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An Apple a Day

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An Apple a Day

{Last Updated: November 21st 2012]

I was reading an article about cardiovascular health when I saw this poster. According to a study at Ohio State University eating an apple a day for four weeks significantly reduced the amount of LDL in the bloodstream. Apples are ripe, fresh, beautiful, and delicious this time of year. Use this great poster to pick your favorite, better yet, mix and match for a variety of tastes and colors in one large bowl. I cut mine with an apple corer/slicer and sprinkle it with cinnamon for a double health punch that is decadent in its deliciousness. Eat one, share one, every day.

For better view of this poster, click on it. If you want even a larger view, click on “1000×1500 pixels” on top of the image!

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