Exercise isn’t just a way to lose weight; it’s also a way to keep it off. You won’t need to worry about sticking to the exercise routine religiously, but try to take the stairs, park at the back of the lot, or even go for a light jog whenever you have time.

3. Facing fears with scheduled cheat days
A permanent change to your diet is a great way to lose weight, but if you’re miserable, you’ll start to relapse. Give yourself a cheat day once a week or once every two weeks to give your will power a safe, scheduled break.

10 Habits Of People Who Lost Over 25 Pounds And Kept It Off

4. Progress reports
Try to chart your weight progress daily or at least once every week. It’s easy to add 10 pounds if you’re not sure where you’re sitting on at least a weekly basis.

5. Getting your beauty sleep
Getting a full night’s sleep is one of the best ways to maintain proper health and also give yourself the willpower to get through the next day. It’s easy to motivate yourself when you’re on top of your game, but it’s a different story if you’re exhausted.

6. Add some spice
Eating unhealthy food is so easy because it tastes so good. If you find your “health food” to be a bland replacement for your fattier diet, try experimenting with different spices and seasonings to give your healthier meals an added kick of flavor.

7. No more soda
Sodas are incredibly unhealthy and can cause significant weight gain even while eating 100% nutritious food. Try to cut this out completely or at least keep it available only on cheat days.

8. Take up a new hobby
It can be easy to keep the weight off in you’re in the right frame of mind, but what happens when you aren’t? Eating when you’re sad, exhausted, or depressed is a common remedy, so try to pick up a new hobby so you’ll have other avenues to go down when needing to de-stress yourself.

9. Keep a healthy pantry
Cleansing your body starts with cleansing your stockroom. Keep the unhealthy food out of sight so it’ll stay well out of mind.

10. Throw away the old clothes
If you’ve gone down a size, then celebrate by throwing away your now-larger clothing. You won’t need them anymore. Having nowhere to turn once your current stock of clothing starts getting a little snug is a great barrier to put up between yourself and your body weight.

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12 Reasons You Just Can’t Lose The Weight

12 Reasons You Just Can't Lose The Weight

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12 Reasons You Just Can’t Lose The Weight

It’s safe to say that most of us want to look good and feel great all the time. But when we have love handles, thunder thighs, or excess weight on other areas of our bodies, accomplishing this goal is almost always impossible. In many cases, people have the desire to lose weight yet find that the excess fat just won’t budge. If this issue leaves you wondering what the heck is going on, consider whether any of the 12 reasons listed below is preventing you from winning the war against fat:

12 Reasons You Just Can't Lose The Weight

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•Excess television consumption. In short, people who watch a great deal of television tend to be heavier. If this is your issue, put down the remote and hop on the treadmill!

•Lack of will power. If you see a candy bar and can’t muster the will power necessary to grab some grapes instead, your lack of will power may be the reason you can’t lose weight.

•Friends. Environment is influential! If your friends are overweight or in the habit of consistently overeating, you’re much more likely to carry excess weight. This means that it may be the good idea to make new friends who are committed to adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

•Habit. If you’ve grown accustomed to eating too much, consuming the wrong foods, or eating late at night, it can be difficult to stop these unhealthy habits. Be strong and break the cycle!

•Fear of Success. Sometimes our greatest fear is not failure, but success. If you’re scared of things like the attention you’ll get when you drop a few dress sizes, this anxiety can subconsciously cause you to do things that keep the pounds right where they are!

•Slow metabolism. To burn calories consistently and effectively, your metabolism needs to function well. There are several things you can do to slow down your metabolism, including starving yourself or going on yo-yo diets. If you’re doing any of these things, stop immediately!

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•Lack of knowledge. Losing weight is a science, and if you don’t understand basic principles such as the connection between muscles and metabolism and the difference between cardiovascular and strength training, your lack of knowledge can stop you from realizing your weight loss goals.

•No accountability. Did you know people who have a walking buddy or trainer are much more likely to accomplish their weight loss goals? If you aren’t currently accountable to anyone, you should be!

•No SMART goals. Studies show that people who create SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-sensitive) goals are much more effective in accomplishing their objectives. If you’re not being specific about how much weight you want to lose and how you’ll actually do it, you could be setting yourself up for failure.

•Sedentary lifestyle. If you sit at a desk for eight hours a day, the lack of physical movement can stop you from losing extra weight because you become mentally and physically comfortable with sitting still all the time.

•No food journal. Overweight people often eat “mindlessly,” meaning that they’re not keeping track of all the items they’re eating throughout the day. If you’re not keeping a food journal that records each morsel that makes its way into your mouth, you are more likely to overeat.

•You’re inconsistent. People are known for starting new diets or workout plans only to quit within a few weeks or several months. To get permanent results, you have to make your healthy habits a lifestyle rather than something you do sporadically.


If you want to lose weight so you can feel proud of the way you look, you should know that doing so is entirely possible. However, if you’re guilty of any of the 12 behaviors outlined above, you may be your own weight loss enemy! To have success in your weight loss program, be sure that you’re consistent in working out, eating well, and surrounding yourself with people who are also committed to optimizing wellness. Good luck!


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What You Shouldn’t Learn From Famous Athletes’ Diets

What You Shouldn’t Learn From Famous Athletes’ Diets

Famous athletes are at peak physical condition. No matter the sport, athletes demonstrate the beauty and grace inherent in strictly physical endeavors. However, their unending endurance and immense strength don’t come from exercise alone. All top athletes stick to strict diets to keep their bodies in prime performance shape, and these diets range from understandable to completely bizarre.

Many interested in fitness may want to emulate their favorite athletes by exercising and eating just like them. However, for many fitness enthusiasts, this is inadvisable. Learn more about appropriate nutrition for your body while reading about the insane diets of famous athletes.

Venus and Serena Williams

The tennis sisters are world renowned for their power on and off the court, but not many people know what keeps these two fueled and ready. Due to an autoimmune disorder, the Williams sisters are committed to a raw vegan diet — which means absolutely nothing cooked and no animal products.

While Venus and Serena might have the resources to keep themselves healthy on the raw vegan diet, you might need to think twice before you start eating like these tennis stars. First, it is extremely difficult to get the sheer calories necessary to keep your body in proper working order, not to mention it’s almost impossible to get the right amount of nutrients like vitamins B12 and D, iron, and zinc. When your body doesn’t have enough energy from consumed calories, crucial systems shut down. The raw diet can work but it is tricky to manage; be sure to educate yourself about nutrition before starting any risky diet.

What You Shouldnt Learn From Famous Athletes Diets

Laffit Pincay, Jr.

Unless you’re a devoted audience member at the race tracks, it’s unlikely you’ve heard of Laffit Pincay, Jr., but you really should get to know him. Generally regarded as the best jockey of all time — and definitely, the winningest, with more than 9,530 wins under his belt — Pincay had to keep a jockey’s small physique to stay agile on his horses. Like many jockeys, Pincay consumed a mere 800 calories a day to retain his slight jockey build an ideal riding weight of 117 pounds. Though Pincay neither confirms nor denies it, rumor says that for much of his career he would only eat one peanut per day.

It goes without saying that a diet of this sort is not suitable for anyone, including jockeys. Though the sport does require immense devotion and obsessive discipline, denying the body necessary energy to keep vital systems running is sure to impact performance, both physical and mental.

Even if your goal is to lose weight, limiting your caloric intake so severely is sure to cause both short-term and long-term damage to crucial parts of your body. If you want to look trim like a jockey, instead of trying to maintain their impossible diets, craft an exercise plan that encourages muscle growth and cardio fitness.

Ryan Lochte, Chad Ochocinco, Usain Bolt and Others

Too many award-winning athletes have come out of the closet as addicted to fast food. While some only indulge in the unhealthy dietary choices during high-activity times, others are pledged to their high-fat, high-sodium, high-risk fast foods for every meal of every day.

Swimmer Ryan Lochte consumed between 8,000 and 10,000 calories of McDonald’s while competing in the Beijing Olympics, and runner Usain Bolt was unimpressed with his British food options during the London Olympics, so he feasted primarily on Chicken McNuggets. Football receiver Chad Ochocinco loves his McDonalds diet so much that the fast food chain invited him to work for them for a day.

It may be tempting to throw all you know about nutrition out the window and start picking up Big Macs for every meal, but it’s important to remember just how much these athletes train in order to burn up all these calories. Unless you are exercising like an Olympic athlete — doing circuits for at least 10 hours a day — you probably don’t have the metabolism to stay healthy on three meals of fast food.

Though it can be okay to cheat every once and a while to indulge in your favorite fast food snack, most of your meals should be balanced to include the nutrients you need — and keep out the fats and sodium you don’t.

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How To Lose Weight as an Older Woman

How To Lose Weight as an Older Woman

How To Lose Weight as an Older Woman

Here is my personal formula for maintaining my weight and health as an older woman.Leah called me for a phone session because she was menopausal and was having a very hard time losing weight. She had gained 12 pounds and was unhappy about it.

“Everything I used to do doesn’t work anymore,” she told me. “I used to be able to cut back on my food for a few days or a week and lose 5 pounds. Now nothing happens. Even with exercise. I don’t know what to do.”

I am not a nutritionist – I am an author and an Inner Bonding® facilitator. However, health and nutrition have been favorite subjects for me for the last 48 years. And I’m also an older woman who encountered the very same problem with weight as Leah.

So I want to share with you what has worked for me and for many other older women (as well as young women and men) I’ve worked with.

The first thing I suggest you do is go to and take the metabolic typing online test. What this will do is let you know whether your body needs a lot of protein and little carbohydrates, lots of carbs and little protein, or whether you are in the middle, needing an equal amount of each.

Once you know your metabolic type, then you need to spend a couple of weeks counting calories while eating according to your metabolic type, to get a clear experience of how much food you actually need. As we age, we need MUCH less food, and this can be challenging. I had to accept that my body needs much less food than before menopause. I don’t know how it works, but I still have tons of energy eating much less food. It took awhile to accept this, as I love food, but now it seems normal to not eat much.

How To Lose Weight as an Older Woman

The food you eat needs to be nutritionally dense, and preferably organic, to maintain weight and health. This means lots and lots of vegetables – regardless of your metabolic type. Vegetables are the most nutrient dense food there is, so to lose or maintain weight, we needs lots of veggies. Being a protein type, I don’t do well on a purely vegetarian diet like a carb type can, but I eat tons of raw, cooked, and blended vegetables, i.e. green smoothies made in a Vita-Mix or Blendtec. My green smoothies contain not only lots of leafy green veggies, but added green nutrients as well, plus apples. They are powerhouse drinks! I eat grass-finished meats (lower in calories than factory-farmed meats and far more nutrient dense), organic eggs, raw dairy from our own cow share, organic chickens, sprouted bread, and occasionally other whole grains – all in limited quantities. If you are a carb type, then you can likely do without the meat and eat more whole grains and fruits instead.

It is vitally important to stay connected with your feelings and to learn to connect with your personal source of spiritual guidance. If you are accustomed to filling your loneliness and emptiness with food, now is a great time to learn to fill it with love, which comes from your Source. If you have previously not learned how to take loving care of yourself, now is a great time to learn. You will likely not be able to eat less and in a very healthy way if you do not learn how to take full responsibility for your own feelings.

Health, rather than weight, needs to be what motivates you. Creating vibrant health is so important as we grow older, at least it is for me. I love being healthy and I want to live to a healthy old age, without chronic degenerative disease. The only way to do this is to make sure that what goes into your body is nutrient dense and not loaded with chemicals, and that what goes into your mind is loving to you. My rule of thumb regarding what I eat is: if they didn’t eat it 200 years ago, I don’t eat it now.

And finally, exercise. It is vital to find exercise that you love to do and do it daily. It can be a fast walk in nature, or dancing, or a sport, but you need to be consistent about it.
That’s it! At 70 I have more energy that I did at 20, and I got sick far more often at 20 than I do now!

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7 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

7 Ways You're Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

7 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

Here you stand, another effort of yours to get rid of a few pounds has been in vain. It’s leaving you frustrated and resigned, clueless as to what the problem can be. You used all the recommendations you could find: You cut way down on carbs, increased your treadmill time, and enjoyed fresh healthy food.

So what’s the problem?

Despite your willpower and determination, you could be making simple mistakes that are making a big impact on your health. These things could simply be misinformation, which has you trying to lose weight the wrong way or ineffectually. You could even be gaining weight, and discouraged due to that fact.

If you want to quit — don’t. Make some changes and keep moving forward. You’re capable of so much more than you think.

The first thing that may be keeping you back is a lack of water. Not enough water means dehydration, which stops weight loss. When you’re thirsty, you may mistake the sensation for hunger and eat more. Eight glasses of eight ounces of water every day is the recommended allocation. If you drink cold water, it helps increase your metabolism.

Speaking of food, you may be consuming too little or too much! A portion distortion can keep those stubborn pounds on and can be so subtle you don’t even notice it. Statistically-speaking, Americans eat an average of three hundred more calories per meal than they did in 1985. More often than not, one restaurant-sized portion is enough to feed two (and, in some cases, even three) people. The difference between a serving size and a portion is an important thing to learn.

That being said, being stressed can also be keeping you fat. Stress, which releases cortisol in the body, triggers cravings in the brain for unhealthy food and it can transfer fat from other parts in the body to the abdomen. Relieve stress by practicing relaxation techniques such as yoga, deep breathing, or meditation, delegating some tasks so that you don’t have more than you can handle, and taking a break to enjoy something that makes you happy.

7 Ways You're Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

Something that might put a smile on your face is a short nap. After all, we all should be getting a minimum of seven to eight hours of sleep every night, less can interfere with weight loss as well as increase stress levels. Leptin, the hormone that lets you know when you’re full, decreases when you’re sleep-deprived. Meanwhile, ghrelin, the hormone that stimulates the appetite, increases.

As your eating and exercise habits change, the body has to adjust and initially you may see a weight reduction. Over time, the body gets used to the new lifestyle and it becomes less effective. If you’re sticking to the same exercise and diet for an extended time, that becomes even more likely. Changing up your routine can provoke another round of weight loss. You can add speed intervals to the cardio or use different equipment than you have been using. Cutting a few calories here and there, then having a healthy snack to replace them, can also provoke this change.

Be patient with yourself and listen to what your body needs, in most cases the weight did not appear overnight and it will not leave overnight.


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Nature Walk Workout

Nature Walk Workout

Nature Walk Workout


I had the pleasure of going on an early morning power-walk with my sister and her dog, Ozzy, on a recent visit down south to my home-town in Louisiana. We went to the spectacular grounds of the Norton Art Gallery in Shreveport, Louisiana. They have done an incredible job of combining indigenous and exotic plantings with stones, fallen trees and small creeks.

Nature Walk Workout

Our walk was therapeutic on many levels, meditative, physical and we had a chance to talk and catch up.

Here are a few of the simple body-strength exerNature Walk Workoutcises we stopped to perform along our walk. So the next time you’re out walking, add in some of these moves to make the most of your surroundings.

Nature Walk Workout1

Nature Walk Workout2

Nature Walk Workout3

Triceps Dips:
Nature Walk Workout4


I love getting creative and using natural surroundings to incorporate major muscle group training. So the next time you’re out for a walk, add in some of these moves, or some of your own to achieve a great, total body workout.

We stopped for a few minutes at the end of our Nature Walk Workout and listened to wind-chimes high above in the trees. We had a moment of silence and gratitude for all we have in our life and the time we are able to share together.

About the Author:

EileenheadshotLaura McDonald is a busy mother of three, a musician, writer, foodie, an ACE certified Personal Trainer and Holistic Health Coach in NYC.  She loves training her clients outdoors, writing rock songs, working on her yoga skills and creating recipes full of love. Her successful Slim Down programs are now available on her web-site and her unique fitness program has been featured on NBC. Laura is on a mission to help busy men and women of all ages create a leaner, sexier, stronger, body and mind. Visit her website here.

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16 Tips to Lose Belly Fat

16 Tips to Lose Belly Fat

How to get rid of the stubborn belly fat? it’s an issue for a lot of people, “men, women and even children”.

Having excessive fat around your midsection doesn’t only make your body not looking good, but it’s also pretty dangerous and increases your risk for developing conditions like heart disease, stroke, certain forms of cancer, and type 2 diabetes, so it’s a pretty important issue to resolve.

If you want to lose that fat around your waist, and get flat belly, here is an infographic that SHOWS you exactly what you need to do in 16 Simple tips:

16 Tips to Lose Belly Fat

Infographic is created by with the partnership of

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7 Painless Ways to Lose Weight

7 Painless Ways to Lose Weight

7 Painless Ways to Lose Weight

It’s the same old song – your diet is going to start on Monday. You’re going to get on that treadmill at least three times a week and monitor each calorie and carb like you’re the subject of a human experiment. Then, before you know it, you’re eating cupcakes for breakfast and grabbing happy hour margaritas with the gal pals and you think, “So much for that.”

First off, you have to let go of that all-or-nothing way of thinking when it comes to dieting and start by making one or two healthier choices per day rather than going “whole hog.” That’s not going to get you anywhere and it’ll be frustrating in the long run.

7 Painless Ways to Lose Weight

  1. Think of losing weight like buying a pair of shoes, there isn’t a “one-size-fits all” option. What works for one person may not work for another. In fact, what works for one person may be detrimental to another person’s health. Every body is different and has different food preferences and allowances as well as metabolic rates and intolerances. The only successful way to obtain and maintain a healthy weight is to keep trying different things to see what works for you.
  2. If you want to lose weight, you need to exercise more and reduce caloric intake. Not necessarily eating less, but eating better. Divide your normal portion in half and save the rest for later – you’ll probably feel full on less food than you’d think. Increase vegetable intake.
  3. If you burn, say, 500 more calories than you consume every day for a week, you should lose about two pounds. For instance, if you take in 1,050 to 1,200 calories a day, and exercise for one hour per day, you could lose 3-5 pounds in the first week, or more if you weigh more than 250 pounds. It’s very important not to cut calories any further — that’s a dangerous practice and can lead to more problems than solutions.
  4. Pay attention to labels. Everyone knows sugar isn’t the best thing for you, but once you start paying attention, you’ll notice it in places that are rather unexpected – like savory soups and pasta sauce. Buying sugar-free versions of savory items will mean healthier meals and a healthier you.
  5. Say “No” to meat. Generally, vegetarians have healthier body weights than others. Try dropping meat as the focus of a meal and move it towards being an accessory. Or, perhaps, even try dropping it all together – at least until the weight-loss ball starts rolling. If you’re feeling particularly daring, cut back on cheese, bread, and milk, which can mean losing fluid weight rather than fat.
  6. Don’t skimp on water. Seriously. Have a glass of water before or after every meal. Have a glass of water every hour when you’re at work. Thinking about a mojito? Have a glass of water first.
  7. drinking 2 cups of water before meals

  8. Every half hour, get up and go do something. Even if it’s only for five to ten minutes. Changing up your position and getting your heart going throughout the day will get you healthier and drop the pounds quicker. Don’t stay still at your desk, keep moving.

The way to get healthier is the same way you got to where you are, now – little gestures with consequences. Use that to your advantage and be kind to yourself!

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7 Painless Ways to Lose Weight
[Last Updated on July 29th 2014]
By Nima Shei MD

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4 Weight Loss Secrets From a Hollywood Trainer

4 Weight Loss Secrets From a Hollywood Trainer

Harley Pasternak is a Hollywood fitness trainer who has helped some of the hottest celebrities in entertainment to stay fit and hot including Halle Berry, Katherine Heigl and Kanye West. Harley is a celebrity nutritionist who promotes long lasting weight loss by offering tips she has learned around the world promoting health.

4 Weight Loss Secrets From a Hollywood Trainer

1. Stick to it :

Have you ever tried a fad diet? Too often fad diets will lead right back to your bad habits a few weeks later, since you are aiming for fast results not permanent ones you often end up gaining even more than you lost, known as yo-yo dieting.
There is no secret to being thin, no magic diet, only a healthy simple eating plan, something you can easily maintain, ask yourself if your new routine realistically fits into your everyday life.

2. Vary your routine :

Sticking with the same routine for a long time can get a little discouraging, and your body may also get used to the same movements so that more exercise is required for the same effect.
To avoid this, you should try a different workout fir every day of the week, and focus each day on a different part of the body.

4 Weight Loss Secrets From a Hollywood Trainer

3. Detox- Detox- Detox!

When we talk about a cleansing, we are not telling you to starve, to detox your body and clean your organs is a perfect way to jump-start your way to a healthy lifestyle.
Recommendations are to drink a glass of water with lemon every morning as soon as you wake up, this will help you get rid of toxins, later make yourself a green smoothie with at least three fruits.
This smoothie is the perfect way to keep cleansing your body and boosting your energy and health.

4. Keep it real:

It’s important to make peace with your body before you try to change it, make health your favorite hobby and stay true to it, even though sometimes we don’t have enough time to work out, staying on a healthy diet is really important. Make time for yourself, make yourself a priority.


Edited: March 2014



The Pineal Gland Diet

The Pineal Gland Diet

The pineal gland is known as the master gland, and is also the gland that governs our third eye, making it the center of psychic awareness in the human brain. It is smaller than a kidney bean and is located inside a ‘cave’ behind the pituitary gland. This amazing gland produces the hormone melatonin, which regulates daily body rhythms that deal directly with day and night cycles.

Many people don’t realize how important this gland is, it affects every system in your body physically and it has the potential to determine  expansion and contraction of your psychic awareness, consciousness, and experience with the divine, therefore the energy of your pineal gland, as it is developing and expanding.
A good way to stimulate your pineal gland is by nourishing it, the best way to do that is through direct sunlight, in fact sunlight should be enjoyed for at least 30 minutes a day, and to fully engage the pineal gland sunlight should be taken through the pupils, the best time to do this is from 6:00am to 7:00am, since this nourishesyou without hurting your eyes or skin.
What you eat is important, try to include sun-dried veggies like seaweed and tomatoes, vegetables that contain high amounts of vitamin D, many vitamins in the B-vitamin family, and iodine-rich foods kombu, arame, wakame, dulse, and nori.
The pineal gland absorbs the properties of the green color in the vegetables and properly distributes them to the appropriate systems of the body. Dark leafy greens like kale, turnip greens, mustard greens, bok choy, and collard greens are extremely nourishing.


Limit meat consumption, including fish with high amounts of mercury. Carbonated beverages, fluoridated water and toothpaste, and smog negatively affect the pineal gland and can block its ability to function properly. When you eat meat you are ingesting the animal’s DNA, including the positive and negative experiences of the animal, which interferes with the ability of the pineal gland to take on its own psychic awareness and blueprint of the individual.

Activate your pineal gland by eating by eating more raw foods, adopting a vegan or vegetarian diet, running an ozone machine in your home to clean the air, and drinking filtered water.
Sleep is important, the pineal gland is activated by production of serotonin, produced when the brain is asleep. Eat almonds, bananas, rice, hot peppers, potatoes, and black-eyed peas to increase serotonin production, which can also nourish and feed the pineal gland.


Edited 8/18/14 SCD