What It’s Like to Give Birth When You Have Two Vaginas

What it's like to give birth when you have two vaginas

Giving Birth With Two Wombs Uterus didelphys is a rare, genetic anomaly in which a woman is born with two uteruses. What happens when a person with such a condition gets pregnant? Well, ask Laurie Martino, who has this medical anomaly. Her life has been plagued with many health issues from the time she was […]

Spotting and Irregular Periods: Normal While Breast-Feeding?

Spotting and Irregular Periods: Normal While Breast-Feeding?

Some psychologists believe that breastfeeding creates a wonderful deep bond between mother and baby. Those women who can breastfeed have been taught that it generally takes six months for their period to begin again. However, every new mother is unique, and the ovulation times can vary. Some get their period again 12 weeks after they […]

Can You Get Pregnant On Your Period? Here’s What an Ob-Gyn Said

“Period” is an ironic name for the biological function in question. After all, as a punctuation mark, it indicates an end. In a woman’s body, it’s just the beginning of a miserable monthly affliction. You know the gauntlet of girlish suffering. Monthly menstruation comes complete with cramps, cravings, mood swings and stress. With that itinerary […]

‘Women Have No Idea It’s Coming’: What To Know About Perimenopause

'Women have no idea it's coming': What to know about perimenopause

Being a woman can be tough- at the tender age of pre-adolescent years, your monthly period may begin suddenly, later in the years, pregnancy may happen, and later in the years, your period may halt altogether. These events can cause womanhood to be highly confusing, and even frustrating at times. In our later years, we […]

Why You Get Headaches On Your Period—And How To Deal With It!

Why You Get Headaches On Your Period—And How To Deal With It!

If you notice that you suffer from headaches on the first day of your period, it’s probably more than just a normal headache. It usually is referred to as a headache period. Why is there a connection between head pains and your menstrual cycle? This piece will address how to deal with a headache on your […]

11 Reasons Why Your Period Is Suddenly Lasting Forever

What causes long periods lasting forever?” Normal menstruation can take place anywhere between every three to five weeks, and it can last only two days or as long as a week.  Long period i often normal, particularly in young women. A woman should track her periods and their effects. After a few months, she will know what […]

What Exactly Is Free Bleeding—And Should You Do It?

What Exactly Is Free Bleeding And Should You Do It

Free bleeding is exactly what it sounds like; it means forgoing any type of blood collecting product during your period. You may have heard of this trend as its popularity has recently grown; here’s what you need to know.  What is Free Bleeding and Why are Women Doing It? Pads, tampons, cups, and even “period […]

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Your Period?

Quiz How Much Do You Know About Your Period

The average woman will menstruate for about 40 years. Most girls begin at the age of 10, and menopause typically begins around age 51. A few years in either direction is normal for both the first monthly visit and the last. Four decades should enable women to become period experts, but this is not always […]

Heavy Period: Shocking Facts about Your Menstrual Cycle

Heavy Period Shocking Facts about Your Menstrual Cycle

Most of us know the basics of our periods – why we get them once a month, how long they last and the kind of pain we can expect. Although we hate them, it can be pretty scary when you skip your period. But there are plenty of simple things that we bet you don’t […]

What Causes Brown Discharge Before Your Period?

What Causes Brown Discharge Before Your Period

Brown discharge before a period is usually a discharge from the vagina that has blood. Normally, vaginal discharge is thin and white or clear. When the discharge is brown, it is more likely to have small amounts of old blood. When the old blood takes longer to come out of the uterus it turns brown. […]

4 Common Types Of Feminine odor and Exactly What They Mean

[nextpage title=”…”] In our culture, few things are as taboo as our genitals. Because of this, though you may notice an odor coming from your genitals, you may hesitate to do something about it because you are afraid to ask. However, when it comes to your honey part secretions, scent is an important indicator of […]

The Best Tricks To Cure All Your Lady Problems

The Best Tricks To Cure All Your Lady Problems Women can experience a variety of troublesome monthly symptoms due to changing hormone levels. These symptoms can have an impact on daily activities and quality of life. Exercise, stress management and adequate sleep can help to reduce many menstrual and gynecological problems. Even the foods you […]

Why Some Girls Have Miserably Heavy Periods And What Is The Solution

Heavy menstrual flow, or Menorrhagia, plagues thousands of women every year. According to webmd, this condition is usually seen in young women who have just started their menstrual cycle and in older women who are about to start menopause. Although there are numerous causes for heavy periods, in most cases, the cause has to do […]

8 Things That Mess With Your Period

8 Things That Mess With Your Period Irregular periods can be confusing and upsetting, whether you’re trying to get pregnant or you’re not quite ready for a baby. There are plenty of reasons for missing a period or getting it at an unexpected time, most of which aren’t serious. Here are eight reasons for an […]