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Nature Walk Workout

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Nature Walk Workout

Nature Walk Workout


I had the pleasure of going on an early morning power-walk with my sister and her dog, Ozzy, on a recent visit down south to my home-town in Louisiana. We went to the spectacular grounds of the Norton Art Gallery in Shreveport, Louisiana. They have done an incredible job of combining indigenous and exotic plantings with stones, fallen trees and small creeks.

Nature Walk Workout

Our walk was therapeutic on many levels, meditative, physical and we had a chance to talk and catch up.

Here are a few of the simple body-strength exerNature Walk Workoutcises we stopped to perform along our walk. So the next time you’re out walking, add in some of these moves to make the most of your surroundings.

Nature Walk Workout1

Nature Walk Workout2

Nature Walk Workout3

Triceps Dips:
Nature Walk Workout4


I love getting creative and using natural surroundings to incorporate major muscle group training. So the next time you’re out for a walk, add in some of these moves, or some of your own to achieve a great, total body workout.

We stopped for a few minutes at the end of our Nature Walk Workout and listened to wind-chimes high above in the trees. We had a moment of silence and gratitude for all we have in our life and the time we are able to share together.

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EileenheadshotLaura McDonald is a busy mother of three, a musician, writer, foodie, an ACE certified Personal Trainer and Holistic Health Coach in NYC.  She loves training her clients outdoors, writing rock songs, working on her yoga skills and creating recipes full of love. Her successful Slim Down programs are now available on her web-site and her unique fitness program has been featured on NBC. Laura is on a mission to help busy men and women of all ages create a leaner, sexier, stronger, body and mind. Visit her website here.

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