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How Negative Emotions Affect Your Heart

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How Negative Emotions Affect Your Heart

How Negative Emotions Affect Your Heart

Our emotions create who we are, and as humans these emotions can often dictate our feelings and are critical to our behavior and individual actions. Emotions motivate us in competition, in fight or flight situations, and determine our actions against or for others. But even more importantly, these emotions effect on physical well-being.

How Negative Emotions Affect Your Heart

For countless years now, medical professionals have considered the association of our emotional state and the affect it has on our physical health. There is currently significant evidence demonstrating how when we improve our moods we can affect our quality of life in an optimistic way, and may even aid in easing many symptoms of diseases.

Emotionally healthy individuals are better linked and more in control of their emotions as well their behavior. The emotionally healthy people are more apt to handle the challenges we face in life, and they can build stronger relationships. They recover more efficiently from negative setbacks.

It is vital that we learn how to cope or manage emotions, both the negative and positive emotions we feel. Negative emotions can wreak havoc on our minds and our spirits. However, studies suggest that these Debbie-downer emotions can suppress our immune systems. The negative feelings can increase our level of stress, and can cause our hearts to work harder and beat faster. When we are attacked with the adverse reactions to our feelings, our blood pressure rises and our heart can even change its electrical stability; leading to a stroke or even heart disease.

Reacting positively to negative situations, can not only lift our mood but can also prevent diseases. Both positive and negative emotions each has a purpose, but creating balance in your reaction to situations can significantly increase our lifespan. The key is to become more aware of your emotions, and how you will respond to them. When you begin to realize how your emotions affect you, you’ll then be able to offset the good against the bad and then find an equilibrium.

The previous reference is not a suggestion of suppressing all negative feelings as they are beneficial in times of emergency. However, you can be more accepting to your feelings of a particular moment, and approach it accordingly and calmly. Find a balance to your feelings that will work for you as an individual.

These emotions are essential in regards to the matters of the heart. Equally, the positive and negative feelings are necessary to obtain a more grounded outlook that is well-balanced. Instead of merely looking for happiness, we can learn to create a more harmonious balance between the emotions, the soul, and the spirit, and know that they are all connected to our bodies. When you connect with your inner emotional person, you can better manage all circumstances to come your way. You don’t have to be a Peace & Love flower child or even a robot without any feelings or emotions. Rather you can be a rational, feeling human being who is in control — most of the time.

How Negative Emotions Affect Your Heart


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