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Why You Get Headaches On Your Period—And How To Deal With It!

Why You Get Headaches On Your Period—And How To Deal With It!

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If you notice that you suffer from headaches on the first day of your period, it’s probably more than just a normal headache. It usually is referred to as a headache period. Why is there a connection between head pains and your menstrual cycle? This piece will address how to deal with a headache on your period.

Why do you experience headaches during your period?

The progesterone and estrogen hormones contribute to keeping the menstrual cycle active. These hormones may trigger the activation of headache-related chemicals in the brain. During menstruation, estrogen levels will dip and contribute to headaches. This could be because of estrogen aids in activating parts of the brain that control the brain’s perception of pain. With low estrogen levels, the brain has few resources in charge of muting the pain. This explains the common occurrence of menstrual headaches. Most women experience these menstrual headaches either between two days to their period days and three days after the period starts. 

How to deal with headaches on your period

Diet changes
Trigger foods like red wine, alcohol, chocolate, processed meat, and caffeinated beverages could escalate the severity of the menstrual migraines. Instead, consume foods rich in magnesium, including black beans, dark leafy greens, pumpkins, almonds, and avocados, among others. Magnesium is an excellent brain booster that may help with keeping the headaches at bay. It’s essential to have regular meals. 

Acupressure is a form of therapy that derives benefits from the application of pressure to specific parts of the body. Muscle stimulation of specific body parts helps release tension and pain. For the menstrual headaches, apply acupressure techniques on the back, head, and neck. 

Stress management
Stress and migraines have a connection in most people. Headache migraines become worse when stress levels are factored in the equation. Stress management may aid in alleviating these headaches. You may want to consider exercising, meditation, and other stress management hobbies to prevent migraines from occurring in the future. Some people prefer listening to music, taking a walk, going to the spa, and messages when trying to reduce stress levels. 

Heat and ice therapy
Applying an ice pack and a heating pad alternatively for about fifteen minutes helps alleviate the headache. Put the pads on the neck or head where the pain seems to be severe. This home-therapy relaxes the muscles, easing tension, eventually stopping the headache. 

Stay hydrated
Dehydration triggers headaches and may make menstrual migraines worse. Make it a habit of taking a lot of water daily to avoid dehydration. You may add this tip to your diet changes. 

Essential oils
A few drops of lavender oil or peppermint oil massaged into the temples and neck should help contain the head pains. Coupling the use of essential oils with other remedies will make the treatment more effective. 

Menstrual head pains can take a toll on a woman’s daily activities and general well being. Try any of the above-discussed remedies to see which one heals the headache period. 

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