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American Hero, American Love Story

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American Hero, American Love Story

There are so many kids that enter the service right after high school, it’s a great decision, it pays well, you get to have adventures, and there is money for college later if you choose that route. But, some kids die in service to their country, others are forever changed physically, and all emotionally. There is a young man from Iowa named Taylor Morris that paid with his limbs.

Taylor planned on making a career out of the U.S. Navy, he ended up being a member of the EOD, or Explosive Ordinance Disposal, these brave young men and women are first on the battlefield, clearing the path for the soldiers coming behind them.  On May 3rd, 2012, Taylor stepped on an IED. The force of the explosion blew off both of his legs, his left arm, and his right hand. After being first cared for in Afghanistan and Germany, on May 6, 2012 he was transferred to Walter Reed to begin the long arduous task of rehabilitation.

Taylor’s longtime girlfriend Danielle and his mother Juli are at his side, going through rehab with him with help, encouragement, and love. Danielle has remained steadfast in her gifts of being present, helpful, and understanding. When they look at each other their love closes out the rest of the world.

With his mom’s cheerful common sense and Danielle’s impish sense of humor they are helping Taylor to remain Taylor, this young man is not wasting time feeling sorry for himself, instead his attitude is more “Well this is the hand I was dealt, let’s do the best we can with what we have.” He and Danielle have been known to race wheelchairs, steal the ice cream from the patient’s refrigerator, and in general bring hope and joy to everyone who comes into contact with them.

Taylor and Danielle’s days are long and sometimes filled with agony, he is learning to do everything over, drinking from a straw, feeding himself, repositioning himself in bed, and continuing to be the best and strongest he can be. Danielle carries Taylor piggyback up stairs, they have exchanged hand holding for nub holding, they still snuggle up with a good movie, their love for each other remains a constant in an ever-changing world. Taylor doesn’t like being called a hero, he states he was just doing his job. Maybe his sacrifice of body parts doesn’t make him a hero if he doesn’t want to be, but his attitude since certainly does. He is blessed to have his mother and his girlfriend being strong in their love and support, it’s obvious he inherited his mother’s cheerful common sense. He is not the only hero, Danielle and Juli have earned their hero status as well.

Taylor has now been fitted with artificial limbs and continues to improve with them every day. Danielle lives with him close to the rehab centers that still keep them busy, they continue to astound everyone who comes into their path.

In the end, watch this heartwarming video of this amazing love story:

You can support Taylor at his website  http://www.taylormorris.org/merchandise/ , he also has a Facebook page.

taylor morris

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