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4 Weight Loss Secrets From a Hollywood Trainer

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4 Weight Loss Secrets From a Hollywood Trainer

Harley Pasternak is a Hollywood fitness trainer who has helped some of the hottest celebrities in entertainment to stay fit and hot including Halle Berry, Katherine Heigl and Kanye West. Harley is a celebrity nutritionist who promotes long lasting weight loss by offering tips she has learned around the world promoting health.

4 Weight Loss Secrets From a Hollywood Trainer

1. Stick to it :

Have you ever tried a fad diet? Too often fad diets will lead right back to your bad habits a few weeks later, since you are aiming for fast results not permanent ones you often end up gaining even more than you lost, known as yo-yo dieting.
There is no secret to being thin, no magic diet, only a healthy simple eating plan, something you can easily maintain, ask yourself if your new routine realistically fits into your everyday life.

2. Vary your routine :

Sticking with the same routine for a long time can get a little discouraging, and your body may also get used to the same movements so that more exercise is required for the same effect.
To avoid this, you should try a different workout fir every day of the week, and focus each day on a different part of the body.

4 Weight Loss Secrets From a Hollywood Trainer

3. Detox- Detox- Detox!

When we talk about a cleansing, we are not telling you to starve, to detox your body and clean your organs is a perfect way to jump-start your way to a healthy lifestyle.
Recommendations are to drink a glass of water with lemon every morning as soon as you wake up, this will help you get rid of toxins, later make yourself a green smoothie with at least three fruits.
This smoothie is the perfect way to keep cleansing your body and boosting your energy and health.

4. Keep it real:

It’s important to make peace with your body before you try to change it, make health your favorite hobby and stay true to it, even though sometimes we don’t have enough time to work out, staying on a healthy diet is really important. Make time for yourself, make yourself a priority.


Edited: March 2014


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