11 Reasons Why Your Period Is Suddenly Lasting Forever

What causes long periods lasting forever?” Normal menstruation can take place anywhere between every three to five weeks, and it can last only two days or as long as a week.  Long period i often normal, particularly in young women. A woman should track her periods and their effects. After a few months, she will know what […]

What Exactly Is Free Bleeding—And Should You Do It?

What Exactly Is Free Bleeding And Should You Do It

Free bleeding is exactly what it sounds like; it means forgoing any type of blood collecting product during your period. You may have heard of this trend as its popularity has recently grown; here’s what you need to know.  What is Free Bleeding and Why are Women Doing It? Pads, tampons, cups, and even “period […]

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Your Period?

Quiz How Much Do You Know About Your Period

The average woman will menstruate for about 40 years. Most girls begin at the age of 10, and menopause typically begins around age 51. A few years in either direction is normal for both the first monthly visit and the last. Four decades should enable women to become period experts, but this is not always […]

Let’s Clear This Up: Should You Ever Put Jade Egg Inside Your Vagina?

Let's Clear This Up, Should You Ever Put Jade Egg Inside Your Vagina

One controversial recommendation on Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop site is that women can benefit from inserting a jade egg inside themselves. Proponents say it can strengthen muscles, improve health, balance your menstrual cycle, and increase libido. But does it really work, and should you try it out yourself?  The medical authorities are skeptical, to say the […]

Heavy Period: Shocking Facts about Your Menstrual Cycle

Heavy Period Shocking Facts about Your Menstrual Cycle

Most of us know the basics of our periods – why we get them once a month, how long they last and the kind of pain we can expect. Although we hate them, it can be pretty scary when you skip your period. But there are plenty of simple things that we bet you don’t […]