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4 Relationship Problems That Are Totally Normal

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4 Relationship Problems That Are Totally Normal

4 Relationship Problems That Are Totally Normal

So you and your partner are on a downhill slope and you really don’t understand why. Just last week you two were in love and happy as can be. But this week, you can just feel something is off. With this new-found feeling of disconnection or unhappiness, you begin to wonder if this feeling is normal. What if normal couples don’t experience these feelings? Does this mean we just aren’t meant to be?

4 Relationship Problems That Are Totally Normal

If this is you, don’t worry. These feelings are completely normal.

#1: I just don’t feel that spark anymore.

Usually, people who begin to feel like this start to question their relationship as a whole and really doubt it. But have no fear; this is a completely normal feeling. When you’re in a relationship, you begin to be a part of that person’s life. You start to know everything to goes on with your partner. So as human nature requires, there will be uneventful times in your relationship. Not one single relationship is exciting all day every day. You have those exciting times you share together, but you also share the monotonous times together. It’s part of being in a relationship.

#2: He/she is so irritable lately.

People become grumpy sometimes. It’s life. Just know you can’t change their mood in the snap of your finger.

#3: Why has she been so emotional?

Girls will be girls, and yes, they do have feelings and hormones. Hormones are a part of their bodies (just like men), and no, they can’t control them. Just be there for us (and possibly bring her some Reese’s and offer to have a movie night complete with cuddling and Netlix).

#4: Every single thing he/she does has been annoying the crap out of me.

Okay, we all know we can get a little crazy sometimes. No one will ever be able to do everything perfect in your eyes. No matter who we date or how long we’ve been dating them, there will always be things that annoy us. Sometimes, the annoyance of those things reach a whole new level. But that doesn’t mean those habits will always be that annoying to you.

#5: I just feel so distant from him/her lately…I don’t know what to do.

Part of the reason why you feel this is because once you reach that certain level of comfort in a relationship, you don’t necessarily feel the need to keep impressing your partner, and therefore you both don’t do those sweet gestures very often anymore. You don’t compliment each other as much, and you are just bumming it around them all the time. This is normal, though. But to fix this downhill slope in your relationship, just surprise your partner sometimes. Keep the romance alive. Even just a hand-written note and a piece of their favorite candy is a sure way to make them feel like their falling in love all over again.


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