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4 Common Types Of Feminine odor and Exactly What They Mean

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4 Common Types Of Feminine odor and Exactly What They Mean
[nextpage title=”…”] In our culture, few things are as taboo as our genitals. Because of this, though you may notice an odor coming from your genitals, you may hesitate to do something about it because you are afraid to ask. However, when it comes to your honey part secretions, scent is an important indicator of health. 4 Common Types Of Feminine odor and Exactly What They Mean

Here are four of the more common scents that you may find, and what they can mean:


The smell of fish is usually a sign of an impending bacterial infection. Though your lady part secretions have a pH balance that can protect it from many invaders, there are times that this can become overwhelmed. If you smell this, especially for more than a day, it is usually a sign that you should see a doctor. This should not be confused with the natural musky scent that many people have as a healthy part of their honey pot secretion. The trick is to know your body and recognize when a scent is off.


The coppery or tinny scent of metal, especially around your period or after making love is usually a sign that your honey pot secretions are being mixed with trace amounts of blood. If you feel that this happens too often, or you feel weak, you may be losing blood more often. One way to check this is to have a blood test to determine your iron level. A check with a doctor is usually an opportunity to make sure that it is a sign that you need vitamins, and that this isn’t a bigger issue. Related article: IS WEARING GRANNY PANTIES BETTER FOR YOUR HEALTH? [/nextpage] [nextpage title=”…”]

Baked Bread:

The smell of freshly baked bread is usually a sign of an underlying yeast infection. Candida, a naturally occurring one-celled fungus, has a tricky habit of overgrowing in your body, particularly if you have a weak immune system, a dose of antibiotics or a love of sweets. Though your body can often fight this on its own, there are over the counter medications that can help you clear the infection in less than a week.


The smell of chlorine in a honey pot secretion can be one of several things. If it happens after making love, and you use some kind of a lubricant or condom, then it probably is a remnant of the antibacterial chemicals in the prophylactics. If you find that you have this scent during times that aren’t post activities in the bedroom, there are several other explanations. Some people report having a chlorine smell coming out of their skin after a pool or hot tub experience, for example. Ultimately, you know your body best. If you begin to smell something that seems wrong, then there is a good chance your body is trying to tell you something. Keep notes of additional symptoms and if they persist, see a doctor. Letting infections fester can lead to more permanent damage like sterility of the uterus. On the other hand, if you find that it’s not just your honey pot odors that suddenly smell stronger, there is a chance that your uterus is occupied in other ways. Try a pregnancy test. Themedicalblog [/nextpage]

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