Calcium Does Nothing to Your Bones Without THIS

Calcium Does Nothing to Your Bones Without THIS Most people believe that calcium is the number one way to build strong bones, the truth is that magnesium also plays a very important role in bone health. In fact, the Pediatric Academic Societies reports that magnesium is key to the strong bones development especially during childhood. Magnesium […]

How Negative Emotions Affect Your Heart

How Negative Emotions Affect Your Heart Our emotions create who we are, and as humans these emotions can often dictate our feelings and are critical to our behavior and individual actions. Emotions motivate us in competition, in fight or flight situations, and determine our actions against or for others. But even more importantly, these emotions […]

10 Things To Try When You Are Feeling Sad

10 Things To Try When You Are Feeling Sad It’s never too late to start over, if you weren’t happy with yesterday, try something different today and be happy. When we feel stuck we may desperately try to make things better, and if we fail, feel miserable. Remember that we all get sad sometimes, clinical […]

8 Things Only People With Depression Can Truly Understand

8 Things Only People With Depression Can Truly Understand Depression seems to always be making the rounds in the media, but few people without the disease understand what it’s like to have it. It’s not just feeling sad or blue, and it’s not something one can just “get over” or “snap out of.” It affects […]

4 Relationship Problems That Are Totally Normal

4 Relationship Problems That Are Totally Normal So you and your partner are on a downhill slope and you really don’t understand why. Just last week you two were in love and happy as can be. But this week, you can just feel something is off. With this new-found feeling of disconnection or unhappiness, you […]

How Many Hours of Sleep Does a Woman REALLY Need?

Duke University scientists find women need more sleep than men Researchers have recently discovered that lack of sleep can be more physically damaging to women than to men. Scientists at Duke University conducted a study tracking 210 middle aged men and women who were never diagnosed with a sleeping disorder. Participants in the study did […]

Warning Signs that May Indicate Depression

The normal ups and downs of life mean that everyone feels sad or has the blues from time to time, but if emptiness and despair have taken hold and won’t go away, that may be depression. Depression makes it tough to function and enjoy life like one once did. Just getting through the day can […]

Causes and Treatment of Depression

Causes and Treatment of Depression There are several causes that contribute to onset of depressive disorder. This will review some of the causes and some commonly used treatments for depression. • Biological causes– Chemical imbalances in hormones or neurotransmitters are involved in aspects of behavior like sleep, mood, energy, and eating patterns. • Cognition– Those […]

Natural Herbs Aid Depression and Schizophrenia

Natural Herbs Aid Depression and Schizophrenia By Positivemed- team Costa Rica Office Edited By: Stephanie Dawson Depression is a primary cause of suicide and affects about 121 million people worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. Typical treatments consist of anti-depressant medications and therapy, including Prozac, which U.S. drug maker Eli Lilly and Co introduced […]

Depression Natural Treatments

Depression is a prolonged feeling of unhappiness and despondency, often magnified by a major life event such as bereavement, divorce, or retirement. Many women experience depression after childbirth, clinical depression is also a genuine illness which overwhelms the sufferer so that he or she feels a hopelessness, dejection, and fear out of all proportion to […]