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8 Things That Mess With Your Period

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8 Things That Mess With Your Period

8 Things That Mess With Your Period

Irregular periods can be confusing and upsetting, whether you’re trying to get pregnant or you’re not quite ready for a baby. There are plenty of reasons for missing a period or getting it at an unexpected time, most of which aren’t serious. Here are eight reasons for an irregular period that don’t have anything to do with pregnancy.

8 Things That Mess With Your Period

1. Everyone has some sort of stress throughout the day (work schedules, deadlines, family responsibilities), but that’s not the type of anxiety that should affect your cycle. A major stressor can, though – if you’re going through something that’s putting a lot of strain on you, it could be messing with your period.

2. Gaining or losing a significant amount of weight can disrupt your cycle. Some people who are extremely under weight or overweight will miss their period entirely, which isn’t healthy. Eating disorders can also affect your cycle as well.

3. While it’s rare, certain diseases can cause women to miss their periods. Irritable bowel syndrome and diabetes are two of these illnesses – if you’re concerned about your health, visit a doctor as soon as possible.

4. If you’ve recently changed the dosage of a medication you take regularly, your menstrual cycle could be affected. This is why it’s so important to tell your gynecologist about any medications you’re on. Sometimes, it’s your birth control that can make your periods lighter or less frequent.

5. Infections, like a UTI, may cause you to miss a period or for your period to be late.

6. Even if you haven’t dropped a lot of weight recently, exercising a lot more than normal can change your cycle. If you’ve recently delved into a new and intense workout regime, your period could be delayed. Many athletes experience missed periods.

7. If you’ve recently had a baby and you’re still breast feeding, you may be wondering when your period will return. Some women don’t get their period until after they’ve finished breast feeding.

8. Smoking affects the circulation of your organs, including your ovaries and uterus, which can cause an irregular period.

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