What It’s Like to Give Birth When You Have Two Vaginas

What it's like to give birth when you have two vaginas

Giving Birth With Two Wombs Uterus didelphys is a rare, genetic anomaly in which a woman is born with two uteruses. What happens when a person with such a condition gets pregnant? Well, ask Laurie Martino, who has this medical anomaly. Her life has been plagued with many health issues from the time she was […]

Lopsided Vagina: Are My Labia Normal?

Lopsided Vagina: Are My Labia Normal?

Self-love. We all know we’re supposed to love the skin we’re in but sometimes, it’s easier said than done. From comparing ourselves to Instagram influencers to wondering if we’re smart enough, we’re our toughest critics. And just when you thought you had heard it all, now another factor comes into play: Our labia. Yes, we […]

What It’s Really Like to Be Born Without a Vagina

What It's Really Like to Be Born Without a Vagina

Most women are born with their primary and secondary organs, but this isn’t always the case. Women diagnosed with a medical condition known as Rokitansky syndrome are born without a uterus and without a vagina. While it seems like this condition would be immediately detected at birth, for some women diagnosed with the syndrome, it […]